Friday, January 23, 2015

Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipsticks Review

Maybelline has many great products to choose from including cult favorites like the Baby Lips balms but if you love smooth, rich, gorgeously pigmented lipsticks then you need to try the creamy mattes! These beauties will make your pout pop with bold bursts of stunning color and the soft, ultra buttery texture is simply wonderful!

If I’m going to wear a matte lipstick, especially during the cooler months I look for formulas that deliver on vibrancy and hydration. Dry, chapped lips are not cute so Maybelline has infused three precious oils and honey into their ten gorgeous new shades for a comfortable, creamy formula with full coverage and bold color. Although the lipsticks don't provide a lot of moisture they are not as dry as many matte formulas and they don't chap my lips which makes them very wearable. 

Siren in Scarlet 690

These lipsticks have the same sweet signature scent of the Color Sensational line and because of the velvety texture they are easy to apply consistently. The longevity is also very good and paired with my lip primer I can wear these for a few hours before having to touch-up or reapply.

Daringly Nude 655

Although the color range is a bit limited the shades are quite trendy and the collection includes some of the most popular hues such as: nude, spice, wine, blush, pink, coral/orange and red. When I wear these lipsticks they retain their matte finish without much feathering and they don’t become flaky with long-wear.

Craving Coral 685

Lust For Blush 665

I love that the colors are very buildable, one swipe delivers great saturation but a few swipes provides stunning, opaque pigment. Due to the oils in the formula the lipsticks are not completely dry which means you can purse your lips to redistribute the color without the uncomfortable tightness common to matte formulas. 

These lipsticks are true mattes so you won't get much sheen and they don't produce shine. They also look best on smooth, exfoliated lips because the bold colors may accentuate roughness.

Swatches from left to right: Siren in Scarlet, Fain for Fuchsia, Craving Coral, Lust for Blush, Daringly Nude

Faint for Fuchsia 675 

The quality and the amazing texture of these lipsticks are comparable to higher end brands and for a lipstick lover like me they have gained an honorary place in my purse! You can find them at drug stores and mass market retailers for $9.99CAD   

To view the other shades in the collection click HERE

**Disclaimer: products provided for review


  1. I have heard many great reviews about this line and I am curious to try as I 'm new to matte lipsticks :)

    1. If you are new to mattes this is a great collection to start with because they are not very drying or uncomfortable so you won`t be turned off by the texture :)

  2. they have great pigmentation! i prefer mattes, and sounds like these (with the oils) would feel nice on my already dry lips.

    1. They do feel nice, I have dry lips as well so I occasionally pair my lipstick with primer if need be.

  3. Oh sweete Daringly Nude is a beautiful shade

  4. maybeline has quality products.. i am using one it is so nice. my new post here

  5. Hey gorgeous! Missed your pretty face and thought I'd visit an old friend! 😉 these lipsticks sound beautiful Erica! Happy New Year to you my dear! Xoxo, ️Sissi

    1. Hey Sissi! Its nice to hear from you, thanks for the visit we should catch up soon :) Happy New Year!

  6. They sound like very good products!
    Although I like Maybelline I may not have tried any lip products from them.
    Have a nice weekend!!!


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