Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Pop Shop: Delicious, Gourmet Cake Pops!

Nothing gets people in the mood to party like delectable treats and delicious food! In fact food is often the star of many events and with the growing popularity of cake design, gourmet cupcakes and mouth-watering treats, the dessert table often steals the show. Some trendy new baked goods that are sure to have your guests talking are cake pops! Yes you read that right, the tantalizing flavor of cake can now be enjoyed on a convenient stick for a bite size snack that is cute, creative and great for any occasion.

The Pop Shop is run my Danielle Caesar a local Torontonian who creates wonderful homemade designs! With her specialty cake pops your sweet table will look stylish and colorful and the best thing about her service is that she works with you to customize the desserts for your party theme!

I love pink, purple, bling and of course fashion and makeup so the pops I got matched my style perfectly! I loved all the tiny details that made the treats look intricate and designer!

The Pop Shop also offers an array of other wonderful goodies such as:
*Pie pops
*Chocolate strawberries
*Chocolate Oreos
*Chocolate pretzels
*Candy apples
*Brownie pops
*Cheesecake pops
*Rice krispy treat pops
*Marshmallow pops

(Rice Krispy pop)

I have tried a few popular flavors and they were all delicious but my favorites were definitely the brownie and the red velvet cake pops! The filling is creamy, moist, sweet and delectable with flavors that are sure to keep you going back for more!

With the holidays and New Years Eve coming up there will be a lot of reason to celebrate and the Pop Shop offers catering for both private and corporate events. You can get customized desserts for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, baby showers, weddings, bachelorette parties and more with endless possibilities on how to jazz up your event!

The pops start from just $1.50 each to $2.75 and up depending on the design and they definitely add a fun element to any event!

To order or for more information you can contact Danielle via:
Tel: 647-631-1335


**Disclaimer: cake pops provided for review

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  1. These pops looked delicious!! I've tried one cake pop and I didn't really like it...but I would definitely try one of these.


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