Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Real Techniques Powder Brush and Blush Brush

The tools you use to apply makeup are as essential as the makeup you use. When your brushes don’t perform it is difficult to achieve the looks you set out to create.

Real Techniques is a popular and affordable brand that has been on the market for a while but this is the first time I am reviewing any of them on my site. For those who are unsure whether these brushes are worth trying, today I am going review two popular brushes in the line, the powder brush and blush brush.

This powder brush is one of my favorites because of its plush soft bristles. It is dense yet pliable and feels gentle against the skin. There is minimum to no shedding, the quality is great and the handle is sturdy. The fibers pick up products easily and the wide bristle surface distributes them evenly.

The bristles are synthetic and hand cut, they are also cruelty free. I like that the base of the handle is flat so that the brush can stand upright on flat surfaces for easy storage.

I use this brush with pressed foundation, loose translucent powders and oil absorbing powders. It has a nice fluffy dome shape and blends products in nicely to create a soft, natural appearance.

The powder brush retails for $10 on the Real Techniques website which you can find HERE. It is also available at select stores and online retailers. I purchased mine at Ulta Beauty. 

The blush brush has a unique tapered shape with fine multi-length bristles, good for working with loose products and mineral makeup. The tip works well for lightly sweeping product onto the face and into the hollows of the cheeks.

I like the bristles on this brush because they are very fine and powders adhere well. The brush is also self-standing and very soft.

I don't particularly like this brush for blush because the flexibility of the bristles don't quite distribute it evenly onto the cheeks. There is too much bend in the fibers to effectively blend and even out the blotchy application. For blush I prefer a traditional round fluffy brush.

The blush brush retails for $9 and you can find it on the website HERE

Have you tried any Real Techniques brushes? What do you think of them?


  1. I only have 4 brushes from Real Techniques and i really like them!

  2. I have a few of the Real Techniques brushes and absolutely love them. They wash so well and they don't shed. Just hoping my Walmart would start carrying more individual brushes instead of sets.

  3. I'd really like to get a set of Real Techniques brushes from Ulta! I hear so many great things about them all the time, & I'd really like to give them a try. The only RT brush I have right now is the stippling brush, & I really like that one for applying my cream blushes.

  4. I only have their eye brushes, which I'm really liking at the moment. I'd like to get my hands on a few face brushes!

  5. I don't use the Powder brush much, but I always use the Blush brush for blush. I really love RT brushes!

  6. I have eye shadow and foundation real techniques brushes, I just love them and I would like to buy more RT brushes. Nice review.

    Egle-Makeup Demon

  7. Real technique brushes are always amazing.. thanks fr sharing xoxo
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