Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Loreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara Review

Today in the beauty section at Walmart I saw that Loreal had a new telescopic mascara so I just had to try it out.

This mascara claims to:
*Separate the lashes 
* Lengthen the lashes 
* Intensify the lashes
*Be Opthamologist tested
*Safe for contact lens wearers
*Suitable for sensitive eyes
*Easily removable with soap and water

The Lash hugging brush: 
Has 200 bristles that captures and defines every lash for "extraordinary lash extension" 
I like the bristles on the brush, I find that these types of rubber bristles help lengthen my lashes the best. I also like that there are a lot of bristles on the brush.

The packaging is nice, it actually looks like the neck of a telescope
I got this mascara in the color #972 Blackest Black. After trying it out I do think that it lengthened my lashes and did make them appear longer. I did not have any issues with clumping.

This photo is an example of how the mascara worked for my lashes. The eye on the left of the screen has no mascara on it, the eye on the right of the screen has only the Loreal telescopic mascara on it. You can see that the mascara does in fact lengthen my lashes and create a noticeable difference. I usually wear 3 different mascaras so if I were to add anther mascara on top of this one in a formula that would adhere to the layers of mascara I had already applied, I would have ended up with an even more dramatic look and thicker fuller lashes.

I definitively think this mascara is worth trying.

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