Friday, July 1, 2016

Too Faced Melted Matte Liquefied Lipstick Review

If you are obsessed with the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks (and let’s face it many of us are), then you have probably started craving the new Melted Mattes which are available in 17 eclectic hues including: soft nude, bright red, pink, purple, rich blue, vibrant orange and even vampy black. If that wasn’t enough to satisfy your every mood, outfit and color craving, these pretty pigments are completely void of shine or sheen which makes lips look full, pouty and totally alluring!

Although this formula is true matte, initially the pigments glide on creamy and a little glossy which allows you manipulate the color, fill in, layer and shape before it dries. Because the colors appear so opaque, it only takes one thin coat to achieve full coverage and the small paddle applicator is easy to use around the contours of your lips.

In true Too Faced style, the pigmentation is stunningly vibrant and combined with the flat matte finish that hugs every curve and juicy plumping ingredients, lips appear well defined, lush and super pouty! The formula contains a blend of sunflower and avocado oil with vitamin E and hyaluronic filling spheres which helps prevent lips from becoming cracked and completely parched.

Considering the formula is dry in texture and the creaminess doesn’t last, the lipsticks don’t feel terribly uncomfortable especially when skin is healthy, supple and in good shape. The consistency isn’t very hydrating but it is lightweight (almost like a second skin) so often times I forget I’m wearing them and when you crave more moisture, simply apply a layer of gloss.

As the color dries it does tend to settle into the texture of your lips so I recommend light exfoliation and lots of balm the night before to prevent the enhancement of any peeing or roughness. You can also use these with the Too Faced Lip Insurance Primer should you wish to prolong wear and intensify the colors but even without a base they last for hours! 

These shades are kiss-proof (yes I tested them out on my hubby) and smudge-proof so once applied they set well and don’t smear, feather of fade even when I tried wiping them off with the back of my hand. I also tested them while eating/drinking and the transfer was minimal to none! When you are ready for removal, a makeup wipe does the trick without leaving behind any stains. When you have a long day ahead of you with no time for frequent touch-ups, these liquid pigments definitely come in handy!

The shades I have from left to right are: Miso Pretty (ballet slipper pink), Evil Twin (deep black cherry), Sell Out (pinky brown), Queen B (soft mauve), Feelin’ Myself (peachy pink) and Lady Balls (true red). This range is quite versatile and although I haven’t truly embraced the daring black, I think wearing bold hues that push boundaries is a fantastic way to expand our acceptance of fun colors and normalize the shades previously deemed too wild for wear. Miso Pretty is a bit too light for my complexion but I love the fiery red and soft neutrals.

If you’ve fallen in love with the matte lip trend then you will probably go crazy for these mesmerizing, saturated pigments. They retail for $29.00 ea and Too Faced Cosmetics is available at Sephora and online by clicking HERE.


  1. these colors look great. i love mattes, but do have dry lips!

  2. Queen B and Sell Out look so good! Would love to try these ;-)


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