Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit Review

Gone are the days of thin, barely-there brows as a new era favoring fullness and definition makes its way to the forefront. I like the effect of well sculpted, sharp eyebrows but there is a fine line between natural enhancement and unnatural caricature shapes. Billion Dollar Brows is the only cosmetic company exclusively dedicated to eyebrows and they recognize how important well groomed brows are to the shape and overall look of our faces.  

The Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit includes everything you need to expertly shape your brows and heighten your features. For $34.99 the kit can transform your brows from unruly and thin to neat and tidy in just a few easy steps.

For beginners it can be quite confusing trying to find a matching color and a good formula. The Universal Brow Pencil takes the guess work out of finding the perfect shade and is designed to work with all skin tones and hair colors from blonde to brunette! I like this pencil because the color glides on smoothly and gets in-between the sparse sections of hair to fill in gaps. I also like that there is no sharpening required which is what usually turns me off pencil fillers.

The pencil also makes shaping your brows simple and includes a spoolie brush on the other end for a natural, blended effect. One of the most important aspects of any brow product is longevity and this one is water resistant for all day wear!

To use: apply the pencil using "hair-like" strokes; for lighter skin apply less and for darker skin apply the color until you've reached the desired shade. If you apply the pencil too heavily however the texture does tend to get a tad waxy.

The Brow Duo Pencil has highlight on one end to create definition and warmth and a concealer on the other end for touch-ups on the go. This pencil is thick and does require sharpening but the shades work with any skin tone to illuminate the brow bones. I found that the concealer also works well as a highlight and the creamy formula infused with jojoba has good pigmentation. This extra step really helps frame the shape you create with the brow pencil to enhance your overall look.

To blend out the highlight or concealer the kit also comes with a flat smudge brush, idea for seamless application.

The clear Brow Gel is a product that I was in need of since my hairs never seem to stay put! The gel is designed to lock everything perfectly in place for all day, non-flake hold. The finish provides a radiant glow and a neat manicured look and although the gel appears thick in the packaging the brush distributes just the right amount to lightly coat the hairs with no visible traces. While applying the gel some of the brow pencil may transfer to the brush but this does not mess up the overall look. 

I applied the pencil using the natural shape of my brows.

The pencil is a bit lighter than my regular brow products with more of an ash-brown hue but I like that it didn't make my brows look drawn-on. Although the pencil is usable I would have preferred it in a darker shade and I do need to deepen it with another color since my hair is naturally jet black. Overall this is a great kit and I do think it will work for many people, the spoolie that it comes with is the best I've used for getting all the hairs to flow in the same direction.

The kit is available at Kohl's beginning this October and you can check out Billion Dollar Brows online by clicking HERE.

**Disclaimer: this post was sponsored by BrandBacker


  1. This is a lovely kit! I have the brow gel from BDB and it's a great backup to keep in my travel bag. I really like how the Universal Brow Pencil is designed to work with all skin tones and hair colors! Will definitely check into this when I run out of brow products in my stash. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!

  2. your brows always on point !!! ♥♥ love the kit


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