Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Giorgio Armani Summer 2019 Collection: NEW Eye Tints and Ecstasy Shine Lip Cream

If you’re one of those people who sweats off eye makeup and usually has shadow smeared all over your face, mascara running off your lashes and liner smudged beyond recognition, it may be time to invest in products that last as long as your day does.

This season Giorgio Armani Beauty has created silky Eye Tints ($39.00) infused with crease-proof, brilliant color that doesn’t fade or transfer (no matter how hot it gets).

The creamy formula combines the purity of a powder and the staying power of an ink for up to 16 hours of wear!

Infused with a polymer-glycerin complex, vibrancy boosters and glistening pearls, the high density pigment disperses evenly and can be used as shadow, liner or highlighter for a multitude of glamorous effects.

I’m not usually a fan of liquid shadow because I don’t like the wet texture but these dry quickly and can be layered to boost coverage (depending on which finish you select). I prefer the shimmery metallics (44 Rose Gold & 46 Halo) because they apply opaque in just one swipe and look radiant. The other 2 shades (8 Flannel and 11 Rose Ashes) are sheer and inconsistent so I have to let each layer dry between coats and continue to enhance the color until it looks prominent.

Rose Gold is my favorite. The color is bright and glittery without scatter or mess. The other shadows are just okay. The collection is very basic with lots of neutrals, nudes, beige and sandy tones that are a little mundane for my taste. I prefer bright hues, sultry sunset shades and jewel tones but with a little eyeliner and mascara, the tints look quite pretty.

Armani also released the Ecstasy Shine Lip Cream ($46.00) with a dazzling glossy finish. The sheer color is a great alternative to lip balm because it provides layers of conditioning moisture with a natural tint that makes your pout appear plump, smooth, supple and healthy. The treatment also seems to enhance my natural lip color while leaving my skin incredibly soft and nourished.   


Armani Beauty is available at Shoppers Drug Mart and online at

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