Sunday, January 19, 2014

Maybelline Color Elixir Review: Vision in Violet

I finally got around to getting one of the new Maybelline Elixirs. After going through the 20 beautiful color swatches online I settled on the color called Vision in Violet because I didn't have anything quite like it.

I purchased this gloss at Target for about $12 (with tax). When it comes to lip gloss it takes a lot to impress me, I usually opt for lipsticks, lip creams or stains because I prefer good color pay-off and I don't like paying much for sheer mediocre pigment. This lip gloss is beautiful! It packs a bold, saturated, shiny burst of color and has a wet appearance when on the lips. This gloss is designed to give you "the color of a lipstick and the care of a balm." 

Vision in Violet has mauve, purple and pink tones and I love it! The formula is a bit thick but it isn't sticky, I find it creamy and smooth it texture. The applicator is standard, although I find that when I push the stick back into the tube some product gets left behind right at the top (as seen below).

This is not a stain so it will come off while eating or drinking but it is rather easy to apply and covers well.

If I didn't have so many lip products already I would try almost every color in this line, however this time I am going to show some self restraint and try not to go back for a cart load. I would definitely recommend trying these out especially if you are a fan of lip gloss. 

If you have tried these leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite shade is.


  1. That looks so gorgeous on you! I love how bright it is!

  2. This shade looks so beautiful on you :) I love this product so much! It's one of my favorite purple lip colors!

  3. Ooh I haven't seen these before! Are they new?! The consistency sounds super nice - especially cause I hate sticky lip gloss - and it looks super smooth and glossy on you! Not to mention, the colour looks amazing on you! I could never pull of purple hehehe.

  4. Oh my goodness - that gloss looks fabulous. I can't wait to pick some of these up!

  5. ooh need to try this!

    follow back?

  6. saw this on your instagram too! it's really a nice shade.♠

  7. I love purple lips, so I this will be added to my collection. I love how pigmented and glossy this looks:)

    Rozlyn P.

  8. This shade looks amazing on you! I have to try these out!


  9. This shade is so pretty and it looks pretty on you Erica! I am leaning towards purple toned lips lately and this ones pretty, I gotta check it out!


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