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Graftobian Makeup Review

It is no surprise to any of my readers that I am a makeup and beauty fanatic so when I came across Graftobian Makeup Company and their wide range of products it was a match made in glamour heaven. Graftobian offers High definition makeup, fantasy makeup, airbrushed makeup, Halloween makeup, theatrical makeup and much more! Whether you want great quality every day makeup or makeup for taking great photos, for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or any special event Graftobian has you covered.

 Graftobian Makeup is safe and contains no lead, fragrance or formaldehyde, it is also high quality and as they say “All the makeup you will ever need” and they aren't kidding! When you visit the website you can order the new beauty collection catalog with 52 pages of professional makeup! I was sent this beautiful catalog and it contains a large variety of product information as well as some handy beauty tips. If you are a makeup artist then you will love this catalog.
Candy Apple
I received two beautiful pressed blushes and they are by far two of the best blushes I now own. The first blush is a beautiful deep red called Candy Apple and it is gorgeous! The texture of this blush is very smooth and highly pigmented, it takes very little effort to build up the color. For use during the day you can sweep a little onto the apples of the cheeks and this shade gives life and stunning color to the face. If you use slightly more color you can create a more dramatic look. This blush is non-chalky, long lasting and  looks incredible on the skin. For medium to deep skin tones this blush will give you the perfect shade of rich color and add depth to mundane everyday makeup. You can purchase this blush for $12.99 for more info click- HERE

Radiant Rose
The second blush I received is this rich pink called Radiant Rose. If you love pink blush then this color packs a punch of highly pigmented true pink that I think would compliment every skin tone. This blush is great quality and lovely on the skin. When applied using a blush brush the color adheres and sweeps effortlessly onto the cheeks. This hue is a more natural tint for medium to light skin tones and adds a healthy rosy glow to the face. I like that the blushes are matte and that they contain no sparkle or highlight. Sometimes blush with sparkle adds too much of a frosty sliver or gold finish and you lose some of the color, but these blushes are true to color. You can purchase this blush for $12.99 For more info click - HERE

This blush comes with a compartment underneath that opens up to reveal a handy little mirror and brush.

Lip palette
I also received the professional  lip palette (in #30285 cool) which consists of 5 rich lip colors that are "ideal for print, film work" and everyday wear. 

These lip colors are wonderful! I absolutely love the dense shades and the range of color. They are highly pigmented and the texture feels creamy rather than glossy. These shades are great for fall and the coming holiday season and if I found this palette in my stocking I would be jumping for joy. 

The compact has a space for a lip brush and it is small enough to slip in your purse and take on the go. These lip colors are great quality and long lasting. When you aren't eating or drinking they stay put yet they don't leave a heavy stain behind. I love the texture and they don't dry out the lips. They have a slightly shiny finish at first but look and feel more like a matte lipstick when dry. You can purchase this palette for $26.99 for more info click- HERE

If you are looking for a good quality lip palette then I would highly suggest checking this out. I have a few lip palettes but this compact has found a permanent place in my purse. Here are the swatches below.

Here I am wearing the color plum wine

Graftobian also sells makeup tools, so to go with my palette I received this handy retractable lip brush. This is a great brush to use on the go and the point allows you to create a sharp well defined shape around your lips so your color looks neat and precise. 

Grafotbian Makeup is popularly used for Blockbuster films and TV and for those of you who like taking photos and close- ups they sell makeup that will help you look radiant in your photos and provide a “flawless yet natural appearance.”

On my trip to IMATS this year I stopped by Graftobian's booth and watched as their creative team came up with some of the most interesting creations. 

Here is one of the models getting her makeup done at Graftobian

Here is her finished look!

There seemed to be a Wizard off Oz theme, this model was being transformed into a flying monkey!

And here is her finished look

Whether you are a professional makeup artist, or you just want something for everyday use and events you can find it at Graftobian. They sell everything from concealers, blush, eye shadow, lipstick, powders, setting spray, brushes, mascara, foundations and much more! If you are planning on attending IMATS in the coming year then definitely stop by the Graftobian Makeup booth, there is always something exciting going on.

For more information visit the website by clicking – Graftobian Makeup 
You can also find Graftobian on

**Disclaimer: These products were provided to me for a sponsored review courtesy of Graftobian Makeup. All opinions stated in this review are my own and based on my experience with the products. Results may vary based on individual use.**


  1. the blush is pretty and nice pics very cool :)

  2. I love Graftobian! I only have a few products though. There is a theatrical costume and makeup store near my place that sells a lot of different things from Graftobian to Kryolan to Mehron and I think I love shopping there better than at Sephora! Great review!

  3. I am loving that little compartment in the blush! The plum wine color looks fabulous on you. Thank you for the fantastic review.

  4. OMG that chimp is sooo real looking :OOO

  5. I heard about Graftobian, I think i wanted something from them, can't really remember what, It was a long time ago haha :))) The products look awesome, wow, the lipsticks are crazy pigmented, love the colors :X Ps: Purple looks amazing on you :*

  6. Wow the stage make-up is so real. The pigments seem so rich too. Would love to give this a try.

  7. I hadn't heard of this brand before. Thank you for sharing!
    Everything looks very good and I like the make up look you created.
    Have a nice weekend!

  8. The colors you got are so gorgeous!! The lip glosses are SO pigmented and look so pretty on you!

  9. That Candy Apple blush is beautiful, but Radiant Rose would probably look better on my light skin. As always, I love the overall look you've created with the makeup you were sent.

  10. Those transformations are really cool! I've heard that this is a go-to brand and those lippies look wonderful.

  11. Wow, I always like to see a lot of different proffesional makeup for theatre and cinema :)


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