Monday, March 25, 2013

How to Apply Mascara, Care for Your Lashes and Help Them Grow

I don’t like wearing false eye lashes but I do love how dramatic and full they look. The problem is I have no patience for applying them and most of them feel heavy and uncomfortable on my lashes. If I have to wear false lashes for a special occasion then I suck it up and glue them on but as soon as I come home I rip them off and toss them in a corner with relief.

Since I don’t care for the feeling of false lashes on my eyelids I have some tricks to work with my natural lashes to enhance their fullness and length. Some have stopped to ask me what I use on my lashes and if my lashes are indeed real. So this post is about how I achieve the fullest and longest looking natural lashes. 

Lash care:

* The first thing I do to help my lashes look their best is to care for them and treat them gently. Even if you like  false lashes laying off them for a while can give your own lashes a well needed break and you won't have to deal with removing lash glue. Sometimes the process of removing the falsies can cause you to lose some of your own lashes and that is never good.

*Every night before I go to bed I apply a thin layer of Vaseline to my lashes. This helps keep them moisturized over night which can help them grow. Applying Vaseline on your lashes may sound weird to some but since I have been doing this I have noticed an improvement in the length of my lashes. Some people prefer to use oils such as castor oil instead of Vaseline but I find that for me Vaseline works best. 

*There are also some cosmetic lines that sell eye lash creams or mascaras that will help lengthen, strengthen and enhance your lashes. If you have short fine lashes you may want to look into this option.

*I am always careful when removing my mascara at night. Mascara tends to make lashes dry, hard and crunchy so rubbing vigorously on your lashes to get it off can cause you to lose more hairs than necessary. I use a gentle eye makeup remover on a makeup cloth and I saturate and press the solution into my lashes until the mascara loosens and becomes soft before gently rubbing it off. You can also use eye makeup removing pads.  

Applying Mascara:

*When applying my mascara I get the best results when I use 3 different mascaras. I usually use my top favorites and they each have different brush types, formulas and are meant to do different things to my lashes.
*When I have chosen my 3 mascaras I begin to build up my lashes. Starting at the base of my lashes and looking down into a mirror I apply the mascara from roots to tips alternating between straight strokes and wiggling my brush back and forth. I find that applying my mascara while looking down into a mirror helps me see my lashes more clearly and tell how much length I am achieving. It also prevent messing up my eye shadow.

e.l.f. 3 in 1 mascara with ball tip
*Sometimes the lashes closest to your inner eyes are the shortest and hardest to reach, for this I use a mascara with a ball tip such as the e.l.f three in one mascara.

*Sometimes I blink into the brush to get the mascara applicator brushed more thoroughly through my lashes.

*I usually make sure the first mascara I apply separates my lashes, that the second mascara plumps or thickens my lashes and that the third mascara lengthens and wraps around my lashes to thicken them up.

*I take my time building up my lashes with each mascara and making sure I get the most from each product.  Sometimes I apply two coats of each mascara but if you have issues with clumping then make sure to use mascaras that don’t clump as easily.

*When I have built up a good foundation I focus my attention on the very tips of my lashes and try to build them up so that they are extended. You can get a false fiber mascara to help with this if you can stand the fibers possibly coming loose and getting into your eyes (which I couldn’t). The L'oreal false fiber lashes is my favorite  fiber mascara. 

Black Radiance Mascara
 I switch up the combinations of mascaras I use frequently but my staple and favorite mascara is the Black Radiance lengthening mascara because this is the mascara that really adheres to my lashes and my other mascaras, thickens them and makes them look very long.

*For those of you who don’t like wearing false lashes but still cannot find the right mascara there is also the option of using half lashes which adhere to the outside lash line only. These lashes are much easier to work with and less of a hassle.  

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