Wednesday, March 6, 2013

MAC Concealers and Foundations

Studio Finish Concealer:
I have been using MAC concealers for years and for a long time I wore the Studio Finish concealer. The Studio Finish line is well suited for people who have red undertones so it didn't work well for me. It provides very full coverage and is quite thick. It also works very well for spot treatments and to conceal blemishes.

 Pro Longwear Concealer:
I decided to switch to the Pro Longwear Concealer which works exceptionally better for my skin tone. The Pro longwear works well for people who have yellow undertones. This concealer works wonderfully to cover up dark under eye circles and blemishes and for spot treatments. I use a foundation on top of it but this concealer can stand alone because it provides full coverage. It blends easily into my skin and the formula does not make me too dewy, shiny or oily.  

My only fault with this product is the packaging. The bottle is very small and even though a little bit does go a long way it still runs out rather quickly if you use it daily. I also don’t like that when the concealer is almost finished it is very difficult to get the last of the product out of the glass tube. I had to have my husband break the packaging and even that was difficult. I would have preferred it if this concealer came packaged in a more user friendly bottle.
My Previous foundation:
I had recently been using the Studio Sculpt foundation and I  tried  three different shades in this line without the satisfaction of a great match because of the red undertones.
 The Studio Sculpt line is more suited for dry skin because it gives off more of a dewy finish for those who need more moisture. For me it came off as oily. This foundation is a full coverage foundation but it goes on very heavy and it also does not dry very well so it left a wet sticky feeling on my face that lasted the entire day.
 Studio Fix Foundation:
Since switching over to the Studio Fix line I have never looked back. I find that the shade I have now matches my skin much more accurately. I also like that this foundation gives me more of a matte finish which is great for oil prone skin.

The Studio Fix foundation gives me just the right amount coverage. It is easy to blend and helps cover blemishes and darkness if you want to wear it on its own.  If you have very dark blemishes I would suggest using a concealer along with it. I do find that this foundation can be a bit heavy if you apply a lot or layer it on.

Another issue I have with this foundation is the packaging. The bottle is difficult to work with, there is just an opening with no pump so I have purchase the pump separately. 

The Studio Fix Pressed Powder:
As you can tell by now I love the Studio Fix line of Mac face products. The Studio Fix pressed powder is a full coverage foundation in powder form. I love how even and smooth the powder applies, it does not flake or cake up on the skin. This powder can be worn alone or paired with a concealer. For extra heavy coverage, if you have a lot of blemishes to cover, or if you want a flawless finish then it can be paired with both a concealer and a foundation although this may be too heavy for some. When used alone, this powder feels light on the skin and provides good coverage.

Tips to finding the right concealer and foundation if you do not know your shade:
*To find the right concealer and foundation visit MAC or Sephora where you are able to test the products against your skin and get matched by one of the associates.

*I do recommend that you get a sample of the product before you decide to make a purchase because the lighting in the store may not show you an accurate indication of what the foundation will look like in natural lighting.

*I also suggest that when you take your sample home you apply the foundation in natural light (sunlight) so you can see what it looks like during the day. Make sure to test the foundation out for an entire day to see if it has lasting power and if it reacts well with your skin type.

*Make sure to explain your skin’s needs before purchasing. Specify your skin type and make sure to ask whether or not the product is prone to cause breakouts if you have sensitive or acne prone skin. MAC foundations and concealers do have SPF protection which is important so make sure to ask about this if you are going with another brand.

*Another tip that I think is very important is finding the proper foundation brush for applying the product. You may have the best quality foundation for your skin but if you don’t apply it right it may not look so great. I would recommend a flat top kabuki brush, a duo fiber stippling brush or any other brush that is known for blending liquid makeup. The Beauty Blender is also an option.

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