Thursday, July 30, 2020

Avon Cashmere Complexion Long Wear Foundation Review

This summer has been hot, muggy and humid – it’s the kind of weather that melts your makeup and has you cranking up the AC.

These days we all have to wear face masks to stop the spread of COVID, but showing up to a meeting with smeared lipstick and patchy foundation (what I like to call mask face) is not a good look.

On a quest to find a new long lasting matte formula, I discovered Avon Cashmere Complexion ($35). This breathable, flexible pigment is vegan, water resistant, non-GMO, and free of fragrance, parabens, sulfates and phthalates. It provides 24 hours of comfortable wear with a full-coverage, natural finish that blurs the look of pores and fine lines. For hydration and nourishment, they’ve added antioxidants, botanical extracts, artichoke and butterfly lavender.

The doe foot applicator allows you to swipe the foundation onto your skin and touch-up problem areas with precision. I like the rich consistency and smooth finish. It is easy to blend and tends to stay put all day with no shine or slick oils. The color is buildable but I wouldn’t classify it as “full-coverage.” I still need a bit of concealer to create a flawless finish.

There are 30 shades available with a variety of undertones for most complexions. I chose a few colors in the medium range and my best match is Tiramisu.

Is Cashmere Complexion the best foundation I’ve ever used? – probably not, but it is suitable for daily wear and does not irritate my skin or feel heavy. I reach for it on casual weekends, workout days and non-formal occasions. It may also be good for travel since it does not contain common irritants.

If you need a bit more coverage for discoloration, acne or blemishes, try the Cashmere Complexion Long Wear Concealer ($18.99). The creamy pigment evens skin tone and corrects dark circles with minimal creasing.

Interested in trying Avon’s new foundation? Head to  

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Sundown Naturals Vitamins | 4 Supplements You Should Add to Your Diet

Now that the city is re-opening shopping malls, patios and parks, I am tentatively venturing out and enjoying what’s left of summer. As a precaution I’ve been boosting my immune system and strengthening my body with Vitamins from Sundown Naturals.

On a daily basis I take a Vitamin C supplement, Probiotic, Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin B, but sometimes I switch it up depending on my activity level and nutritional needs.

Sundown Naturals is 100% non-GMO and contains no preservatives, gluten, dairy, artificial flavors or colors.

The Multivitamin Gummies ($9.99) are my favorite because I don’t like swallowing pills everyday and these taste great! Grab a couple after breakfast to help maintain strong bones and healthy immune function. They contain a blend of essential nutrients including Vitamins A,B,C,D and E, Niacinamide Folate, Biotin (for healthy hair, skin and nails), Zinc and more.

I cook with turmeric all the time but when I am not making a delicious dish, I take Sundown Naturals Turmeric Capsules ($13.99) for my daily dose of antioxidants. If you suffer from joint pain due to exercise or arthritis, turmeric may help reduce inflammation and pain. It is also used to treat, prevent and manage symptoms of depression, diabetes, viral infections, PMS, high cholesterol, caner, IBS, headaches and acne.

Omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil supports cognition and brain function. It also improves heart and eye health while fighting symptoms of asthma, inflammation, menstrual pain, skin issues and autoimmune diseases. The gel capsules are quite large but they slide down with a big gulp of water. The bottle contains 120 pills and retails for $16.99.

If you are taking calcium or phosphorous, Vitamin D (also known as the sunshine vitamin) helps your body absorb them efficiently. I take it to keep my teeth, muscles and bones healthy but if you’ve spent a lot of time indoors feeling sluggish during quarantine, chances are you need more Vitamin D in your life. These soft gel pills are tiny and you only have to take one a day. The bottle retails for $8.49.

Sundown Naturals is available at, local drugstores, amazon and Walmart. For more information visit

**Disclaimer: This information is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always speak with a qualified healthcare provider before taking any medication or vitamins**

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Lancome L’Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream Lipstick and NEW Hypnose Palette

Lancome makes some of the best luxury makeup in the industry including high quality lipstick and beautiful eye shadow. I often gift their products to friends and family for special occasions and there have been nothing but rave reviews.

Today I’m introducing you to the L’Absolu Ruby Cream Lipstick because the formula is fantastic and the colors are sexy.

You can wear these shades to the office and reapply for night on the town - they are versatile and flattering on all complexions. The rich, velvety color is ultra pigmented, high coverage, bold, comfortable, moisturizing and gorgeous! There is a hint of satin sheen (but not too much) and the multi-faceted bullet shape allows for precise application around the lip contour.

Shades (right to left): 02 Ruby Queen, 03 Kiss Me Ruby, 481 Pigeon Blood Ruby and 274 Coeur de Rubis)

I love that the color glides on buttery and opaque with no drag or patchiness. The lipsticks retail for $42 each and come in 14 shades.

Lancome has made quite a few Hypnose Palettes but Blue Hypnotique  ($60) has the most striking colors in the collection. Each compact comes with 5 coordinated shades, 2 applicators and a small mirror.

You get a shimmery silver, matte royal blue, sparkling gold, iridescent cobalt blue and deep matte navy for a stunning smokey effect. The color payoff is good but the bright blue and navy are sheer and buildable. Use them to create a pretty faded crease so the others shadows don't appear heavy.

I always recommend using a base before applying shadow, especially during the summer when there is sweat and humidity to contend with. Lancome’s Prime It Boost It Intensifier Base ($33) keeps pigments in place all day (even during exercise). It also smooths, preps and prevents creasing but does not seem to amplify color or make them brighter.

Another great summer product is the Hydra Zen Anti-Stress Glow Liquid Moisturizer ($60). It is infused with a nourishing blend of amino acids, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and rose extract to protect against pollution, weather, dehydration, dullness and other visible signs of stress and fatigue.

The light milk creates a luminous, supple veil that makes skin appear healthy. It is 95% natural, eco-friendly and does not contain alcohol, silicone, parabens, mineral oil or artificial colors. Use it under makeup to smooth, hydrate and promote a healthy glow.

These products are available at Lancome counters nationwide and online at

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Masrawy Kitchen | Authentic Egyptian Cuisine

I’ve been captivated by Ancient Egypt since I was 7 years old. My teacher taught the subject in school and since then I’ve been reading books, watching documentaries and visiting every exhibit in the city to learn more about this fascinating culture.

Over the years I've traveled to many countries but Egypt is still on my bucket list. The pandemic put a hold on my vacation plans so I’ve found new ways to experience the world.

As I stepped into Masrawy Kitchen in my hometown of Mississauga, I was instantly transported to a faraway land.

As you make your way down a path of traditional blue tile, the scent of delicious Egyptian spices fills the restaurant. Grand chandeliers adorn the ceiling and beautiful embroidered tapestry drapes the wall.

There are touches of Egypt everywhere – from bright papyrus paintings to rustic decor accents. Each piece was hand-selected with care to ensure a unique dining experience.

The waiters are friendly and the owner makes you feel like family as they escort you to their chic new patio. On normal (pre-COVID) evenings, the line-up to get in extends down the block as people eagerly await the mouth-watering flavors that keep them coming back for more.

Unfold the menu and feast your eyes on a scrumptious variety of authentic dishes that will satisfy vegetarians and meat lovers alike.

Cool down with a refreshing glass of lemonade made with a hint of palette cleansing mint, or try the hibiscus tea.

The Baba Ghanoush is the best I've ever had! It comes with fresh baked Egyptian bread and olives. 

I highly recommend the falafel (made with fava beans instead of chickpeas). This dish is rich in iron, folate, magnesium, fiber, potassium, calcium and protein so it’s a great way to start your meal.

The fresh rolled grape leaves are filled with rice, tomato sauce and mild spices – healthy and satisfying.

There are many delicious entrees to tantalize your taste buds but I decided to try their bestseller - Masrawy Fusion. This large dish comes with seasoned golden basmati rice, boneless grilled chicken (and or sirloin steak), topped with creamy garlic aioli, chilli sauce, candied carrots and cranberries for a hint of sweetness. The serving is enough to share family style and the flavors are incredible!

If you like beef, try the Hawaosh - a true Egyptian classic made with crispy Balady bread stuffed with ground beef, onions, peppers and spices. It is served with tahina sauce and your choice of fries or salad.

When you visit Masrawy Kitchen always save room for dessert. I recently discovered that my father has been ordering his sweets here for months and he always hosts the best parties.

I ordered the Kunafa - a sweet and crunchy angel haired pasta filled with cream and topped with pistachio. It reminds me of the yummy desserts I had in Turkey and I loved every bite!

Next time you’re looking for a great restaurant, take the family to Masrawy Kitchen and experience the culinary delights of Egypt. You won’t be disappointed.

For more information check out their website at and follow me on Instagram for more delicious content - @DiaryofaTrendaholic

Monday, July 13, 2020

Avon True Color Lip Glow and NEW Glimmerkiss Liquid Lipstick

I usually wear full-coverage matte lipstick but during the summer I can’t be bothered. When I’m on my way to dinner on a humid day, I know my lipstick will be completely gone as soon as I take my first bite.

In this heat wave, gloss is much easier to deal with and precise application is not necessary. Avon’s True Color Lip Glow ($13 ea) is exactly what I’ve been looking for. The creamy, supple formula is hydrating, comfortable, long-lasting and paraben-free. They smell delicious and the sheer finish provides the perfect amount of juicy pigment to make my lips look full and plush.

The color is slightly buildable – you can apply a few layers for a noticeable shiny tint and there is so much to choose from – pink, red, nude, wine, coral, plum and more. A few shades contain shimmer for a radiant glow.

When your lipstick dries out and begins to fade, use the gloss to revive the color and soften parched skin with no stickiness. They contain a nourishing blend of chia seed and rose hip oil so you can use them as a substitute for lip balm.

For a night on the town, Avon has created Glimmerkiss Liquid Lipstick ($14 ea) in 4 bold hues. The rich gel-cream formula has a metallic matte glitter finish that stands out from across the room!

I think these are gorgeous (especially the fuchsia pink and ruby red) but they aren’t the kind of lipstick you eat or drink in (unless you sip carefully through a straw). Once applied they last for hours (maybe the entire night), but look don’t touch! If they start to transfer the glitter will be everywhere and it is difficult to remove the particles and reapply without a makeup wipe. I will probably reserve these for special non-foodie events.

These products are available at

Friday, July 10, 2020

Hollywood Cone | Delicious Summer Desserts

It has been extremely humid this summer and like most of you, I’ve been looking for fun ways to cool down.

Instead of taking the family out for boring old soft serve, head to Hollywood Cone and treat them to something exceptional.

This trendy cafe in the heart of Whitby makes the most decadent milkshakes and gourmet donuts around. They also serve boozy adult shakes if you want something with a little extra kick.

The Mutant Shake is HUGE and topped with so much deliciousness you’re going to want to snap a few photo for Instagram.

It was difficult making a decision (there is a lot on the menu) but I chose the Strawberry Shortcake Mutant Shake loaded with ice cream, chunks of sweet berries, a few whole strawberries, whipped cream, fruit sauce and a big hunk of cake – it’s like having 2 desserts in one!

The donuts like everything else are massive and topped with a mountain of cake, candy, icing and chocolate. I couldn’t pick just one so they treated me to a box of my favorite flavors:

*Birthday Cake
*Cookies n’ Cream
*Red Velvet
*Ferrero Rocher
*Twix – stuffed with Twix pieces
*Reese – stuffed with loads of peanut butter

Foodie tip: the donuts without holes have so much filling!

The cafe also serves delicious sandwiches with thick cut fries, unique burgers, loaded hot dogs, crepes, waffles and more! Make sure to come hungry.

Check out their website at

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Miracle 10 Body Collection | Tone, Tighten and Hydrate Your Skin

If you try to eat a balanced diet and workout regularly, you’ll love Miracle 10’s new Body range. The products are designed to compliment your healthy lifestyle by smoothing, tightening and softening the skin.

Even if you don’t have an exercise routine, the lotions and cleanser help kick-start the toning process and provide a slimming effect.

The Miracle 10 Body Cleanser ($49) is formulated with antioxidants, salicylic acid and malachite extract to exfoliate, purify pores, treat body acne, moisturize, reduce inflammation and deep clean. The rich lather feels refreshing after a sweaty workout or humid day and revitalizes skin after every shower.

I always keep body scrub in my bathroom and recently I’ve been using the Miracle 10 Body Polish ($56) to buff away roughness and keep my skin smooth and supple. The foam contains fruit pulp, natural wax beads and aloe vera to improve healing, enhance elasticity, remove dead cells and calm irritation. It also improves circulation and prevents razor bumps. The beads are gentle so I prefer to use the scrub on dry or slightly damp skin for more friction.

 After cleansing and exfoliating, it is important to moisturize. In this collection you have two options – a gel and a lotion that can be used individually or together.

Body Therapy ($85) is great for people who want to show-off their legs this summer. If you are on a weight loss journey or simply interested in body contouring, this product helps shape and tone lumpy areas.

The formula contains:
*Caffeine – to reduce the look of cellulite and increase circulation.
*Butchers Broom plant extract – used to increase circulation, treat redness and tighten dimpled or loose skin.
*Carnitine – an ammonium compound that supports energy metabolism and helps breakdown fat.

I've used this product for a few weeks and I already see an improvement in the jiggly areas of my upper thighs. It leaves behind a sticky residue so I usually apply it at night. 

Body Silk ($59) can be applied after Body Therapy or used as is. This lush, hydrating cream is enriched with caffeine, 2% niacinamide, coconut oil, shea butter, squalane and tocopheryl to reduce water retention responsible for bloating and strengthen the skin's natural moisture barrier. 

We all have hand creams stashed in our purse but Miracle 10’s formula does a lot more than alleviate dryness. Hand Repair ($39) contains lactic acid, hyaluronic acid and powerful antioxidants that soften and hydrate beyond multiple hand washing and hand santizer. It combats harsh environmental conditions while healing and repairing cracked skin, brittle nails and ragged cuticles. For best result apply a generous layer every night before bed.

For more information please visit

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Shoppers Drug Mart Best Beauty Finds | Summer 2020

We’ve all been cooped up inside during the pandemic, but summer is short and it’s time to enjoy the weather and do a little shopping.

Shoppers Drug Mart has always been my one-stop-shop for the latest and greatest beauty products, so today I am sharing my favorite seasonal finds.

Fabulous Makeup

There isn’t much you can buy for thirteen bucks these days and the Revolution Reloaded Eye Shadow Palette ($12.99) looks way more expensive than it is. The shadows are large, the pigmentation is great and the colors are gorgeous! (I've been using it everyday). Although it is labelled “neutral 2,” the sultry sunset hues are anything but boring. I love the rich orangey-pinks, deep coral and shimmery garnets.

We all want radiant skin this summer and for just $11.99 you can get it! The new Catrice Luminice Highlight & Bronze Glow Palette comes with 3 pretty powders that illuminate your face in all the right places.

The Catrice Retractable Brow Pen Pro ($9.99) is available in 3 long lasting, waterproof shades. The rich, creamy color glides on effortlessly (never dry or ashy) and on humid days it does not run or transfer. The little brush smooths down stray hairs and keeps everything in place.

If you usually sweat off your mascara during a heat wave, try the essence Bye Bye Panda Eyes ($4.99) with smudge-proof black pigment. The brush is supposed to be "volumizing" but instead it adds definition and length. If you want thicker lashes, layer Panda Eyes with the essence Lash Princess Mascara. 

Have you ever finished your makeup and left the house only to realize that your foundation looks blotchy in direct sunlight? With the Catrice Slim’matic Camouflage Stick ($7.99) you can fix your face on-the-go. The small tube slips in any purse or pocket and helps conceal blemishes, cover dark circles and correct discoloration with a creamy waterproof formula enriched with vitamin E and jojoba oil. The pigment is full-coverage, vegan and cruelty-free.

Skincare Essentials

Planning to spend a lot of time in the sun this summer? Keep your complexion healthy and hydrated with Honest Beauty’s Hydrogel Cream ($29.99). It cools on contact, firms, blurs fine lines and drenches skin in layers of supple moisture for an instant glow.

For even more hydration, layer the cream with No7 Firming Booster ($44.00). The applicator is made to target, massage and treat problem areas for visible results in just one week! I may not have loose skin or wrinkles but this formula is definitely defining my jaw line and profile.

The Cocokind Oil to Milk Probiotic Cleanser ($24.99) is cruelty-free, eco friendly and does not contain toxins, fillers, artificial colors, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil or sulfates. It is formulated with a blend of fermented oat, grape seed oil, and flower oils that balance pH, remove dirt and emulsify makeup while nourishing the skin.

Whether I’m hiking, working or traveling, I always keep a hydrating spray in my bag. The Indeed Hydraluron Moisture Mist ($24.99) is usually on my desk because it protects against pollution and blue light damage (I spend a lot of time on my computer, tablet and phone). The formula contains hyaluronic acid and butterfly bush extract which is rich in soothing antioxidants, amino acids and polysaccharides that detoxify and protect against UV damage.

The Oh K! Chok Chok Hydrating Serum Mist ($13.99) moisturizes, sets makeup and refreshes dull skin.

Don’t forget to stock up on face masks. Shoppers carries a wide variety including this Life Brand Replenishing Seaweed and Ceramide Hydrogel Sheet Mask ($4.99) and Masque Bar’s 99% natural Banana Mask ($4.99) which hydrates, plumps and illuminates.

While you’re at it, make sure to pick up some of these handy Quo Snap Clips ($10.99) to create cute styles and keep your hair in place.

Last but not least, another delicious smelling Body Lotion from Soap & Glory ($16.00) - their new scents are fabulous! This lightweight, fast absorbing cream is perfect for summer. It contains a luscious blend of coconut, Vitamin A, shea butter, almond oil and green tea extract to keep you soft, smooth and flake free.

For more fabulous beauty finds head to your nearest Shoppers Drug Mart or visit
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