Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Love & Beauty Nail Polish

Hi everyone,
I picked up some new nail polish at Forever 21 so I thought I would let everyone know that some of the nail polish is on SALE for 99 cents while others are just $3.88. I did a previous post on these polishes but here are some new ones. If you would like to check it out you can CLICK HERE for more details.

And here are the colors I posted previously for those of you who missed it
These polishes are pretty good quality and a decent price.

I also picked up a beautiful red by Wet n Wild called: I read a good book. It is a a lot darker than it appears in the photo but I couldn't capture the true color with the lighting conditions. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Weekend

This weekend was very relaxing. I had a girls night and we decided to go to a beautiful restaurant on the lake called Snug Harbour. Snug Harbour is located on 14 Stavebank Rd S in Mississauga and boasts panoramic views of the marina from the outdoor patio. It was raining and cloudy on Saturday but that did not stop us from sitting outside on the covered patio.
photo from: commons.wikimedia.org
This is a great place to go for a nice romantic dinner, or in my case a great evening out with friends. The restaurant is a grill, sea food and oyster bar but considering that I don't like sea food there were still many options for me to chose from.

The sangria at Snug Harbour was the best I have ever had! There was citrus, cherry and champagne flavors with frozen fruit.

I ordered the pasta which had a wine cream sauce with roasted garlic, mushroom and chicken. It was delicious!
And for dessert I had chocolate. This wasn't at the restaurant but I had a moment of weakness and bought this bad boy filled with almonds.

After dinner we went back to my friends house and watched a bunch of movies on Netflix, some of which we have never heard of. It's so great to hang out with the girls, catch up, talk until we can't talk anymore and just pig out. Sometimes you just need days like those.

And now for some more makeup!
The e.l.f. Beauty Book was on sale for $5 it makes creating sultry smokey looks very simple because it actually comes with instructions!
Although the colors are nice the palette only comes with one small sponge applicator. It also includes the e.l.f. eye shadow primer (which I don't like) and a black pencil eye liner.


On Sunday I went to the Farmer's Market in Mississauga mainly to get that organic popcorn I am addicted to and to poke around the fruit and veggie stalls.
Overall the weekend was great. Leave a comment below and let me know what you did this weekend.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Yes to Tomatoes Clear Skin Facial Products Review

Hello everyone, today my sister Amanda has done a guest post on the Yes to Tomatoes skin care line. She is also very interested in the beauty industry and has tried numerous skin care products. I hope you enjoy this post and find it helpful.

The Yes to Tomatoes line contains products that are clinically proven to help treat acne-prone or combination skin. I have tested these four products over an eight month period and I find that they do an excellent job of cleansing my skin, fighting acne and controlling breakouts. I love that they are mostly natural, which is hard to find in most acne treatment products. There are also other products available in this line. Below is my detailed review of each of the specific products, followed by some general information. 

Daily Pore Scrub

What It Has: Bisabolol, Ginger Lycopene and Salicylic Acid (97% Ntaural; Petroleum, SLS & Paraben free; Certified Oragnic)
What It Does: Exfoliates using mango and bamboo. Also contains Salicylic Acid to fight Acne and unclog pores.
Pros: Works great to help control breakouts and to brighten skin. Would be best suited for people with sensitive skin.
Cons: I would like to see more grit in the product as an exfoliant and I did not care too much for the smell.

Acne Control Gel Cleanser
What It Has: Lycopene and Salicylic Acid (95% Natural; Phthalaes a& SLS free; Certified Organic)
What It Does: Cleanses dirt and makeup from skin while fighting acne and blemishes.
Pros: Does a great job of cleansing my face and preventing my skin from becoming oily during the day
Cons: It can feel like there are remnants of the product left behind on your face - you only need to use a little bit.

Repairing Acne Lotion
What It Has: Salicyclic Acid and Lycopene (97% Ntaural; Petroleum, SLS & Paraben free)
What It Does: Clears up blemishes and minimizes pores by applying the lotion all over your face.
Pros: This is by far my favorite product in this line. Every time I see it I always see a noticeable difference in the morning. It really does clear up you skin and it works quickly! It is also oil free.
Cons: It is more of a serum than a lotion and a tad too thin and sticky. 

Roller Ball Spot Stick 
What It Has: Bisabolol, Ginger Lycopene and Salicylic Acid (97% Ntaural; Petroleum, SLS & Paraben free; Certified Organic)
What It Does: Allows you to spot treat breakouts by dabbing the product directly onto problem areas. 
Pros: Does a good job of soothing skin and combating inflammation due to the Ginger and Bisabolol. I usually notice that redness is reduced in the morning after applying this before I go to bed and that zits are reduced.
Cons: I find that it is very difficult to get the roller ball to work properly and to get enough product onto my skin. I would prefer if this product came in a different form of application. 

Written by: Amanda Anne Ali

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How to Pack Makeup for Travelling

I travel quite frequently and over time I have become more efficient when packing my makeup. Many people pack way too much thinking that they need more than they do and then end up not using half of what they bring.

In this post I am going to share some of my tips for packing makeup for travel.

Things to consider before you pack:
The first thing you should consider is where you are going and how long you are going for. You should also consider what you will be doing when you get there. For example, if you are only going away for a weekend you need a lot less makeup than you would for a vacation of 2-3 weeks. If you are going to be in a very warm climate you may need to bring longer lasting makeup, and if you are going to be attending formal events you need to consider bringing relevant items.

Warm Climates:
When I go to warmer climates like the Caribbean and the Middle East I pack makeup that is long lasting and contains added SPF protection like my MAC foundation. I also pack a moisturizer with sunscreen. You want to make sure any sunscreen you are applying under your makeup is not sticky, greasy or oily, it should be made to use on the face.

If you are going to be swimming and poolside you may want to consider not wearing makeup at all. Going bare face however may not be an option for everyone so when getting wet water proof mascara and eye liner is a good idea.

I usually pack a good face primer to help keep my concealer, foundation and setting powder intact and a good makeup setting spray that will help combat the heat, humidity and water activities. I find that makeup setting sprays are a lot more effective than face primers when it comes to keeping my makeup from melting off my face. I have the Urban Decay all nighter makeup setting spray.
I also recommend packing some blotting papers because even those who don't have oily skin can look a bit shiny in the humidity. I also pack a translucent mattifying powder to help keep my face from looking sweaty.

If I am traveling to a cooler climate these items may be less necessary.
Carry it on you!
I always pack my makeup in my carry-on luggage. I have experienced luggage delays where I did not have my bags for days and I was thankful that I had all my makeup with me. If your luggage is lost for a few days it saves a lot of time and money if you don’t have to replace all your makeup. I usually pack my liquid makeup in a clear zip lock bag as per airline protocol and I pack all of my other makeup in a large makeup bag.

Sometimes I use a large flat makeup bag such as this one so that it lies flat in my suitcase and is non bulky. 

Other times I use something more structured such as my Betsy Johnson makeup bag

 Packing your brushes:
I like to pack my makeup brushes so that they do not get crushed and misshapen which can happen during travel. This makeup brush travel case from Sigma is perfect for protecting your brushes and also acts as a brush holder when you reach your destination! Brush rolls also work well for travel.

How to pack the essentials:
The first thing I think about when I pack my makeup is how I apply my makeup. I usually apply moisturizer, eye shadow primer, face primer, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, concealer, foundation and the list goes on. So I pack my makeup in the natural order that I apply it to my face. I also pack all the brushes I use to apply my makeup in the order I need them. This way I don’t forget any makeup or tools.

Remember to narrow down your items. Take a couple eye shadow brushes not 10, take one blush that will satisfy all your needs, one multipurpose mascara and eye liner etc.

 Eye shadow:
When you travel you don’t want to over pack so I usually take one palette with lots of different eye shadow colors from neutrals to brights such as my Coastal Scents palette. If I know I won’t have time to do anything fancy I will take my Naked 2 palette. Take 1 or 2 palettes that are versatile and can create many different looks. For short weekend trips all you really need is one palette.

Lipstick is difficult for me because I always have to resist the urge to bring every color I own. If you are going to a sunny destination choose 2-3 bright colors in different shades. If it is fall or winter I usually opt for dark reds and wine colors. And remember lipsticks that contain a lot of oils tend to melt in the sun which is not great in tropical climates. In this case I usually opt for a bright lip gloss instead.

 Other considerations:
Make sure to take a good sunscreen, face cleanser and some makeup wipes as a part of your makeup collection. Don't forget to bring products for your skin type like acne creams, something for heat rash or sun burn. 

I hope this was helpful! If you have any other makeup tips leave them in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Best Restaurants in Toronto Canada

Today I thought I would share some of my favorite foods with you and some great restaurants in Toronto and the greater Toronto area. If you are from the GTA then you may be interested to know about some of these hidden culinary gems. If you are visiting or plan to visit Ontario then it is always helpful to know of some places to find delicious food.

Pakistani Cusine
First on my list is my all time favorite restaurant called Lahore Tikka House located at 1365 Gerrard Street East. In this district you will find lots of East Indian shops and restaurants. Lahore sells the best Pakistani food around and if you decide to head over there you will be back again and again.

My favorite dish is the Lahori chicken kebabs with the garlic naan
Chicken Kebabs
 Garlic naan bread
I also love the vegetable byriani  riceand the butter chicken
Canadian, Indian, Mexican, & More
Moxies Bar and Grill
I also like Moxies Bar and Grill. There are many delectable dishes to chose from and I love their frozen bellinis. You can find Moxies restaurants all over the city and I like the trendy decor.

My favorite dish at Moxies is the chicken vindaloo (curry). On the menu it says beef but you can ask for chicken; this dish is spicy and very flavorful. I also like the enchiladas.
Chicken vindaloo

Greek Cusine
If you are out late and you are looking for a restaurant that is open 24 hours with delicious Greek foods and steak then Zets is the place for you. Their chicken souvlaki, Greek salad, rice, potatoes and garlic sauce is delicious and the portions are huge. Zets is located at: 6445 Airport Road in Mississauga
photo found online

Vesuvio Pizzeria and Spaghetti House
If you hunger for authentic Italian food and pizza then you should check out Vesuvios. This family owned restaurant has been around for years! My dad has been taking me here since I was a kid and I still can't get enough. This restaurant is located at: 3010 Dundas Street West, Toronto.
photo found online

Chicago Style Pizza Shack
 For Chicago style pizza this restaurant in Hamilton Ontario will satisfy all your cravings. They have stuffed pizza!! Yes you read that right, STUFFED pizza, can it get any better than that? You can find this restaurant at: 534 Upper Sherman Ave, in Hamilton Ontario.
photo found online

Arabic/Middle Eastern
Paramount Fine Foods
Another restaurant we go to all the time is Paramount, for tasty Arabic food. The garlic sauce and pita bread is the best I have ever tasted and they have a large selection of sweets. You can find Paramount at various locations in the GTA but the location I visit is at: 1290 Crestlawn Drive in Mississauga.
Chicken shawarma plate
Soulyve Caribbean Kitchen
In the mood for Caribbean food? Then Soulyve is where you need to go. The reggae wrap with jerk chicken and roti is something I am going to keep going back for. The sweet potato chips can become an addiction. You can find this restaurant at: 19 Mill Street Orangeville Ontario.
Reggae wrap
Canadian/American Bar and Grill
Milestones Bar and Grill
If you are ever in Niagara Falls Ontario and you don't feel like eating fast food then head over to Milestones at the Marriott Gateway on the falls which is the best Milestones restaurant around. In this restaurant not only do you get a beautiful view of the falls but you get a scrumptious dinner. You can order anything from steak, pasta, sea food and you have to try their signature bellinis! 
Thai Cusine
Spoon and Fork
My favorite Thai restaurant is called Spoon and Fork located at 5555 Eglington Ave West in Etobicoke. They make the BEST Thai green curry, mango salad and pad Thai I have had to date.
Pad Thai
Jack Astors
Jack Astors is one of my favorite restaurants for main stream foods. Here you can find burgers, pasta, pizza, chicken fingers, fries, salad, steak and much more. My favorite are the spicy chicken fingers.
Chicken fingers
Cafe Demetres
At Demetres you will find every dessert your heart desires from ice cream, shakes and cakes. You can also order salad and other lunch items. You can find these cafes at various locations around the GTA.

Dairy Cream
Dairy Cream, not to be confused with Dairy Queen is one of Mississauga`s summer hangout spost. This place has been around for 50 years and serves a wide variety of ice cream and dessert. Be careful how you order because the portions are huge but the dessert is delicious. You can find Dairy Cream at: 715 Lakeshore road east in Mississauga.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weekend Beauty Finds

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend thus far. Here in Toronto the heat wave finally let up enough for me to enjoy the weather a bit more.

I went to see The Conjuring which I normally wouldn't go to see. I don't mind thrillers with a touch of horror but spooky films about possession based on true events freaks me out. The movie delivered as far as horror films go.

I also went to the mall (again) to buy the Urban Decay Primer Potion. I checked every Sephora in my area and they were all sold out! This has been my favorite eye shadow primer for years so when I couldn't find it the wonderfully helpful staff at Sephora at Sherway Gardens recommended this one.
Apparently this primer is just like the original but with anti-aging benefits. I really don't care about the anti-aging benefits right now but I can't go without this primer so I bought it anyway.

I also bought this Argan Oil from Morocco intense deep conditioning hair treatment. I know I have a lot of conditioners and hair products but these small affordable packets are a great way to try out a new brand before committing to a larger jar of product. (I found this at Walmart).

And of course no trip is complete without buying some kind of lip product. I could have spent all day in Sephora but when my mom dragged me out to go to Forever 21 I found some more makeup by the cash while digging around in the makeup section (as usual). I have never purchased any makeup from Forever 21 before so this gloss called Hot Pink looked promising.
The gloss was suppose to be a high pigment gloss and I love the color but it turned out to be quite transparent and sticky. I was disappointed by how little color this gloss produced.

These mini Love & Beauty lip glosses also from Forever 21 are much more pigmented, especially the red and the darkest bronze shade. I think these glosses are great and I love the colors and the compact size of them. 

Also from Love & Beauty is this pink lipstick with a slight purple hue. The lipsticks and glosses don't have names by the way so you will have to check out your local store or go online to see whats available. As far as lipsticks go this one is pretty good. It goes on creamy in texture and is non-drying.

Love & Beauty also has a variety of nail polish

There are also facial products in this line. This mango purifying dead sea mud mask is suppose to smooth and clarify the skin.

 There is no name on this polish but it is a beautiful bright pink that borders on neon

I think the Color Club nail laquer line has some of the most beautiful shades. I love the deep purple shade

The last lip product is this jumbo lip perfection pencil from CoverGirl in the shade coral twist #235. This is suppose to be a tinted balm and it also applies like a creamy lipstick. It contains shea and mango butter, it is non sticky and it comes in 16 other pretty shades.

Did anyone else buy anything this weekend?
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