Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Coastal Scents Makeup Brushes

Hi everyone,

Today I am going to be doing a quick review on some Coastal Scents makeup brushes as well as the single eye shadows so lets get right into it.

I recently ordered some palettes from Coastal Scents and included in my kit were some brushes for eye shadow and eye makeup application.

Here are the brushes I purchased

These are all very classic brushes to have in your collection. The quality of the brushes is average, I would compare them to some of the e.l.f brushes I own. They are all synthetic and I would describe them as having medium softness, soft enough but not ultra plush; they are also very affordable. I only noticed a bit of shedding on some of the brushes but I didn't find that it was much of an issue.

The classic shadow brush is great for packing color onto the lid and the size is quite big so it covers a large surface. These are my favorite types of brushes to use when applying eye shadow and building up color. If you have a small eyelid area then this brush my be a bit too large even though it is suppose to be "medium" size.

The pro blending fluff brush has been compared to the popular MAC 217 blending brush in reviews. In fact this brush got rave reviews across the board in terms of price, quality and effectiveness. When using this brush I noticed that it made blending colors in my crease and outer eye area very simple and beautiful. It can effortlessly create a nice faded effect with transition colors in the crease which makes it a great purchase.

Overall I am satisfied with how these brushes perform although if you are looking for higher quality brushes then I would go with a brand like Sigma, if you want brushes that will get the job done and are affordable then these are good.

Coastal Scents single shadows
One of the great things about ordering from Coastal Scents is that most of the time they throw in a great sample. On my last order I got these 4 beautiful eye shadows to try.
The colors from left to right are:
*Reef Coral
*Bronze Peach
*Cocoa Diamond
The palette is called Daydream

When you order from Coastal Scents you can opt for a completed palette or you can create your own custom palettes with the large variety of single shadows available on the site. I think these shadows are beautiful. There are 2 matte shades and 2 shimmery shades that compliment each other very well. These colors are great for those who like to wear neutral colors and they are good colors for daily use. If you want a bolder look you could use the darker shade (rainstorm) as an all over lid color or even use it to turn the rather neutral colors into a smokey look.

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  1. That coral shade is beautiful! I'm not sure about those brushes though. Brushes that aren't incredibly soft hurt my eyes. I must be a giant wimp because I got some sigma brushes even that I had heard from many people were super soft and they still hurt me.

  2. I really like the coastal scents brush. I have the shadow brush, I love it. That blending pro brush looks amazing!
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  3. Nice post! I would love to read your recommendations about mascaras! I am a huge mascara junkie, always looking out for the best one. :)

  4. Great post!! :D I've never tried Coastal Scents before

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this review. I don't own any of these brushes so reading reviews is helpful. I really appreciate your review. They sound like decent brushes if you're on a budget. Thanks (◕‿◕✿)


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