Friday, July 10, 2020

Hollywood Cone | Delicious Summer Desserts

It has been extremely humid this summer and like most of you, I’ve been looking for fun ways to cool down.

Instead of taking the family out for boring old soft serve, head to Hollywood Cone and treat them to something exceptional.

This trendy cafe in the heart of Whitby makes the most decadent milkshakes and gourmet donuts around. They also serve boozy adult shakes if you want something with a little extra kick.

The Mutant Shake is HUGE and topped with so much deliciousness you’re going to want to snap a few photo for Instagram.

It was difficult making a decision (there is a lot on the menu) but I chose the Strawberry Shortcake Mutant Shake loaded with ice cream, chunks of sweet berries, a few whole strawberries, whipped cream, fruit sauce and a big hunk of cake – it’s like having 2 desserts in one!

The donuts like everything else are massive and topped with a mountain of cake, candy, icing and chocolate. I couldn’t pick just one so they treated me to a box of my favorite flavors:

*Birthday Cake
*Cookies n’ Cream
*Red Velvet
*Ferrero Rocher
*Twix – stuffed with Twix pieces
*Reese – stuffed with loads of peanut butter

Foodie tip: the donuts without holes have so much filling!

The cafe also serves delicious sandwiches with thick cut fries, unique burgers, loaded hot dogs, crepes, waffles and more! Make sure to come hungry.

Check out their website at

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