Tuesday, June 24, 2014

ArtOnIt Cosmetics: Beautiful Blue

Today's look was created using gorgeous blues! I often mix and match different shades but sometimes colors within the same range also compliment each other well. For this look I paired dark and light blue and I deepened the crease to create an effect similar to a smokey look. Since the shadow is so vibrant I balanced the look with even foundation and neutral blush and lipstick.

Back in December I brought you a review on a stylish brand called ArtOnIt Cosmetics. The packaging represents the uniqueness and individuality of woman and displays interesting sketches and contemporary art.

The shade I am wearing on my eyelids is from this line and the shadows are quite impressive and bold! The texture is smooth, easy to blend and the formula is highly pigmented, non-creasing and long-wear.

This beautifully vibrant blue I used is called Marseilles 

The eye shadow retails for $21.50 and you can check out the rest of the line HERE

**Disclaimer: This product was provided for review. All opinions stated in this review are my own and based on my experience with the products. Results may vary based on individual use.**


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  2. love the blue shade. so beautiful

  3. That's a beautiful shade! It's like the perfect mermaid color! <3

  4. Love the look you created! I've been playing a lot with blues lately, may check this company out when I get a chance!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  5. Stunning!
    The pigment is so strong I love it!
    Suits you so much!
    xo Holly xo


  6. I just love this eye makeup, the colors are so vibrant, you did an awesome job with the blending and this color combo looks awesome on you :*

  7. Very pretty shadow! It's also a plus that it doesn't crease...I hate it when eye shadow does that after just a few hours.

  8. Beautiful summer make up.

  9. The packaging is very cute and the blue shows up very nicely on you! Beautiful eye look!
    Michelle | A Lovely Allure

  10. I love this so much! The lighter blue in the center looks really unique and beautiful!


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