Friday, January 17, 2014

Edge Stick Hair Straightener Review

Today I will be reviewing a chic red hair styling tool called The Edge Stick. If you read my blog frequently then you may know that I have naturally curly hair and although I love my thick curls sometimes I like to change up my style by switching to a straight sleek look. Usually to straighten my long hair I wash, condition, deep condition, blow dry and then flat iron which can take hours! After all that styling and despite my best efforts eventually my hair begins to curl and get messy from the heat from my shower, the weather, sleeping on it and other factors. 
What is the Edge Stick?
The Edge Stick is a tool specifically designed for root/edge touch-ups and straightening hair that is curly, wavy, frizzy and unruly; allowing you to maintain a smooth freshly styled appearance. I like the concept of this styling tool because it allows me to touch up the specific areas that need the most attention. Although it utilizes heat it isn't meant to be used on the entire length of the hair which is actually less damaging. The heat from this device does not come from the two combs on either side but rather the middle wand making it safe to use close to the hairline without burning the skin.

The device is great to use on those days when you get caught in the rain and your hair poofs out, or for those hot, humid, sweaty days when you need to retouch your style and roots. I think it is great for anyone who likes to straighten their hair.

Azure Professionals sent me their newest Edge Stick in the color “sexy red” which is a limited edition design and informed me that I would be the first to review this model. This new styling tool will be launched in mid January just in time for Valentine’s Day!
The first thing I noticed about the Edge Stick when I removed it from the box was how light and small it was. The size makes it easy to use and easy to pack for quick touch-ups during travel. I also liked that it has a swivel cord which makes the device easy to manoeuvre. The cord is extremely long which allows you to plug it in further away from you if there are limited outlets available.  

The Edge Stick also has a ceramic and tourmaline coated barrel, and digital heat control.

This styling tool gets up to 450 degrees for thick coarse hair textures and can be adjusted up or down by using the arrows on the handle. I like that the heat adjusts in ten degree increments because it allows for more heat settings and more control over the temperature. When you turn on the device it always starts at 200 degrees and after you set the temperature the blue light at the top of the device comes on to let you know that it is hot and ready to use. I like that it heats up and reaches the desired temperature quickly although I did find that the device had a delayed activation response when turning it on. I recommend using the least amount of heat possible to achieve your desired style in accordance with your hair type and texture. I use my Edge Stick at about 350-400 degrees for my ringlet curly hair.

Since I only use heat styling tools 3-4 times per year and I am very conscious about heat damage and taking care of my hair, I like that the Edge Stick “doesn’t damage or change the natural curl pattern.” You can also use this device on color treated hair although I personally have never colored my hair or used any harsh chemicals.
Using the Edge Stick
One of my favorite features about this device is that unlike my flat iron which cannot be placed close to the roots of my hair and sometimes even burns my scalp, the Edge Stick allows me to get in close and achieve neat, smooth roots with the least amount of fly-away hairs.

I also like that the device takes up very little room on my bathroom counter and that the combs help keep my hair tangle free while styling.


 Here is what my hair looks like in its naturally curly state

And here is what my hair looked like after I flat ironed it and used the edge stick

The Edge Stick also comes in other trendy colors like black, white and pink and limited edition Swarovski crystal designs.

Where to buy
You can purchase the Edge Stick on the website by clicking HERE and you can find it at select beauty supply stores and salons. The edge stick retails for $54.99

You can also find Azure Professionals on:

**Disclaimer: This product was provided to me for a sponsored review courtesy of Azure Professionals. All opinions stated in this review are my own and based on my experience with the products. Results may vary based on individual use.**


  1. I love your naturally curly hair (I have super straight hair), but it looks great straight too. Shiny and sleek. Great review!

  2. You have very beautiful hair!
    I try not to use heat styling very often too.

  3. Your hair looks fantastic both ways. I love the concept of this tool--like you said, for touch ups. I had never heard of the Edge stick. Have you heard of Dorco? We're a shaving company providing quality razors for up to 70% less than leading brands. You can read what others think about the quality of our blades and see our incredible prices for yourself at Thanks again for the great review!

  4. I've never seen any straightener like this before! It looks really interesting, and it looks like it worked great on your hair! Your hair is so beautiful btw

  5. WOW! you have gorgeous natural curls♥ Lucky☺

  6. This seems amazing!! What about we follow each other through GFC, Bloglovin and G+ dear? If you want to just follow me and let me know on my blog. I'll follow you as soon as I can!

    Love, M

  7. Wooow, you have gorgeous hair! <3 I really, really have to replace my hair straightener, it is veeeeeery old haha :))) This product looks pretty nifty, I have never seen something similar, I like the resultus you have achieved using it :*

    1. I would like to purchase, however, i need to call my order in. Please provide a number preferred 800 number

    2. If you visit the Azure Professional website there are numbers and email addresses on their contact information page. You can email the company directly to find out how to call in an order. For North america the email is: and for Europe it is If you do not live in North America or Europe then contact the first email address to inquire about how to place an order. They do not have any 800 numbers on the website but the number for North America is: +1-678-881-9896 and for Europe it is: +44-7787-865499 You can also try to contact them via Facebook. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Different brands of hair straighteners are endorse publicly however I really don't recommend to use it regularly cause it is one of the reason to hair damage.


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