Thursday, April 4, 2019

Conair Bun-2-Done Hair Styling Bun Maker and Infinity Pro 3Q Blow Dryer Review

On busy mornings I don’t always have time to style my hair so beauty tools that make the job easier earn an honorary spot on my vanity. There is just something about a high bun that looks professional, sleek and sophisticated – like you’re ready to put on a power suit and take on the world. Over the years many brands have made products to create trendy updos but Conair has taken it a step further.

Bun-2-Done ($69.99) is not your average styling tool. This multi-purpose device comes with 6 flexible rods (2 medium and 4 long) that sit inside a purple base and heat up quickly. While your hair is piled atop your head in the perfect donut shaped bun, the warm rods add texture, body and bounce, gradually styling as you tackle your workday. In the evening, simply unravel the bun to reveal soft flowing waves that are perfect for a night out.

The device takes up minimal counter space and the wands aren't scorching hot like curling irons so there is no heat damage. I had no problem handling the hot curlers right out of the machine but you may want to use heat resistant gloves just in case.

Simply put your hair in a ponytail, place the rod at the ends and roll up or down (whichever you prefer). Once you reach the top, snap the rod ends together to form a perfect O and pull your hair around it for consistent coverage. Each wand is lined with rubber gripping dots to ensure that most strands wrap neatly but it may take practice to perfect, especially if you have layers.

For very long, thick hair, snap 2 rods together to make an extra long roller (no clips or pins required). Create multiple buns or cute half-up half-down looks for all occasions.

For immediate waves (when I don’t want to wear a bun), I usually leave the rods in the base for a bit longer to ensure they are hot enough for well formed curls. With no digital readout and only one switch, there is no way to adjust the heat or know the exact temperature. The orange light indicates power but does not change color when the wands are ready to be used.

Start by sectioning your hair into 6 segments (1 per rod) and roll each section into a mini bun. If they loosen, hang down or get in your way, secure with claw clips.

I usually leave the buns in while getting ready and eating breakfast. The longer they set, the tighter your curls will be. If you want even more definition, apply a bit of heat using the Conair Infinity Pro 3Q Blow Dryer. Simply pass the warm air over each twist for a couple minutes to speed up the process. I usually unroll them just before leaving home and apply some serum to make the tendrils extra shiny (no hairspray required).

During the day my curls loosen into cascading messy waves which I tousle to maintain body and volume. My roots are lifted and my lengths appear full. When I want to change up my look, using Bun-2-Go is a nice break from maintaining natural curls (which can be a total drag) or flat ironing my hair straight.

Another styling tool I’ve been using is the Conair Infinity Pro 3Q Blow Dryer ($89.97). I used to be one of those people who thought all hairdryers were created equal but many advancements have been made to improve styling results.

This lightweight pink dryer features heat protect brushless technology engineered to dry hair faster with up to 70% more air pressure. There are two buttons – one with 3 heat settings and the other with 2 speed settings to control air quantity and force. For long, thick hair that takes ages to dry, this feature is amazing! The air blasts out in a steady, powerful stream that makes my job so much easier. You can also use the cool setting to limit heat styling.

The dryer also has a built to last AC motor, ionic ceramic technology with infrared heat and frizz defense conditioning ions to enhance shine and produce a smooth, silky finish. The cold shock button helps lock your style in place and there are 2 diffuser attachments to create volume and bounce.

Conair is available at Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond,, Shoppers Drug Mart, Canadian Tire and

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