Friday, September 20, 2013

Makeup brush case and brush set

Makeup brush cases are ideal for travel and great for storing your brushes. The two halves of the case doubles as a brush holder that can sit atop any table for convenient access. I like these cases because sometimes my brushes get misshapen during travel and I needed a better way to transport them.

 I came across this brush case on Ebay for a great deal so thought I would share it with everyone.

This brush case I purchased cost $11.56 and the total with shipping was $17.55. It also came with a set of 12 “professional makeup brushes.”
Here is the full set of brushes

The cases and brushes come in pink, dark purple, baby blue and teal/green. 

The company ships from Hong Kong but they ship internationally. Shipping time is dependent on where you live but I thought the shipping was quite fast. I was surprised that the cost of shipping from Hong Kong to Canada was so affordable. I placed my order on July 29th and I received an email the same night stating that my order had been shipped. I got my package on Aug 15th.

The brushes in the set are:
#134 Large powder/blush brush
#187 Duo Fibre brush
#190 Foundation brush
#168 Large angled countour brush
#275 Medium angled shading brush
#214 Short shader brush
#219 Pencil brush
#212 Flat definer brush
#266 Small angle brush
#231 Small shader brush
#209 Eye liner brush
#316 Lip brush
I really like the pencil brush #219 for contouring and applying eye shadow to my inner and outer eye area.

Face brushes

Brushes for the eyes and lips

Brush quality:
The quality of the brushes is rather good, they are soft and work well. I noticed only minimal shedding. A couple of the brushes had faded numbers on the handle.

Case quality:
The case could have been put together a tad better but it still looks cute and serves its purpose. When it arrived the case and brushes did smell strongly of fake leather from a factory but you can wash your brushes before you use them and air out the case or wipe it out with soap and water and it should be fine.

I recommend this case and brush set if you want an affordable set for travel. I liked how fast the company shipped. For me this set serves it purpose and is a nice addition to the collection of brushes I already own.

This would also be a great starter set for any of you who are just getting into makeup and want some affordable brushes to practice with.

For a direct link to where I purchased this case click: makeup brush case 

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  1. I was just reading this post when you commented on mine XD Which day are you going to IMATS?!

    1. LOL that's funny. I am going to IMATS on the Saturday my plan is to try to go early so I can go before everything gets sold out, try to buy what I want, have some time to talk to the vendors before the crowds get there, pop out for lunch, then head back to see some of the makeup demonstrations ect.

  2. Hey Erin!

    MAC brushes are my all-time favorite!

    Visiting from the Aloha Hop; now following via GFC and Twitter.

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    1. Hi, Umm my name is Erica lol not Erin I will stop by and check out your blog.

  3. I love anything like this, practical, functional....yet looks good! Have a great weekend! x

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  4. Hahaha...Laughing at the comment above.. ;) That is a good price for all of those brushes & that case to store them in is really cute.

  5. Wow, the brushes and the brush holder look really good for the price you payed for them, they look very fluffy, I only like fluffy brushes :D I must add this to my wishlist, you can never have too many brushes haha :D

  6. True that this case is very adorable:) I could actually use it for my crochet hooks as well as for the brushes:)

    Have a wonderful afternoon!

  7. I'm all for value, never understand how brush can cost soo much sometimes!

  8. Love this cases. put one of this on my watch list :D didnt know that comes with brushes too!! Thanks for the share..

  9. This is such a good review. A girl needs her makeup brushes! These actually come in the case which I think is so awesome! Thanks for sharing :) xoxo


    1. I actually bought it for the case and got the brushes as a bonus so it all worked out :)

  10. Brushes can be soo expensive nowadays, and although sometimes they're worth it, other times they're not :( looks like you got an amazing deal!


    1. I know, I am going to be purchasing the Sigma Kabuki brush set soon :) If the brushes are good quality then they are worth it but sometimes the more affordable ones work just as good.

      Thanks for stopping by :) I will check out your site.

    2. Ps Charlotte something is wrong with your link

  11. Wow! Love your brushes collection! Wish to have it :P So cool!

  12. Wow, this is such a great deal! I have been wanting a set like this for the longest because I love the case! I'm really thinking about getting the dark purple set


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