Friday, June 20, 2014

Pelle Beauty: All Natural Bloom Beauty Mist & Foaming Facial Cleanser

Since reviewing the luxurious natural face oils from Pelle Beauty they have become an integral part of my daily skin care routine. No matter how many new products I test, I always use my Pelle oils and they work with just about every product I pair with them. I am also a huge fan of the Pelle Eye Balm which recently saw me through some long, hectic days of travel.

Today Pelle Beauty has launched the much anticipated Bloom skin care line and after trying the products I am happy to report that it was love at first spritz!

For those with sensitive skin or allergies to synthetic additives this line manufactures products made with some of the finest natural ingredients and botanicals, aimed at nourishing and improving the look of skin. The mists, balms and cleansers are designed to be “gentle, multi-tasking and support an amazing, glowing complexion.”
Bloom Beauty Mist
I have never been impressed with a beauty mist until now! This mist is wonderful! The first time I used it was after emerging from a strenuous cardio workout at the gym and right into the scorching mid day sun. The mist dispenses in a consistent flow and coats the face well. The first thing I noticed was an instant cooling sensation that was wonderfully refreshing and rejuvenating. It definitely perked me up after my workout and the scent is light and natural, like a blooming meadow!

The mist is very soothing and seeps right into skin leaving behind no residue, stickiness or grease. It contains incredible natural ingredients that not only awaken pores but are beneficial to skin. They include: neroli flower, aloe, rose water, licorice root, calendula flower and radish root. This product is perfect for summer and I also like to keep it in my office for a quick spritz when I'm hard at work and need an uplifting boost.

Along with being a great pick-me-up the mist can be used to hydrate and set makeup. It retails for $28 and you can find it by clicking HERE.
Bloom Foaming Cleanser
You know a product is working its magic when you use it and can’t stop touching your soft, supple skin! The Bloom cleanser dispenses in a light stream of fluffy foam so no rigorous lathering is necessary to create suds. It cleanses mildly which makes it ideal for everyday use and has a fresh floral scent.

I like that the cleanser contains many natural, moisturizing ingredients, is sulphate free, non-drying and gentle. After use my skin feels smooth, clean and hydrated instead of dry and tight. 

The natural ingredients include: aloe, neroli flower and rose water which moisturizes dehydrated skin as well as licorice root, willow bark and radish root.You can find this product by clicking HERE it retails for $38.

If you purchase any of the Bloom products between Friday June 20th - Sunday June 22 using the code BLOOM15 you will receive a 15% discount! Visit the website at PelleBeauty.Com

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Photo Courtesy of Pelle Beauty 

**Disclaimer: These products were provided for review. All opinions stated in this review are my own and based on my experience with the products. Results may vary based on individual use.**


  1. I love the shot of the foam on the table hehe

  2. This brand sounds amazing!
    I have never heard of it before but I am a big fan of natural brands and they are not too easy to find!
    Thanks for posting about them!
    xo Holly xo


  3. I have seen a few posts about their products and they sound truly amazing. Big fan of face mists so I'm sure it would be love at first spritz for me as well with all those natural ingredients! xx


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