Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Must have lip gloss

Whenever I go into Forever 21 I check out their cosmetic bins and dig through to see what goodies I can find. This time on a digging adventure I hit the jackpot and had to share these Lip Gloss Junkie high pigmented glosses because they are truly beautiful!

I hate buying lip gloss that claims to be highly pigmented and then turns out to be transparent, but these babies give you a bold pop of color, similar to lip stains but without drying out your lips. You can also build up the color so you can have a light wash or heavier color.

4 glosses were $5.50 and the packages do come in different shades. They are also a great size to keep in your purse or even in a pocket. I would definitely recommend trying these out if you are a lip gloss junkie and want to add some pretty pigment to your pout. 

I am  in love with the pinks!

If you haven't tries these glosses then you should!


  1. You know, I have so many articles of clothing from Forever 21, but never have I tried their makeup. Apparently I should!

  2. Hi Erica! So glad to find a fellow beauty blogger via the blog hop! Wow these glosses have such pretty colours. I actually haven't noticed them in Forever 21 but I'll be looking out for them if I'm ever in one the next time! I've followed your blog and hope to get to know you better through your posts xx Mandy @ MakeMeUpMandy


  3. Great review! Thanks for taking the time to get to share it with us!
    By you, I know what to buy for subsequent purchases!

    Katherine Unique

  4. Very cute colours! I haven't tried them.
    I hope you enjoy them!


  5. This is very nice. My niece would love that. I think I might have found a Christmas gift.
    I came from The Meet & Greet Blog Hop

  6. Awe Hi, Erica! Thank you so much for your kind comment and taking the time to visit me :) I am following you on GFC now, too!! XOXO these lipstick colors look fab U lous!!!!!

  7. Omg, I want a Forever 21 here in Romania :X The lipglosses look amazing, I love the two red ones :D

  8. wow amazing shades :)



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