Monday, April 21, 2014

Dorco Shai Soft Touch Razor Review

Hair removal is a persistent process many women undertake with mixed results. From waxing, threading, shaving and plucking many of us have undergone the tedious task of trying to remove unwanted hair. Personally I find the whole ordeal time consuming and sometimes quite painful, so I like to get it done quickly and efficiently.

I have tried many different razors on the market, from some of the top brands to the electric varieties. When I purchase razors I usually opt for brands that have great blades and refill packs available. I very rarely like those flimsy disposable razors that seem to get rid of as much skin as hair and cause painful cuts and irritation.  

Today I have a review on a great razor from Dorco called the Shai 3+3 razor for women. Not only is this razor pink and feminine but it also has a unique blade. I usually prefer razors with multiple blades and this one has six! The Shai looks like two razors in one and the mutli-flex pivot technology allows for a controlled shave especially around curves and sensitive areas like behind the knees and under the arms. As you press the blades against the skin they automatically flex outwards and the position allows you to shave a larger area. The lubricating tip also contains hydrating strips of vitamin E, aloe and lavender oil to help the razor glide comfortably over the skin. If the first blade misses any hair the second blade is sure to take care of it so shaving can be done quickly.

I like a nice close shave for smooth supple skin and this razor gets the job done. I was able to get a clean shave that left my legs feeling soft without any nicks or cuts! 

I also like that the gel handle has a lot of grip which is ideal when working with slippery shaving products. The razor comes with 2 blades that are easy to change by pressing the simple release button.

I thought the blades would be difficult to clean because they are quite small but it was rather easy and cleaning helps keep them working efficiently.

The razor also comes with a convenient holder that sticks to the shower wall for easy storage and quick access. The razor holder is also handy for vacations and I keep mine on an area of the shower wall away from the flow of water to prevent rusting.

For just $5.95 this razor is a great deal! You can find it HERE and right now Dorco is offering an additional 20% off if you use the code SRSSI89M9 - (one use per customer, code expires 4/30/14)

**Disclaimer: This product was provided for review courtesy of Dorco. I am not being financially compensated for any purchases made at or any purchases using the promo code. All opinions stated in this review are my own and based on my experience with the product. Cuts that result from product use may be caused by the manner in which the product is used and sharpness of the blade. Changing the blade as outlined by the company is recommended. Results may vary based on individual use.**


  1. Great review! Sounds like a great product.

  2. I have a similar shaped razor blade, but I don't really like it, I prefer the men's razors, maybe I am crazy, but I've always seen better results with them than with the ones for the ladies :)) But I love the fact that this one is pink <3

    1. You and Kat have a point, the men's razors provide a very close, sharp shave but sometimes the cuts they can leave are horrible!

  3. This sounds great! I'm can't lie though, I have been using men's Gilette razors for most of my body shaving life and I think they work better than anything else I have tried!

  4. This is such a cool product! I'm not totally satisfied with the razor I use now, but I don't try out any different ones because I never like those either. I'll definitely be looking out for this one next time I need a razor. Great review!

  5. I forgot my razor when I visited my sis in NC and she gave me a cheap one with 1 blade to use & I'm not going to lie, it sucked! I also like using razors with multiple blades. I definitely get nicked less when I use a higher quality razor, so I don't mind paying more to avoid pain!

    1. Those cheap razors are the worst, some are so useless!


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