Friday, April 5, 2013

NYC Individual Eyes Palette Review

I picked up this quad eye shadow palette on a whim and it was on sale for just $3.00. I like purple and pink eye shadow so I decided to give this palette a try.

These palettes have colors that are geared towards specific eye colors; for example there are palettes for blue eyes, brown eyes and green eyes. This particular palette is called Hot Couture and the palette is suppose to be well suited for green eyes. Although I don't have green eyes I did not like the colors in the palette for brown eyes.

This palette is a great idea in theory. It comes with 4 colors that compliment each other well to create one or several different looks and it conveniently comes with a cream  eye shadow primer and a highlight. The beige color on the left is the primer and the white color to the  right is the highlight.

Although I like the colors I don't think these shadows are of good quality. They do not show up very well and they go on almost transparent by themselves. Without a primer the purple shade is hardly visible. I need to use a lot of shadow to get a nice color pay off. I also do not like that the black shadow has sparkles in it, I don't think it goes well with the other shades.  
The eye shadow primer is mediocre at best, it does not work very well with these eye shadows because the shadows are not great quality so the primer does not bring out the colors enough. 

I also do not like the highlight. It is a cream highlight which I find hard to work with, it looks a bit messy after you wear it for a while because the cream smudges easily.

Based on my experience with the quality of this palette I will not be buying any more of these in the future.

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