Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wet n Wild Mega Last Liquid Lip Color Review

These lip stains have incredible lasting power, they last all day until you remove your makeup and wash your face. The colors are beautiful and vibrant, they go on glossy like a typical lip gloss but dry matte. Be warned that once these lip stains dry on your lips they don`t budge! so you have to apply them correctly the first time.

 I should also mention that when they dry matte they also tend to show the texture of your lips. When I put them on my lips I can feel it, it almost feels like the skin on my lips is tight, like I painted my lips with nail polish or something...this could have been a bad thing but I add a super glossy lip gloss over top to make these stains more wearable and my lips more flexible. If you do pair it with a lip gloss however it reduces the stain`s lasting power and makes it easier to come off. I can see how some people may not like this formula, I wish they were smoother on my lips instead of a weird unnatural texture.  The formula is also tacky and even though it is dry it makes your lips stick together. 

 I love that I can drink, and eat and my lip color remains in tact (when I do not wear it with a gloss over top), when I do the stain does transfer. I also love that because they don`t rub off or smear I can actually add a lip balm right on top of them to keep my lips from drying out. 

Although these stains are pretty they don`t provide any moisture at all which means that if your lips get dry and chapped you will need another product for that. Also if your lips dry out these stains may become a bit flaky.

Removing these stains are difficult which can be a hassle when you are ready to remove your makeup. Some makeup wipes will remove them or you can use a natural oil.

The colors I have are:
I had to snap the photos while the stains were still wet or else I would not have been able to get them off my hand very easily. 

I am definitely taking some of these on my trip to avoid the hassle of having to re-apply my lipstick every few hours. These would even be great to wear if you are swimming and on the beach. 

My advice if you are thinking about trying these is buy 1 first to see if you like the formula before you get any more.

Oh I almost forgot to mention they are $2.99 each!

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