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ArtOnIt Makeup Review

Today I am excited to bring you a review on a makeup line I have been trying called ArtOnIt Makeup. This brand of makeup is one of the most interesting lines I have come across because all of their packaging is created and designed by a real artist named Sergio Escalona who is inspired by and caters to the uniqueness and individuality of women. The packaging on these products is very interesting and sleek. This makeup is high end and manufactured in the United States and Germany. It is also is cruelty free.

The website itself is also very stylish and contemporary with artwork scattering the borders and catchy French descriptions. French is thought to be the language of love, romance and character and the artist creatively infuses it into the packaging of these products. ArtOnIt Makeup has skilfully combined graphic art with the art of makeup creating products that are both visually appealing and fun.

This company sells a variety of cosmetics ranging from: foundation, concealer, powder, eye shadow, mascara, blush, bronzer, lipstick gloss and more!

Let’s take a look at the items I was sent to review

The first item I am going to review is this lipstick called- Le rouge a levre de character (The red lip has character) in the color Very Cherry (price $23)
   This lipstick is described as a “bright red lipstick that combines both cool and warm undertones, making it suitable for everyone. Moisturizing and hydrating.” I think a good red lipstick is an essential item in every woman’s makeup bag so I like that this color combines different undertones to suit a wider variety of skin tones.
 This lipstick is very bold and shows up vibrantly on the lips, I found the formula to be quite dense and creamy. It is non-drying and maintains a nice matte finish, it is also fairly long lasting. I like the simplicity of the packaging, it reminds me of old Hollywood glam style makeup, simple yet elegant.

The next product I received is this pretty gloss called Brilliant a Levres (brilliant has lips) in the color Abracadabra (price: $22).
This shimmery gloss provides a nice sheer finish with sparkles galore! I love the name of this gloss and I use it on the days I want my lips to stand out without having to use an ultra bright color. I also think it is perfect for highlighting the center of the lips to create a pretty two toned effect and for making the lips appear full. The amount of sparkle per application is not overwhelming and provides a pretty shimmer effect when the light catches it at different angles. This is a great lip gloss for women of all ages because it suits everyone and is quite handy for the holiday season. It is also paraben free.

These glosses also come in some other interesting shades
Photo from: https://www.pinterest.com/artonit/lips/
The next product is called – Le Stylo Art Beaute ~ (The pen art beauty)
Photo from: https://www.pinterest.com/artonit/lips/
I received the color called- Clamor #64. (Price: $25)

This is a bit unconventional for a lip product, it has a felt tip and looks and feels like a marker! I like that the brand is playing off its artistic influence by creating products that look like art tools.

You can use this product to line your lips or for all over color and the great thing is that it requires no sharpening. I also like that it provides precise application and allows good control for shaping and outlining.

This product is a stain and when they say it lasts 24 hours they aren't kidding. Although I have not worn this product for that long it definitely sticks around for a long time. You get a good amount of pigmentation when you apply it and it dries completely matte and blends into the texture of your lips. It is ideal to apply this stain on hydrated chap free lips.

This stain did not budge even while eating and drinking, I even tried to remove it with a tissue and it did not come off or transfer! Like many stains this product offers no moisture or hydration on its own but you can pair it with a sheer gloss or balm to help keep your lips from drying out.

Similar to long lasting stains removal can be a bit difficult and it does leave a stain behind.

The last product I am going to review is this eye shadow in the color Marseilles (price $21.50) 
This shadow is a beautiful sky blue with a lovely metallic sheen. I adore the artsy sketches on the packaging of this little compact and the small mirror is a nice addition. This a color that would look great simply paired with a nice winged liner for spring or even winter because it looks like an icy blue. ArtOnIt makeup also offers a beautiful array of other shades to choose from.

The pigmentation on this shadow is very good; the texture is smooth and I like the finish. This is my favorite product in this line so far because the shadow is great quality.

Overall I think this line has some great products, the shadows, lipsticks and gloss are definitely items I would try in some other shades and recommend.

You can check out the ArtOnIt website at- ArtOnIt Makeup.com
You can also find them at the following links:

**Disclaimer: These products were provided to me for a sponsored review courtesy of ArtOnIt Makeup. All opinions stated in this review are my own and based on my experience with the products. Results may vary based on individual use.**


  1. Such a great post- the blue shadow looks gorgeous!
    Love your blog and have followed :)
    Sarah xx
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  2. Great review! I have never heard of this company, but that lip stain sounds amazing!


  3. Great review. I absolutely love the packaging.

  4. I am in love with that lipstick; I'm a sucker for one. Building up a nice collection. Not heard of the company though x


    1. The lipstick is gorgeous! thanks for stopping by Chloe :)

  5. Cute blog, love how you took the photos of makeup with the pearl beads, it makes them look so cute!
    -Magenta xxx


    1. Thanks hun :) I love photography but I don't have a professional or even a great camera with all the different lenses so I use what I have and do the best I can.

  6. Cute pictures! I love all the colors too! Great post!


  7. Those shimmery glosses are so beautiful! Shimmer glosses are my favorite because I feel like they add so much more dimension to the lips!

  8. Great review !!! lovely colors so cute !! Would you like to follow each other dear :) xx

  9. Omg. How beautiful is that packaging??? My goodness. That is probably what would sell me right off the bat. Haha. Great swatches too! That Very Cherry would be amazing for the Holidays. It's screams Christmas to me. Hehe. That lip pen is very interesting too. It would definitely be kind of weird to me since it looks and feels just like a marker. But its sooo pigmented. I love it. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Wonderful review dear. Thank you :)

    1. LOL I know! I love that they make the extra effort to have an artist design everything!

  10. all these colors are so stunning!
    i personally love the very cherry lipstick
    it's really awesome especially for holidays!
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    xoxo Rose

  11. Awesome colors my dear
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  12. I love to discover new brands. Will try to get my hands on this sometime. It is great to know that they have good quality stuff.

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