Friday, October 21, 2016

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Eye Shadow Palette Review

When it comes to vibrant, show-stopping color few do it better than Urban Decay which is why the brand is one of the trendiest on the market! Today it’s time to kick-it-up a notch and get really colorful with the amazing Full Spectrum Palette! This bold, mesmerizing collection features 21 iconic shades (the most in any UD Palette) that will inspire you to create stunning looks and get really creative.

I love the sleek black packaging with flashy jewel emblem and it comes with a large mirror and double-ended brush.

The palette is organized by color family for a rainbow of ombré trios that range from pinks, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples and a wildcard row consisting of white and black. If you are looking for an all-inclusive palette for rich, vivid color this is a fabulous collection! You get all the basic primary colors plus a scintillating variation in stunning shimmers, radiant metallics, silky mattes and even a touch of glitter with deep, bright and smokey finishes!

Each shades makes its own bold statement mixed, matched or worn alone and you can always pair them with neutral palettes in your collection to help define, transition and highlight.

The color pay-off is decent but it does vary by shade. Some shadows such as Jones, Seize, Calavera, Sketch, Metamorphosis and Goldmine are quite sheer, sparse and a bit inconsistent so heavy layering may be required to intensify them to their full-potential. Minx, Hatter, Delirious, Blindsided, Platonic and Hundred are all bold and highly saturated. Not all of these shades require a base but I highly recommend the Urban Decay Primer Potion (my all time fave) to enhance application, longevity and vividness. If you like mixing sheer and high-impact pigments then you may like this type of versatility but I prefer pure, intense color throughout.

I managed to swatch most of the palette on my forearm using a primer to enhance the color.

The consistency also varies from smooth and buttery, to silky and textured and there are only 3 matte finishes with very mild shimmer. Overall the shade variation allows me to create many awesome looks so I find it very useable. Full Spectrum retails for $80.00 and is available at Sephora,, Urban Decay freestanding stores, and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Caravelle New York 2016 Fall Watch Collection

Tis the season to trade-in the bright florals and pastels for richer hues, warm fabrics and a little bling! Since we are in the midst of vibrant fall color, Caravelle has released a dazzling array of new accessories to help transition your wardrobe.

The stunning gold watch below with multi-color, handset crystals is my absolute favorite! In fact I think this is one of the most beautiful watches on the market and it generates a lot of attention and compliments! Although I've been wearing this glittering beauty all year, autumn calls for something deep, mysterious and totally seductive!

To compliment my outfits this season I chose this gorgeous black, crystal watch from Caravelle’s fall line-up. The look, style and color combination is truly unique and captures my love of sexy black outfits and shiny diamond-like embellishments.

This jaw-dropping watch is expertly crafted to make a bold statement with the perfect balance of playful elegance and trendy flare. The closely woven black band is sleek, sophisticated and modern with a shiny finish that seems to accentuate the classic pattern. As we approach the holiday season the dazzling shimmer adds a fun, glamorous touch and it's true what they say - black does go with everything!

Around the large face you will find a ring of small black crystals which create an exquisite frame for the beauty within. Inside there are 60 handset, translucent silver crystals and layers of multidimensional prisms that reflect light and create a multitude of sparkle that dances around the surface.

If you look closely, you will notice that the overlapping, intricate design of the crystals and prisms in varying directions resembles shards of diamond to create a unique, multifaceted texture. The shiny silver dials are a bit difficult to see at times against the brilliant backdrop but since I wear my watches to make a fashion statement this doesn’t really bother me.

If you are on the hunt for an extraordinary piece of jewelry for yourself or as an amazing gift, I highly recommend this distinctive collection. I love alternating between these two mesmerizing pieces and the range also includes pink and deep blue crystal accents. The black watch retails for $175.00 (product code 45L160) and the gold crystal watch retails for $140.00 (product code 44L184). You can visit the website by clicking HERE.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Matrix Biolage R.A.W. Hair Care Review

Many of us strive to live a healthy, active lifestyle. We eat right, invest in skincare, get our beauty sleep and workout, so the products we use should reflect those values. Think of the new Biolage R.A.W collection as a nourishing, healing smoothie for your hair! The products are 95% natural with no sulfates, parabens, silicones or artificial colorants and the formula is 99% biodegradable.

Now you’re probably thinking that anything this natural might not be as effective for cleansing and conditioning but you’d be completely wrong! The shampoo is made of plant-based surfactants, natural thickeners and emollients while the conditioner contains fatty amines, natural oils, clay and waxes which cleanse, soften, shine and rehabilitate damaged strands for salon quality results.

There are 3 collections to choose including: Nourish (for dry, dull hair), Recover (for stressed, sensitized hair) and Uplift (for fine, flat hair). Each range utilizes a special blend of unique ingredients that target specific concerns and rejuvenate your tresses from root to tip!

Today I will be reviewing the Recover line which is great for hair exposed to environmental stress, repeated heat styling and harmful chemicals including dye. Using these nutrient-rich products is like having a hair makeover to undo external damage, dryness, brittleness, breakage, split-ends and roughness. The shampoo is infused with yucca, goji berry (which is a super food) and coconut which creates a delicious, sweet scent reminiscent of a ripe berry cocktail! Although it is void of all harsh soaps and drying sulfates, the formula lathers into a light foam that cleanses very well and removes build-up, excess oil and follicle blocking gunk that may cause dandruff and flaking. After 2 shampoos my hair and scalp feel fresh, revitalized and squeaky clean and the amazing aroma envelops you in a bubble of fruity bliss!  

The conditioner looks like a scrumptious strawberry smoothie and smells like fresh herbs and yummy ginger which I assume is really the coriander oil. Don’t let the spice infusion scare you off, the aroma is very light, healthy and fresh with a nice balance of kaolin clay and soybean. The creamy consistency reinforces moisture to restore, soften, smooth, shine, strengthen and thicken. The formula is able to tame my long, thick, natural curls without weighing them down or causing limpness and I can comb it through for even distribution and loads of silky hydration. After conditioning, my hair feels bouncy, manageable and resilient and I experience no scalp or skin irritation.

If you are looking for natural, non-damaging, eco-friendly hair care I highly recommend trying Biolage R.A.W. The shampoo and conditioner retail for $25.00 each at a variety of salons. To find a retailer near you click HERE and visit the website at

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Shiseido Rouge Rouge Lipstick Review

There is nothing more timeless and classic than a gorgeous red lipstick and if you’ve already found your signature shade you understand how bold, fearless and confident it can make you feel. The color red energizes the spirit, engages the senses and boosts energy which is why it signifies luck and fortune in some cultures. Because red is an important element in all Shiseido’s global product lines, they have recently launched the Rouge Rouge Collection - a beautiful spectrum of red hues in various finishes, undertones and intensities.

There are 16 shades ranging from subtle, vibrant, deep and bright so it's easy to find a color that compliments your complexion, style and mood.

The new formula is rich and luxuriously creamy for superior glide and loads of vivid, high-impact color that accentuates the lip contour. The nourishing, lightweight oils also provide alluring luster and the smooth, comfortable texture adheres well to prevent bleeding, feathering and transfer for hours of wear.

I chose Bloodstone - an intense red-brown with flecks of brilliant gold for gorgeous illumination. This shade is very unique and I can also detect hints of bronze and glistening garnet. The golden tones create a natural highlight on the inner lip for a trendy gradient effect.

Rouge Rum Punch is a red violent that blends beautifully to create a deep plum that is perfect for fall!

The lipsticks retail for $35.00 ea and are available at: Hudson’s Bay, Sears, Shoppers Drug Mart, Murale, London Drugs, Rexall, Nordstrom, and

Monday, October 17, 2016

Coach New York Eau De Parfum Review

When I was a teenager just starting to embrace the trend of designer handbags, Coach was one of the first high-end brands that caught my eye. Their simple emblem, clean designs and classic style was appealing and my first $600.00 purse was so well made that I used it for years. This year Coach is celebrating their 75th anniversary with the launch of a timeless new fragrance inspired by the energetic, urban ambiance of New York. The scent evokes the brand's elegance and heritage with a fresh, modern twist on femininity.  

The bottle is simple yet sophisticated, etched with the iconic emblem Coach fans have come to know and love including gold embellishments and black leather tag reminiscent of their famous bags. I like the sleek design but there is no cap which would have been handy for storage.

Although this is my first Coach fragrance the scent is very familiar. It reminds me of the trendy, youthful perfumes I grew up wearing and I think its chic simplicity will appeal to a wide variety of women regardless of age. The pump on my bottle is a bit stiff and instead of distributing a light mist, it comes out quite strong and direct which means a little more vigilance when spraying.

The fragrance opens with juicy raspberry, pink pepper and sparkling pear followed by heart notes of Turkish rose, smooth suede, gardenia and sandalwood which symbolizes the brand’s popular leather accessories. The base notes include: musk and sandalwood which balance the sweeter notes for refinement and depth. The scent is light, mildly sweet, vibrant musky and beautiful!

Coach Eau De Parfum is a fabulous everyday fragrance and as it fades and mingles with my body chemistry it softens and smells even more alluring and sexy. Because you can wear it all day, every day anyone can pull it off and it makes a great gift!

The 90 ml bottle featured here retails for $115.00 and is available at Hudson’s Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart, Sears, Jean Coutu and Murale. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Too Faced 2016 Holiday Collection: Grande Hotel Cafe Review

Have you ever wanted to spend Christmas in New York gazing up at the giant Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree while sipping hot cocoa as the snow flutters down around you? Well I have and even though I may not get around to it this year, the adorable Grande Hotel Cafe has already put me in the holiday spirit!

I have come to expect nothing but the most decorative packaging from Too Faced and this year they did not disappoint! This magical set includes three deliciously scented palettes inspired by the season including: Gingerbread Cookie, Peppermint Mocha and Eggnog Latte plus a Better Than Sex Mascara. Now if that isn’t enough to make you want to deck the halls and belt out carols I don’t know what will!

The palettes are cute booklets resembling cafe menus and they come tucked away inside the Grande Hotel - a beautifully decorated box commemorative of New York City's famous Plaza Hotel.

As you open the doors and remove the palettes, you will find a cute cafe with stools, cappuccino machine, Christmas trees, tables and even a chalkboard menu! It seems that Too Faced aimed to completely delight and appeal to our playful side by creating this dollhouse-like makeup box and you can even use it to enhance your bedroom decor for the holidays.

The Peppermint Mocha Palette includes two mattes and four shimmers in stunning garnet, gold, bronze, baby pink and cream. Although some shadows range from light, medium and full-coverage, many start off sheer so I recommend using a good primer to make them pop. The shimmers aren't ultra smooth, saturated or creamy and they do create a bit of fall-out but once layered and intensified the effect is gorgeous! The bubble gum pink blush provides a wintery flush but I tend to use this type of pink very sparingly.

Eggnog Latte smells like one of those comforting hot drinks you’d enjoy on a cold December night. The range of matte, shimmer and glitter is gorgeous and I’m digging the gold, deep green and champagne combo! I don't think another light cream highlight was necessary but it doesn’t take an expert to make these pigments look amazing. Like the other palettes, the color pay-off and consistency varies by shade and some start off quite sheer with the ability to be intensified for a brilliant finish. I suggest patting on the shimmer and glitter and keep layering until you reach the level of saturation you desire. The peachy-pink blush is very light and silky but a deep berry tone would have added more variety and depth.

Gingerbread Cookie consists of darker crease colors, a glamorous gold glitter with metallic finish, silvery-purple, cream, deep beige, classic black and a deep, sultry plum. Instead of blush you get the Gingerbread Bronzer which is too light for contouring my skin tone but functions as a subtle highlight.

All 18 shadows are very festive and quite dazzling so overall I think Too Faced fans will like this set. Although the glitter pigments may be a bit finicky to work with (as most glitter is) each collection is expertly coordinated to inspire beautiful creations and there is enough here for parties, events, day wear and a night out. The Grande Hotel Cafe makes a great gift for any makeup lover and retails for $62.00. Too Faced is available at Sephora and at

Thursday, October 13, 2016

THEFACESHOP Collagen Ampoule Lipstick Review

While browsing the THEFACESHOP store for trendy new items, I've tried and tested much of the makeup collection but the Collagen Ampoule Lipstick is by far my favorite! The brand has excelled to new levels with these luxurious, show-stopping pigments and with 16 brilliant shades to choose from, there is something for everyone!

It may be difficult to choose just one but the collection mainly consists of pink, coral, orange, and red with a mix of subtle tones, deep vivid hues with darker finishes and of course bright, bold color for a pop of summer all year round. Since I love rich, glamorous tones, I couldn’t resist the beautiful red hues and the deep wine called Blood Red is perfect for fall!

The formula is what really sold me because the lipsticks glide on smooth and creamy with full-coverage, intense color pay-off and a luminous satin finish. The consistency is lightweight, velvety and quite moisturizing so lips stay soft and healthy. The mild fruity scent smells great and the infusion of macadamia seed oil and flower extracts nourish and soothe parched skin.

As an added bonus the formula also contains a blend of anti-aging ingredients that help reduce the appearance of fine lines so lips may appear youthful and plump. In terms of staying power, the pigment holds up for hours of smudge-proof wear but like most lipstick they do fade during meals and transfer with contact. The quality reminds me of high-end lipsticks and the plush comfort and glistening layers of hydration is something I think everyone will enjoy. 

If you examine some of the shades closely you will notice micro-fine shimmer particles that help create layers of vibrant radiance but once applied you can’t see or feel the fragments which I love!

Swatches from left to right: Blood Red, Rhythm Pink, Killer Brown and Signature Red

I highly recommend stopping by one of the many FACESHOP locations and checking out these beautiful lipsticks. You can also find them online at

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Kat Von D Hello Canada! Set: Review & Swatches

When one of my favorite makeup brands decides to release a cute set exclusively for Canadians I just had to have it! You’d think that bordering the U.S would give us access to all the new launches but that isn’t always the case. Many beauty products take ages to get here (if they make it at all) and often times I have to travel in order to get my hands on specific items. Thankfully Kat kept us Canucks in mind by creating a trio of her most coveted items just for us!

The collection includes a vegan leather clutch complete with trendy zipper detailing, fringe tassel and Kat’s signature stamp. The pouch is thin, light, good quality and fits all your essentials for a night out with the girls.

Inside the bag you will find Kat’s go-to Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Double Dare which is a pretty neutral rose. Even though this hue is in the nude range it isn't flesh tone which makes it soft, fresh and flattering on most complexions. The formula is full-coverage, smooth, creamy and rich with a luminous, moisturizing finish and superior glide.

The collection also comes with the Studded Kiss Lipstick in the shade Lolita, another dusty rose hue with a deeper matte finish. I love the shade selection Kat went with here because it compliments all skin tones and isn't too dark or bright. Although the lipstick is quite small, it is still easy to manoeuvre around the lip contour for shaping and definition plus it slips into pockets and small handbags. The formula is a tad creamy so it doesn't dry out the lips and provides loads of buildable pigment.

Last but not least is the Tattoo Waterproof Eye Liner in the shade Trooper which is classic black. The thin applicator was inspired by the finest artistry pens for control, fluid lines, buildable coverage and 24 hours of water resistance. I like that the tip is flexible which makes gliding over the lid curvature and flicking out the perfect wing quite easy and it dries quickly to prevent smudging. If you are new to liquid liner it may take some practice with this little guy but the results are bold, sharp lines and one hell of a cat eye!

I wish Kat had included one of her amazing eye shadow pigments to complete the collection but hopefully her next set will be even bigger!

This collection retails for $45.00 at Sephora stores across Canada

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

L’Occitane Harmonie Divine Skincare Review

When I attended L’Occitane’s holiday event a few weeks ago at Toronto’s beautiful Castle Loma, all the scintillating scents and luxurious skincare was amazing but one set totally stole the show. If you love the brand’s bestselling moisturizer – Immortelle Divine as much as I do, then you are going to fall head-over-heels for Harmonie Divine. The new range fuses two precious ingredients from land and sea: Immortelle Millésimée – the flower that never fades with powerful anti-aging properties and Jania Rubens – a precious algae with regenerating properties.

The packaging is visually captivating with beautiful translucent glass bottles that hold the amazing formulas within elegant cylindrical capsules. These cylinders can be replaced by purchasing refills and the gold-amber gradient looks magnificent atop a dresser or vanity.

The serum, or as I like to call it - my magic elixir, is highly concentrated with 500 micro drops of active ingredient suspended within a water based gel also infused with drops of dewy oil. All these textures combine to form a lavish formula that glides across the skin and seeps in efficiently for layers of rejuvenating moisture. You only need to apply a few small drops for maximum results and there is an abundance of anti-aging ingredients to improve texture, wrinkles, fine lines and sagging so skin looks plump, firm, dense and youthful! Although I don’t have lines or visible signs of aging yet, I use this as a preventative measure and during the winter it will fortify and protect against environmental damage.

The best thing about this serum is its ability to instantly transform my complexion from dull and lackluster to smooth and radiant! The texture of my skin feels plush, soft and incredibly silky, similar to the results I experience after a professional facial complete with exfoliation! When used with the moisturizer as a night treatment I awake from my beauty sleep with fresh, clear skin which also improves makeup application for a flawless finish. The serum retails for $225.00 per 30 ml and the refill is $210.00.

The Immortelle Harmonie cream is a dry skin savoir and pampers the complexion in layers of rich, velvety moisture. The luscious formula melts in with no greasiness for maximum suppleness and transforms into an exquisite, radiance boosting dry oil for long lasting hydration and comfort. If you crave soft, polished, amazing skin, I highly recommend this cream! It is also infused with many of the same potent anti-aging components as the serum to diminish wrinkles, sun damage, improve the appearance of contour slackening, lines and all the signs of tired, drooping skin.

Layered over the serum this dynamic duo does wonders for my face and after a couple weeks my skin tone evened out considerably as discoloration and irregularities faded. Every time I look in the mirror I am thrilled with how bright and luminous my complexion appears and all my problem areas caused by dryness, hyperpigmentation and sensitivity have started to disappear which means less concealer! The jar holds 50 ml and retails for $200 with a refill price of $185.00. Although this is in the higher-end range it is totally worth the investment for healthy, glowing skin and the scent of both products is incredible!

You can also purchase these items together as a set for $406.00 at L’Occitane boutiques and

Monday, October 10, 2016

The 7 Virtues Jasmine of India Perfume by Lisa Ray

A few weeks ago I attended a private event at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto hosted by the founder of The 7 Virtues Fragrance Collection – Barb Stegman to discuss her collaboration with actress and model Lisa Ray. As we sipped sparkling water and munched on healthy veggie wraps in the posh Governor’s Suite, one thing was apparent, Barb and Lisa are adamant about supporting female entrepreneurs and giving back to third world communities. They spoke passionately about sourcing exotic ingredients from countries that inspire these bold aromas including Afghanistan, Haiti and Rwanda, in an effort to employ and empower local growers.    

The care and positivity that this brand stands for is truly inspiring and their vegan-friendly perfumes are made without the use of parabens, sulfates and phthalate so they can be sprayed directly on the skin without irritation.

I am familiar with some of Lisa’s work in the Bollywood community and it was a joy to discover the inspiration behind her signature scent. The main accord is Indian Jasmine which Lisa remembers seeing nestled into women’s hair and adorning sacred temples when she was a child. The smooth floral essence of this summery blend reminds us to slow down, breathe and recognize the divine in everyday life.

The fragrance opens with juicy orange and fresh bergamot, middle notes of jasmine, orange blossom, cardamom and ginger followed by invigorating vetiver, myrrh, frankincense, cedarwood and patchouli.

I’d describe this scent as bold, feminine, fresh and sweet with a faint muskiness that adds depth to reflect the vibrancy of India. Like most perfumes, the aroma does fade slightly with wear but the notes still remain quite pronounced. Usually I’m not a fan of predominate floral scents but the citrus, spice and woody elements helps mellow and balance the sweetness to create something very wearable.

This perfume breaks away from mainstream trends and adds sophistication to my collection. I wouldn’t classify the scent as youthful but it certainly is graceful and I think it would appeal to a mature demographic who appreciate the finer things in life.

Jasmine of India retails for $70.00 per 50 ml and is exclusively available at Hudson’s Bay stores across Canada and
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