Thursday, June 2, 2016

Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Eye & Cheek Palette Review

I am always drawn to multipurpose products that are convenient for travel and versatile enough to create a variety of trendy looks, which is why I am totally obsessed with Stila's newest color collection! The Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Palette is available in 4 shade combinations (fair, medium, tan and deep) designed to work with your unique complexion and enhance your best features. These expertly crafted, high quality pigments take the guess work out of mixing and matching colors making it perfect for creating quick, flattering looks.

These palettes are all gorgeous so it may be hard to choose just one! Although my complexion is in the medium range, I decided to get the deep palette because I was drawn to the sultry warmth and I couldn’t say no to that irresistible terracotta blush! The beauty of this collection is that you can select the palette that best compliments your skin (if you prefer neutral looks) or you can do what I did and go for deeper shades to create a bold effect. Every compact is suitable for all skin tones so no matter which you choose, your makeup will always look stylish!

Since I love rich hues reminiscent of fall and glamorous red carpet fashion, the deep palette just spoke to me. The eye shades include ~ Imaginative (peach base), Brilliant (champagne, silvery highlight), Flirty (deep, warm brown for the crease), Adventurous (coppery gold for the lids) and Mesmerizing (black liner or crease shade). The blush hues are ~ Vibrant (deep peach) and Witty (brick red).

The pigmentation of these colors is remarkably vivid and they are formulated to look exactly as you’d expect on your skin with no ashy undertones. Each pressed powder is triple milled for exceptional smoothness, luxurious silkiness and full-coverage color requiring no primer (but I like to use one anyway). Simply apply with your brush and the amazing pigments build and blend effortlessly for all day wear with no fading or creasing.

One of my go to-looks for all occasions includes golden bronze eye shadow because it compliments deep brown eyes and makes them stand out! I like pairing the radiant gold with the brown crease shade and blending well to create shape and definition. When I crave a smoky look, I use the black to deepen the crease and smudge it under my lower lash line for a sultry shadow. The brilliant highlight shade can be used on the lids or the cheekbones for glowing skin.

Left to right: base, highlight, lid, crease, liner, blush, blush

The fabulous thing about choosing the deepest blush in the collection is that it doubles as a contour to sculpt the face while adding color, depth and dimension. When I want something lighter for daytime, I wear the peach blush for a beautiful flush and the texture is velvety and rich.

If you’re looking for a palette that you can use everyday to accentuate your beauty then this collections is a must! The palettes retails for $51.00 CAD or $39.00 U.S. and Stila is available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Sepora and online.

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