Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Broadway Nails imPress Press-On Manicure Review

Today I have a review on an interesting product that has been on the market for some time. I like a fresh, bright manicure especially during the summer months but I will admit to being a bit impatient when it comes to prepping my nails, waiting for polish to dry and removing it once it chips. That’s where imPRESS nails come in, these press-on plastic nails are meant to last up to a week while being fast and easy to apply.

This wasn't my first experience with these nails, in fact I had purchased some on a trip months ago and they didn't work for me. The nails I picked up were the wrong size so it is important to read the box carefully. I was recently sent two boxes of nails from Influenster and luckily they contain 24 nails per box in 12 different sizes.

Directions for applying nails:
1. Find the correct size for each nail
2. Lay out 10 nails in finger order
3. Cleanse natural nails with enclosed prep pad
4. Remove sticker and firmly apply nails

To remove the nails gently peel off from the sides or use nail polish remover on the edges for one minute and peel off.

The designs I have are zebra print, which is a bit flashier than I prefer and a sparkly pink which is more my style. It’s important to follow the steps and clean nails prior to application because the natural oils on hands could affect adhesion. If nails are applied improperly liquids may seep between real nails and the false nails shortening their wear. It is also recommended that you choose nails that are a tad smaller rather than larger for best results. Each box also comes with a small, round nail file and one prep pad. 

My results:
I attempted to fit every one of my nails with all of the sizes provided but none of them fit! My nail beds are actually longer than every nail in the box even if I cut my nails the shortest they can be. Many of the smaller nails were too wide and overlapped onto my skin. I guess the 12 sizes don't fit all! I really wanted them to work but since this is my second attempt and failure with this product I think I will be giving up on them.

**Disclaimer: These products were provided for review courtesy of Influenster. All opinions stated in this review are my own and based on my experience with the products. Results may vary based on individual use.**


  1. I recieved these nails from Influenster yesterday. Mine came in a different color. Will do the review next week, I hope they fit my nails!

  2. i think i have a set of these - one of those free extras they throw in your box when you order stuff on line. i'm not big on press-ons, but they are convenient if you are in a pinch.

  3. This looks easier enough to do.Brilliant colours.

  4. The nails look lovely.. nice kit :)

  5. I always have trouble with false nails I have tiny nails and false nails never come small enough.
    When I used to get a professional manicure they used to comment that they had to use the kids size on me because my nails are so small.
    Great post though!
    xo Holly xo


  6. I had the same problem!! Glad I'm not alone!!

  7. I love impress nails, though I love a good nail polish but at times press on nails are the life savers x

  8. The zebra one are soooo cute, but they do look like they won't fit all types of fingernails, we don't have these here :/


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