Saturday, April 6, 2013

Faces Sparkle Dust Eye Shadow Review

I love Faces Sparkle dust eye shadow! In fact many people who stop to ask about my eye shadow get referred to Faces because they are one of my favorite brands of eye shadow.

The sparkle dust eye shadows I currently have are:
Gold Sparkle Dust

Purple Sparkle Dust

Vanilla Sparkle Dust

*Many beautiful colors to chose from
*Very pigmented
*One jar of eye shadow can last a long time because a little goes a long way
*Coverage can be built up for as much or as little as you want
*Great quality
*Gives off a beautiful shimmer effect

*There are not many Faces stores in the GTA
*Because of the fine particles of the shadow there can be a lot of fallout if you are not use to using loose eye shadow

These eye shadows cost $10 dollars per jar which is a great price since they last a very long time. They also come in a stacked tube where you can get a wider range of colors.

For more information on these eye shadows you can visit the Faces website at: 

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