Friday, September 23, 2016

GOSH Cosmetics Fall 2016 Collection & NEW Core Products!

GOSH Cosmetics has recently released new core products just in time for fall and I’m excited to introduce the bold pigments and lush skin treatments that are totally on-trend for the season!

Since I can’t wait to talk about the new 9 Shade Eye Shadow Collection I’ll start with that! Inspired by the cool city of Copenhagen, this dark, seductive palette is perfect for cool fall evenings and glamorous events! As soon as I popped the lip open I knew it would be perfect for mastering the art of smokey eyes and I love pairing the essential hues with shimmers and glitters. If you want to tone it down a notch, the neutral shades provide the versatility and contrast to do and for $20.00 this collection rivals popular, high-end palettes with similar tones.

If you ask me (and you kind of did by stopping by) these colors are some of the most flattering for creating smokey looks on all complexions. The subtle cream, champagne and taupe hues provide cool undertones and pair beautifully with the rich mocha, deep brown, sultry grey and midnight black. I also like that the compact is portable for travel with a decent size mirror and the shadows sit well in the palette to prevent mishaps.

The pigments are soft and velvety which provides a nice creamy base for superior glide and expert blending. Although I do recommend using a primer, the pigmentation is good! You can layer or intensify the color from tame to bold and the deeper hues accentuate the lower lash line to create an alluring shadow.

If you love a good multi-purpose product and you want to maintain that radiant summer glow, the Contour N’ Strobe Kit has you covered! This large, circular compact includes a brilliant gold highlight, shimmering pink blush and two contour pigments (light & dark). I can achieve a very nice sculpted effect with the deeper brown and the lighter caramel tone makes a nice matte highlight. Both powders have a soft, creamy texture that is easy to build and blend.

I absolutely love the highlight and I think the shade is quite universal for brightening most complexions. It is also very silky and easy to apply for a natural candlelight glow or an intense strobing effect. The pink blush is pretty but I would have personally preferred mauve or berry with a matte finish since the highlight has enough shimmer. Overall this palette is very usable and I think beauty junkies are going to love it! You can pick it up for $32.00 and it also comes in a lighter version.

If you prefer liquid highlight, the new Lumi Drops are available in three pretty shades – vanilla, peach and bronze (featured here). The great thing about this product is that you can use it on the face and body to create a dewy, bronzy glow from head-to-toe! The lightweight, perfume-free formula is easy to mix and blend for a fresh, luminous sheen that appears very natural and soft. The Drops retail for $17.00.

The new Primer Plus Skin Perfector is a tinted base that helps blur imperfections, even skin tone, moisturize and stimulate renewal for a healthy glow. At first I thought it was a foundation and I didn’t think the ivory-beige tint would work for my complexion but it did! Once blended the color fades into a more neutral base and provides natural illumination. If you do have deeper skin, avoid layering heavily or the tint may appear too prominent. I didn’t notice much hydration so I still apply a moisturizer prior to application but I like how smooth and soft it makes my skin which enhances the application of my foundation for a flawless finish. The primer also contains ingredients that helps blur lines and textural imperfections, it retails for $25.00.

I have reviewed a few of the Velvet Touch Matte Lipsticks before but these new shades are to die for! Cranberry (the deep red-brown) and Cinnamon are perfect for autumn and remind me of maple! Although the lipsticks have a high-pigment matte finish, the infusion of hyaluronic acid and natural waxes keep lips plush, supple and hydrated. I also recommend checking out the Velvet Touch Lip Liners in Nougat and Raisin to go with these pretty shades. The lipsticks retail for $14.00 ea.

Since the weather is getting cooler skincare should always be the first step to gorgeous makeup. The new Overnight Primer Oil Essence helps prep and nourish skin for a new day with French lavender oil, blackcurrant seed oil, argan oil, jojoba, antioxidants and fatty acids. Although you may notice an oily sheen, it seeps in quite quickly with a lightweight finish so you are able to layer it with night cream for even more dewy moisture! The Primer Essence retails for $22.00.

GOSH Cosmetics is available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Too Faced Totally Cute Eye Shadow Palette Review

When I was a kid, my older cousin passed down her large sticker book collection which was one of my most cherished possessions. I had fun trading stickers with friends at school, adding them to my book and seeing how many colors and textures I could incorporate. Today I have no idea where that book is but the Too Faced Totally Cute Palette evokes fond childhood memories.

The palette comes with blank pink casing and two sheets of stickers so you can unleash your creative side and decorate the packaging yourself!

It also comes with a step-by-step glamour guide should you need a little inspiration.

Like many of the other Too Faced Palettes I own, this one also has a fabulous array of eye-catching pigments from everyday neutrals, deep jewel tones and brights. There is also a mix of creamy mattes and finely milled shimmers to enhance, define and highlight.

The last row is great for fall with deep matte brown, bold blue and dark purple. The next row contains velvety caramel orange (which is a great crease or transition color), bright neon green and a fresh pop of pink. The larger pigments in the champagne and cream range make great lid or highlight shades for a splash of radiance.

The pigments are smooth and easy to intensify, layer and blend for long-wear color that doesn’t crease or fade when used with a good primer. You can combine these hues in interesting combos to create unique looks and they compliment other palettes in my collection beautifully. The quality lives up to what I expect from Too Faced and there are no parabens, sulfates, phthalates or gluten.

When applying the shimmers I recommend patting them on rather than swiping to avoid fall-out and achieve saturated color pay-off. This little palette is limited edition and offers great versatility and contrast. The hard shell also makes it suitable for travel.

It seems that Kylie Jenner lips are all the rage nowadays and Too Faced has recently released the Lip Injection Glosses in a range of subtle shades. The formula is infused with nourishing botanicals like avocado and jojoba plus plumping agents for volume and softness. Although I don’t really need fuller lips I appreciate the pouty shine and moisture.

Surprisingly this formula makes lips temporarily tingle and sting as part of the plumping process so be prepared for it! The texture is quite thick so you only need one or two layers and although it is a tad sticky the extra adhesion helps the sheer color stay on longer and resist transfer a bit better. The shades featured here are: Like a Boss (lavender) and Spice Girl (nude).

Too Faced Cosmetics can be found at Sephora and

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

L’Occitane 2016 Holiday Collection: Arlésienne

As many of you know I’m obsessed with L’Occitane because their skincare never disappoints and they combine unique French ingredients into intricate bouquets of elegance and freshness that are irresistible! The Arlésienne Collection is another delectable surprise as exotic notes of rose, violet and saffron create a intoxicating aroma. I’m not usually a fan of floral scents but L’Occitane has managed to balance and blend them together in a way that works!

Arlésienne represents a woman of Arles in the South of France - a social and artistic ideology of what true beauty and sophistication meant in Provence. Every detail of the Arlésienne woman is evident in the fragrance and beautiful packaging, from her elegance and mystery to her impressive sense of style including the delicate ribbon she wears.

The fragrance composition showcases the Arlésienne woman’s finest attributes. Grace and delicacy is represented by roses while saffron evokes her fiery temperament and violent depicts her mystery. You can also pick up notes of mandarin, bergamot, lily, rich sandalwood and sultry white musk. The vibrant, crisp florals are gradually mellowed by the creamy base which also helps fade the initial prominence of the ingredients. I was happy to discover that the saffron’s spiciness is not harsh or overpowering, in fact it adds a seductive element to the sweetness. The aroma's intensity remains throughout the day for great longevity and something about this fragrance reminds me of maturity and transitioning from youthful sugary scents to something more complex and feminine. I think this would be a great perfume for cool winter days as it smells warm and inviting. The 75 ml bottle featured here retails for $75.00.

This range also includes the Beauty Milk which is essentially a silky moisturizer enriched with organic shea butter. Since the perfume is so bold and aromatic I don’t really think you need to use both at once. The lotion scents the body from head-to-toe while softening and nourishing dry skin. When applying fragrance, I usually avoid direct skin contact but I can rub the cream onto my décolletage, wrists and behind my ears which makes me smell amazing all day! The Beauty Milk retails for $32.00.

Who doesn’t love a good advent calendar!? I’m not talking about the cheap chocolate variety (although I’d probably still eat those), I’m referring to fun, fabulous products and luxury skincare that you will love! No matter what your age everyone likes fabulous surprises and this cute calendar is filled with amazing goodies from L’Occitane including shower gel, body oil, hand creams, shampoo, moisturizer, perfume, soap, and more!

Simply open the beautiful decorative box to reveal the L’Occitane Gift Workshop and pop open one door each day in December! If you don’t want to keep it all to yourself, share products with friends and family, they make fabulous stocking stuffers! The advent calendar retails for $59.00.

These items will be available at L'Occitane boutiques and online at starting October 25th, 2016.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

MaskerAide In A Clutch Hydrating Sheet Mask Set

Every now and then your complexion needs a restorative boost and whether you like to party hard, work late or lounge on the beach, MaskerAide has you covered! I’ve been using these cute sheet masks for years and the fabulous formulas perk-up my complexion without any harsh parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, artificial fragrance or added pigment.

Now you can get your favorite masks in a variety of combos and single packs as well as this trendy Fab Life Set! This collection is perfect for sheet mask lovers and skincare fanatics because it contains all six treatments in one little clutch plus a box of the new hydrating gel eye patches.

Beauty Restore is infused with aloe, witch hazel and argan to help repair environmental damage, sooth, calm and heal dryness. I use this mask while vacationing in the tropics or battling harsh Canadian winters. I Don’t Wanna Grow Up is a multi-action treatment that helps combat the signs of aging with natural ylang-ylang oil, argan, vitamin E and hydrolized collagen to diminish lines. Beauty Restore is a fabulous night mask that prepares you for bed by deeply hydrating and replenishing plus the subtle scent of lavender oil relaxes the mind and body.

All Nighter came in handy last week after all the late night Film Festival Parties I attended! It has an invigorating cooling effect that awakens, replenishes and refreshes while de-puffing tired eyes to help erase the signs of the previous night. If you need a little pick-me-up before heading out, Pre Party Prep has been my go-to for years! Argan oil, fruit extracts and honey help energize, hydrate and brighten for smooth, soft skin that is ready for makeup. Detox Diva is formulated with geranium oil, seaweed and green tea extract to minimize pores, absorb impurities and protect from toxins and free-radicals. It also provides gentle exfoliation for luminous, clear skin.

All of the masks are thoroughly soaked in serum so you get great coverage and there is enough to massage into the chest and neck. It only takes 15-20 mins so you can kick-back, relax and let the stress just melt away as you pamper yourself and prepare to snap more duck-faced selfies. This set is an online exclusive and retails for $56.00. Individually the masks are $6.99.

When it comes to eye care I go all out because dark circles aren’t cute! Although I use eye cream every night with my Foreo Massager for gradual, long-term lightening, I generally find that masks produce more immediate results. These refreshing gel patches are loaded with hydrating, brightening and firming ingredients including hyaluronic acid. The formula is infused with an impressive 100 natural herbs that diminish the look of bags, darkness and fine lines. Treatment time is 15-30 mins and each box contains 4 pairs retailing for $25.00.

MaskerAide is sold at Trade Secrets, London Drugs, Nordstrom, Ulta and more. For a list of retailers near you please visit the website by clicking HERE.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Yes to Coconut Skincare Review

Mondays suck, so sit back, relax and dream about the beach as the tropical sent of coconut soothes your senses.

I've noticed the "Say Yes" Skincare Collection numerous times over the last few years but never really tested it until now. It also includes: Yes to cucumbers, tomatoes, grapefruit and carrots which sounds more like a delicious summer spread from the produce section!  

The products are 98% natural, safe for sensitive skin and loaded with amazing ingredients that pamper the complexion. This particular range has a delicious coconut scent with lush textures that rejuvenate and rehydrate parched skin without nasty parabens or silicones.

The Ultimate Hydrating Cleanser is also infused with chia seed oil, avocado, olive, banana, hibiscus and guava to deeply nourish and moisturize while gently rinsing away dirt, makeup and excess oil. Because this organic cream contains no soap, it doesn’t lather, bubble or suds-up which makes it feel more like an emulsifying product. It may take a couple washes to really de-clog and refresh my pores but it gets the job done. I like that the gentle formula doesn’t leave my skin tight, dry or greasy but I usually follow up with a hydrating toner to absorb the last traces of residue. If you experience sensitivity or irritation to sulfates and harsh additives, you may want to give this a try, it retails for $9.99.

The Hydrate and Restore Facial Mask treats super thirsty skin with a blast of creamy moisture. The texture is similar to the cleanser – lightweight, non-greasy and rich with an infusion of avocado oil which is among my favorite skin conditioning ingredients for supple results. Along with coconut (obviously) there is a long list of incredible natural ingredients including honey, sunflower, aloe and tons of flower extracts and nourishing oils. I like to use moisture masks after detoxifying with clay or mud treatments that tend to harden into a tight cast. They are also great after exposure to extreme climates and outdoor activity to help reinforce layers of hydration and softness while restoring dry, cracked skin. The mask retails for $16.99.

I’ve been seeing pumpkins and Halloween costumes in all the stores which means cooler weather is upon us. Soon it will be time to step up your body care game with extra layers of moisture and the Head-To-Toe Hydrating Balm will help maintain that silky glow. This balm smells good enough to eat (but don’t) and the solid, ultra rich texture is a savior for dry, cracked, uncomfortable skin that needs a little extra care. It spreads easily and melts in with a hint of shine and minimal grease or residue. This stuff takes care of your driest, roughest areas including hands, heels cuticles, elbows and knees. It retails for $15.99.

These products are available at Shoppers Drug Mart

Friday, September 16, 2016

Too Faced The Power of Makeup Palette by Nikkie Tutorials: Review & Swatches

Unless you’ve been totally unplugged from social media and its constant trend updates then you are well aware that Too Faced is taking the world by storm and rolling out hit after glorious hit! It has almost reached the point where I don’t even have to question whether or not I’m going to like the pigments and recently the brand teamed up with global beauty mega star Nikkie to collaborate on a fabulous multi-purpose palette.

The pink animal print is just a teaser for what's to come as you excitedly crack open the lightweight, magnetic cover. Inspired by makeup’s ability to transform, inspire and promote confidence, the palette contains 9 new eye shadows, 2 blushes from the Love Flush range, the bestselling Chocolate Soleil Bronzer and a Champagne Truffle Highlight. 

The set also comes with a bonus bag of goodies including the Better than Sex Mini Mascara in limited edition purple, full size liquid liner, Glittering Glamour dust (which is essentially loose glitter) and the highly popular Shadow Insurance Primer. This versatile collection is almost everything you need to create a complete look (minus the lipstick) but Too Faced has an amazing selection of lip pigment so problem solved!

Get ready to unleash your inner artist with an exquisite range of multi-dimensional finishes including creamy mattes, provocative shimmers and bold glitters! Wham Bam - a vivid jewel purple and Mystic Hour (glittering blue) are my favorite shades and just too gorgeous to resist! The sparkle hues - Frosted Yum (silver) and Irresistible (gold) reminds me of the holiday season and glamorous parties! Despite their glittery appearance they apply neat and smooth so my face isn’t covered in messy fall-out.

All the colors that you’d want in a matte finish are! The deep brown is pretty much my go-to crease sculptor as it compliments many hues and I can fade it, deepen it or enhance it with the dark black. Painkiller is a basic caramel that works well to transition and blend everything together cohesively and Sugar Coated (frosty pink) adds a fresh, subtle twist.

Most shades provide good coverage and saturation when applied over primer and the formula is non-creasing, buildable, long-lasting and easy to blend. Ivy (the matte cream) is the only sheer shadow and the vivid purple surprisingly required more layering for the results I wanted. Although some of you may think these shades are not ideal for day wear, it really depends on your style and preference. I would rock these colors anytime, anywhere!

For blush you have two classic options - orange coral and pink. I would have liked a deeper blush with a mauve or berry base but I’m not complaining!

The chocolate bronzer is a bit light for me but with so many complexion variations and just one spot for a contour hue you can’t really expect them to accommodate everyone. That being said I can use this shade as a neutral blush or shadow and it still provides a bit of definition. Champagne Truffle is a gorgeous skin illuminating highlight that works for all skin tones. You can tone it down for a sheer candlelight glow or kick it up a notch for maximum radiance.

If you like these colors and you want a palette that is great for travel The Power of Makeup is a good option. Unfortunately the palette is limited edition so you should probably act quickly. It retails for $68.00 and Too Faced is available at Sephora and a

Thursday, September 15, 2016

NARS Velvet Lip Glide Review

Hold onto your seat makeup junkies because today I’m introducing scintillating fall trends! You know the feeling of excitement you get when you spot an amazing color or product that suits your style perfectly? Well when I unwrapped the stunning Velvet Lip Glides I knew it was a match made in makeup heaven. As the crisp autumn weather inspires us to experiment with provocative new shades, NARS is taking lips to a whole new level with show-stopping pigment.

Of course I chose the richest, sexiest colors available to transition my look for the season and get myself red carpet ready for the film festival. If you prefer something tamer you can always go with a few of the neutrals which come in a variety of soft pinks, nude and beige tones or keep it classy with vibrant red, fuchsia and berry.

Le Palace is a deep cherry red that will make your pout look totally irresistible!

These full coverage liquid lipsticks drench lips in rich, saturated color with cushiony plumpness and layers of lightweight, non-sticky moisture. You get the perfect balance of softness and strength laced with a nourishing oil infusion complex that prevents dryness and enhances comfort. The formula is creamy, lush and supple with a brilliant high-shine finish for maximum poutiness - perfect for parties and selfies!

Among these vivid red-based pigments, Deviant (deep burgundy) is my personal favorite! This is the perfect autumn shade!

These gorgeous hues look great on all complexions and their boldness definitely inspires confidence! The doe foot applicator is quite standard but you can use the tip to define and the flatter surface to fill-in and intensify. The color builds up nicely but if you really want to dull them down for sheerness, one light layer should suffice.

Toy is a deep aubergine that plays into that tantalizing vampy trend. When paired with soft eye makeup it makes lips look amazing!

The longevity is about normal for a cream pigment as they do tend to transfer a bit but they don’t stain which makes it easier to apply a fresh coat after eating or drinking. I would have loved to see a few hydrating mattes thrown in for textural versatility but overall I predict that these beauties will quickly become fan favorites.

No. 54 is a raspberry red that is bright, classic and fun!

The Velvet Lip Glides retail for $34.00 each and are available at all NARS retailers (Sephora, Hudson’s Bay, Holt Renfrew, Nordstrom, Murale and at

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Lancome La Nuit Trésor ~ Perfume Review

It’s that time of year again! The biggest Hollywood stars are walking the red carpet to celebrate the Toronto International Film Festival. The city is buzzing with excitement and I plan to attend some fabulous parties this week. To help put the finishing touch on my glamorous outfits and bold makeup, I use La Nuit Trésor which evokes the scent of a sultry night out.

The unique black diamond bottle adorned with a delicate fabric rose makes a stunning vanity focal point and the sharp geometric angles and multi-tone gradient is edgy and elegant.

This magical scent inspired by falling stars represents a love potion and potent aphrodisiac that brings forth the seductive dark side of the rose. The intoxicating blend smells expensive and alluring to embellish a woman’s sophistication, provocativeness and power. The top note is comprised of mysterious black rose essence with heart notes of creamy vanilla orchid and base notes of warm patchouli and lychee praline. You may also pick up hints of bergamot, passion fruit, strawberry and caramel which provide a hint of mild sweetness without being too sugary.

As I spray this delightful scent I’m surrounded by waves of each delectable ingredient which seem to transform throughout the day for a unique sensory experience. Each time it wafts around me I pick up on different notes including whispers of passion fruit or berry that fade into a dreamy sweetness. Other times the aroma is very warm and soothing with a pronounced vanilla-caramel essence balanced with a dark undertone that is perfect for a crisp winter day. The fragrance also seems to smell differently based on the individual wearing it and I absolutely love its long lasting vibrancy.

If you need a great perfume suitable for every occasion this is a great option! The 50 ml bottle featured here retails for $108.00 and there are several sizes to choose from. Lancome is available at department sore counters and online at

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