Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kiss InstaWave Automatic Curler Review

I love the look of glamorous, fluffy curls; there is just something about the way they frame the face and add gorgeous bounce and volume that makes hair look stylish. Although I appreciate a nice ringlet, the time it takes to curl my long, thick hair can be quite tiresome so I was very excited to try the new InstaWave by Kiss! This innovative curler is designed to transform straight hair into tangle-free curls in seconds and the automatic curling action does most of the work for you to create beautiful curls with the touch of a button!

The device is larger than the average curling iron but still comfortable to hold and not too heavy. It is designed for easy use with any hand or at any angle and the 1 inch barrel is made of diamond ceramic for durability. The ions are meant to produce healthy, shinier results with less frizz and damage and the device is a nice size for creating big loose curls or tight spirals.

How it works
The best thing about this product is that the barrel of the curler rotates to gently wrap the hair around it automatically! With the automatic winding motion you don’t get those straight, crimped ends like you do with traditional curling irons. The curl dial has two directional arrows which allows you to curl both forward and backward for a more natural look and not having to wrap the hair around the curler yourself also helps prevent burns!

Heat Settings
There are two heat settings on the device with a maximum temperature of 420 degrees; you should use the setting that best suits your hair type. The curler heats up very quickly and when the device is ready the power light turns blue. The built-in safety mechanism turns the device off after 90 minutes and the swivel chord allows for range of motion.

How to use
1. I began by brushing my hair and making sure it was tangle free for tidy curls, I also sprayed on a heat protectant.
2. Hold the InstaWave vertically and place it parallel along the hair beginning at the top section.
3. Press the curl dial arrow in the direction you want the barrel to rotate and the InstaWave will automatically catch the hair and begin curling.
4. Continue pressing the button until hair is fully around the barrel and let it curl for 5-10 seconds or longer depending on how tight you want the curl.
5. Guide the device straight down to release the curl.
6. Tousle for beautiful waves or let the curls fall naturally to maintain the shape. You may also want to use a bit of hairspray for extra hold but I prefer the soft look.

My results

It took me a while to get the hang of using the device and I found that curling medium to large sections catches best and allows you to get the tightest grip on the hair. What made the process easier was making use of the rotating tongs that stick up around the base of the wand. There is one that is larger than the rest and sliding my hair between that tong and the barrel allowed my hair to catch much easier as opposed to just touching my hair to the barrel itself and waiting for it to catch. If you do happen to get your hair caught, all you have to do is rotate the curler in the opposite direction to unwind it but I didn't have much issue with tangling. I also like to keep the barrel rotating as I hold the curl because it helps distribute the heat evenly.

I loved the results I achieved with the InstaWave! My curls were soft, shiny, bouncy and full of body! I decided to do different sized curls which made my hair look loose and flowing, I also loved the fact that the curls held up all day without any hairspray and the next morning when they had loosed further I had beautiful waves! Overall I really like this product and I'm looking forward to creating more great styles! 

The InstaWave is available for $59.99 at Target, Ulta and amazon.com in the U.S and Walmart in Canada, You can visit the website by clicking HERE.

To see a demonstration, check out the video from KissInstaWave.Com  below.


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  1. love the curls on you, so pretty. I saw this on TV and always wonder how it works exactly. I find it always challenging to try out new hair tools but once you get a hang of it, it gets easier.

    1. Thanks so much, it was simple once I got the hang of it and the curls/waves lasted a long time which also reduced heat styling.

  2. I got sent this product as well and I absolutely love it! So easy to use!

    xo Brianna | www.glazedoverbeauty.com

  3. Ohh I really like your result, the curls look really cute Erica! The price of it is pretty damn good too, for that kind of result! Btw that red lipstick looks amazing on you, may I ask which one it is ? :-)

    1. Thanks s much! The lipstick I am wearing is from L'Oreal's new Pure Reds Collection and it's JLo's (aka Jennifer Lopez's) red lipstick. I LOVE the collection and will be posting a review soon!


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