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Amazing DIY face serum and face cream

I want to start out by saying that since using this face serum in combination with the enhanced face cream I have noticed dramatic improvements in the appearance of my skin. My skin looks refreshed and even. The occasional hormonal breakouts I use to get have since been under control and almost non-existent leaving my skin looking smooth and blemish free.

Women spend a lot of money on face creams and serums that promise less wrinkles, smaller pores and soft, supple, moisturized skin. But what you may not know is that many of the active natural ingredients that make these products effective such as vitamin E, green tea or vitamin C may only be present in very minuscule concentrations and therefore may be less effective and produce less noticeable results. The good thing about these ingredients that help reduce the effects of aging, discoloration and dryness is that they are available for purchase in their natural state and can be added to your moisturizers and lotions to boost their effectiveness.

Another important factor to consider is that some of the expensive skin products we purchase containing ingredients such as vitamin E are not stored and packaged correctly which reduces their effectiveness. Vitamin E should be contained in opaque bottles to avoid exposure to light and air in order to retain its properties.

I placed an order with New Directions Aromatics which is a company that produces raw, natural ingredients such as oils, botanicals and butters. My goal was to enhance the effectiveness of my face creams, lotions and hair products and to improve the look of my skin. Using pure ingredients is always a great addition to your beauty routine.

DIY recipe for enhancing your face cream to make it more effective:
First lets review the benefits of Vitamin C on the skin
Vitamin C (L-ascorbic):
*Important component in collagen
*Makes skin supple
*Helps reduce production of age spots
*UV protection
*Anti-aging benefits for skin
*Prevents bacteria growth on skin (helps prevent breakouts)
*Can help to lighten discolorations and spots
*Reduce the size of pores

1. Add 2 and ¼ tsp of your favorite face cream/moisturizer into a clean opaque jar.

2. Add ¼ tsp vitamin C into your face cream. **Make sure the vitamin C is the L-ascorbic kind. **

3. Mix the vitamin C into the moisturizer very well.

4. Cover and store at room temperature or in a cool dry place.

Directions: pat onto clean dry skin before bed. 

DIY Face serum: 
Great for fading discolorations, reducing the signs of aging, adding moisture, antioxidant properties, firming skin, fighting acne, detoxifying, UV protection adding moisture and more!

First lets review the benefits of each natural ingredient: 
Liquorice root:
*Anti-inflammatory properties
*Helps fade dark spots and discoloration
*Soothes dry skin
Used in: high end face products to even skin tone

Ginkgo biloba leaf:
*Known for stimulating and firming the skin
*Powerful antioxidant
*Detoxifying qualities
*Anti-aging properties
*Helps skin look fresh and younger

Green Tea:
*Rich in antioxidants
*High in vitamin C and E
*Repairs signs of aging
*Protects against environmental factors

Tangerine oil: 
*Refresh, Rejuvenate and soothe the skin
used in: perfumes and soaps

Vitamin C: (See description above)

Vitamin E oil:
*Crucial in protecting skin cells
*Protect against UV rays
*Helps reduce wrinkles

Aloe gel: (squeezed directly from the plant)
*Soothes skin
*Helps heal burns
*Acts as a non-greasy moisturizer
*Reduce skin inflammation and helps treat acne
*Anti-aging benefits
*Reduce the look of stretch marks
*High in nutrients 

1. If you buy dry ingredients like I did then you first have to prepare your mixture additives. NOTE: for an easier serum recipe you can buy the liquid forms of these ingredients as long as they are 100% natural.

(a) In a clean container add ¼ tsp of ginkgo biloba to 2 ½ tsp of water and mix until powder dissolves.

(b) In a separate clean container add ¼ tsp of licorice root to 2 ½ tsp of water and mix until dissolved.

(c) In another clean container add ¼ green tea to 2 ½ tsp of water and mix until dissolved.

(d) Transfer each solution into an opaque jar with a dropper such as the one below.  It is helpful to label your bottles.You can order these online.
This will yield a concentration of 10% of each ingredient for your serum.

2. In a clear glass add 2 and 1/8 tsp of distilled water.

3. To the water add 3/8 tsp of vitamin C and dissolve by mixing well.

4. Add 3 drops of liquorice root.

5. Add 3 drops of green tea.

6. Add 3 drops of gingko biloba.

7. Add 3-4 drops of vitamin E.

8. Add ½ tsp of vegetable glycerine to thicken.

9. Add 1/8 tsp of aloe gel.

10. Add 3 drops of tangerine oil to add a nice scent and to preserve the serum.

11. Mix well. Your serum should look something like this.

12. Transfer the serum into a clean opaque bottle, preferably with a pump.

Directions for serum use:
Shake well before use as ingredients may separate. Pat the serum onto clean dry skin using clean hands. 
Use before bed.

For more information on New Directions Aromatics please visit their website by clicking: HERE

With each of these ingredients test them on a small area of skin such as your forearm in order to see if you have any adverse or allergic reactions.



  1. Thank you for sharing! I will definitely have to give this a try and get back to you!


  2. oooo this is an excellent post Erica. I am definitely going to try this out! Thanks for sharing hun :)

  3. This is absolutely amazing! You know I'm all about natural and DIY has become something I've started doing more and more because it's the only way you can guarantee the amount or purity of the ingredient in most cases. Great post! :)

  4. Very interesting post! Following via google too.

  5. Grt post! Thank you soo much its really very helpful i will try this soon :)

  6. Wow, this is awesome! I will save the face serum recipe (I really need one) and I will try to find all of the ingredients to make one :X Thank you very, very much! :*

  7. Both recipes sounds very interesting. And not difficult. Now I need C vitamin :)

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  8. Wow, that recipe for the serum sounds really interesting. I might give this a try. I really love serums and use them mostly instead of a moisturizer since I have already oily skin. Thanks for sharing this! XOXO, Sissi

  9. Wow! I have never thought to DIY serums. You are so knowledgeable about it. Thank so much for sharing x MakeMeUpMandy

  10. Hi. I would really like to try to make this serum. But I am sort of stuck because gingko biloba, licorice root, and green tea powders don't dissolve. They are just a powder mixed in water. So I'm wondering if it would be better to brew those into a strong tea first and use drops of the strong infusion instead of as a powder. Can you please describe how that works for you? Don't you end up with a tiny amount of the powder on your face when you do that? Thanks!!

    1. Hi, thanks for visiting. When I mix the powders into the water they dissolve, it may require some stirring but mine dissolves fully. I then store them in that opaque bottle with the medicine dropper and add the drops to my serum from there. I have never had any issues with any of the ingredients leaving powder on my face. The vitamin E however does tend to separate a bit (it will look orange in color and may stain the inside of your serum bottle) so before you use the serum you have to shake it well. Are the powders you purchased pure forms? I didn't have an issue with this but you may be able to find liquid forms of these ingredients.

      I am going to make another batch this weekend! I love this serum!

    2. Oh I forgot to add, I do not know how brewing these ingredients will alter their efficiency. Sometimes heating certain natural ingredients breaks them down and reduces how effective they are.

    3. Hi again. Thanks so much for your reply. So this question was bothering me and I think I now have the answer as to why your powders dissolve fully. I clicked on the link of the supplier you recommend, and they sell "powdered extracts," which would be different than the straight powdered ingredient itself. There is no way that "green tea powder" can dissolve because that's just powdered tea leaves. But the powdered extract *can* dissolve. I already ordered the herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs, so of course, those won't dissolve. I made a very strong tea out of the ingredients, and I will just use the straight tea, add in some Vit C powder, and a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar. We'll see how it goes! Thanks so much for your post!

    4. You are very welcome, good luck!

  11. Where do I find the Vitamin C? Is it a liquid, powder, granule? Thank you.

    1. I use the crystals, it looks like a white crystal powder, it is a bit more difficult to dissolve though. If you can find pure vitamin C in liquid form it would be easier to work with. I get my ingredients at New Directions Aromatics, the link is in the post and I believe they have international shipping. You can always check health food and organic stores that sell natural things and vitamins.

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  12. I ordered my Vitamin C powder and licorice root extract from New Directions. However, my vitamin C powder doesn’t dissolve completely. How long do you stir in before it dissolve. I tried for 2 mnts and it did not.

    1. Most of it should have dissolved but even it there are still some granules you can just massage the serum in as is, let it dry and just rinse off in the morning. Everything will still absorb overnight :)

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  13. Would this serum work with a red light microcurrent device?

    1. I'm sorry I have no idea as I have never the device you are describing.


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