Thursday, February 21, 2019

Avon Crave Lip Gloss Review

Remember when going to the store to buy new lipstick or cute gloss was a big deal? As a kid I used to save up my allowance and blow it all on delicious smelling balms and shiny color that made my lips look reflective and pretty. Nowadays it’s all about high-end brands, expensive trends and contouring the heck out of your cheekbones so they match the sharpness of your perfectly arched brows.

Thankfully Avon is kicking it old-school and simplifying beauty by reminding us that makeup can be fun and affordable. They’ve recently launched a new collection of Craze Lip Gloss featuring 12 deliciously scented shades including: Chocolate Brownie, Strawberry, Cherry, Honey Tea, French Toast, Birthday Cake and Sangria.

The playful packaging takes me back to high school, when shiny lips were all the rage and everyone had a squeeze tube in their bag. The sheer juicy color provides layers of glistening moisture infused with a nourishing burst Vitamin E.

You can also apply the gloss over lip stains and matte formulas to keep skin supple and smooth with a hint of shimmery sheen.

There is nothing complicated about these. Just choose your favorite shade (there isn’t much color payoff), gloss up and go! The sheer tint is a bit more exciting than plain old balm and the frosty finishes make lips appear healthy, plump and radiant with no stickiness.

Everyone can use more hydration in their life (especially during winter) and Crave Gloss is great for girls and women of all ages!

Get them for $8.00 each or three for $12.99 at

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