Friday, October 31, 2014

Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow Review

This year I have been enjoying the gorgeous products released by Stila and today I have a review on the Metal Foil eye shadows which I have wanted to try since they were first launched. If you find yourself browsing the makeup isles at Shoppers Drug mart, Murale or Sephora keep your eyes peeled for these vivid beauties and when you swatch them be warned that you will probably become as obsessed as I am!

The shadows provide versatile wear from a light wash of color to bold, heavy metal coverage that is striking and gorgeous! The shade I have – (Metallic Jade) also contains glistening glitter particles for eyes that standout and sparkle! These shadows can definitely create festive looks for the upcoming holiday season, glam parties and events.

How to use:
The Stila liquid eye shadow primer helps the metallic finish adhere to skin, enhance the color and prolong its wear. To use simply mix a drop of primer and a dab of the shadow in the metal mixing tray and gently press the mixture to the center of the lids with your finger. 

I am not a big fan of using my finger to apply my shadow but because of the texture a brush doesn't quite pick up the color or transfer it to the lids. I put a drop of primer on the back of my hand, dabbed my finger into in and then spread it evenly over my eyelids. I then used a sponge tip applicator to apply the shadow in one direction from the inside out. The color is very buildable and layering it as I have done increases the intensity for a dramatic effect. When you first touch the shadow in the pan you may notice that it is a bit chunky, but when you break through the top layer the shadow underneath is a textured cream and can be lifted out and smoothed over the skin quite easily.

On my lips I am wearing the Stila Stay All Day Vinyl Lip Gloss in the shade 90 Vinyl Nude. For a full review click - HERE

I always prefer color that I can build-up and I love the finish and bold effect of these shadows! I had no issues with fading throughout the day and the primer prevents creasing, smudging and fall-out.

 The Metal Foil shadows retail for $42.00 each and you can pick up the primer for $26.00.

**Disclaimer: product was provided for review

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes Review

Thick, long, lustrous eyelashes add glamorous flare to any makeup look and can take your eyes from ordinary and mundane to sultry and alluring! I love voluminous lashes but I don’t like fussing with falsies and most days I’m in no mood for trimming, aligning and gluing. If you are on social media, especially Instagram then chances are you have already heard and seen the Younique sensation sweeping the beauty world and if not today I will bring you up to speed!

Younique is a company that sells everything from serum, pigments, foundation, blush and gloss but they are best known for their false fiber lashes that have yielded amazing results and extraordinary lash enhancement for many women. Today I am featuring one of Younique’s best selling products, the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes, designed to provide a 300% increase in thickness and volume!

The Moodstruck Fiber Lashes is packaged in a chic black case which is convenient for travel and storage. The kit comes with two separate applicators: the natural fiber wand and the transplanting gel.

The fiber wand is not your traditional mascara applicator; it is dry to the touch and covered in a thick layer of soft, tiny black fibers. 

The transplanting gel looks similar to traditional black mascara but the formula is essential for creating a layer of adhesion to hold the fibers in place.

The small hair-like fibers create a 3D effect that elevates the falsies mascara trend to a whole new level! Unlike regular mascaras that simply coats lashes for modest results this formula bonds each fiber to physically build-up your natural hairs and create volume and thickness.

Photo: from Younique

Application Method:

1. Apply a coat of your favorite regular mascara and let dry
*For the next steps make sure to complete the process one eye at a time
2. Apply a layer of transplanting gel
3. Immediately before the gel dries apply fibers to lashes
4. Seal the fibers with another coat of transplanting gel

You can apply the fiber lashes as many times as you want to achieve your desired look but you must seal them with gel each time. If you apply too many fibers in one step they may fall onto your cheeks or collect in tufts on the top of your lashes. Application can take a few tries to really get the hang of but once you do the effect is great!

I didn't have any issues with clumping or the color running during the day but I recommend taking your time and applying with care to avoid getting the fibers into your eyes, especially if you wear contacts. Overall I was happy with the results and the effect was much more dramatic than many of the fiber lashes I've tried in the past.

What I like most about this mascara is that it is water-proof and works with what you have. Even if your lashes are short and sparse you should still see impressive results and long spidery lashes! If you hate fumbling and fussing with false lashes and glue then this method is a great alternative and removal is simple. The Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes retails for $35.00 and also makes a great gift for the holiday season.

To order this mascara and for more information you can visit the website by clicking HERE

 Or contact Nicole on:

**Disclaimer: products were provided for review

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Viva La Juicy Noir Eau de Parfum Spray- Review

Soon the season will be changing once again and I've been busy preparing my holiday gift list and embracing the weather with hot cocoa and fluffy scarves. New beauty collections boast deep shades and beautiful jewel tones and it is also time to break out the warm, intoxicating fragrances! Viva La Juicy Noir by Juicy Couture is inspired by timeless youth, sensuality and feminine confidence. The stylish pink bottle, delicately etched with falcons and adorned with a black satin ribbon is flashy yet enchanting.

The packaging is fun, trendy and exudes youthful elegance. The dazzling bottle is suited for display atop a vanity and the alluring scent is sure to turn heads! The top notes include: juicy berries, sparking mandarin, honeysuckle, gardenia and jasmine. The bottom notes balance the floral sweetness with amber, golden caramel, vanilla and sandalwood.

I like the intermingling of ingredients and the great composition; initially it smells slightly sugary with bursts of fruit but slowly diffuses into a warm, deep scent as the vanilla and amber notes become more evident. The perfume has moderate intensity and slightly dissipates into a rich captivating aroma.

I prefer fragrances with a mild fade-out and those that smell softly aromatic as the day wears on. The longevity of Noir is good and the scent is suitable for both day and night. It also transitions well through the seasons.

This year Juicy Couture sponsored the World MasterCard Fashion Week here in Toronto and I stopped by their booth to check out the wonderful array of products! The brand creates scents to suit a wide variety of preferences.

Although the elaborate, bright design of the bottle is suited to my taste and may be most popular among young women, the scent can be enjoyed by all ages! This is definitely a great fragrance and with the holidays coming up it makes a wonderful gift!

You can Purchase Juicy Couture Noir (30 ml) for $65 at Shopper Drug Mart, Hudson’s Bay, Sephora, London Drugs and Pharma Plus. (alternative sizes are available)

**Disclaimer: provided for review

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kiko Milano Cosmetics Review- Haul from Italy!

If you followed along on my travels through Spain and Italy this summer then you know that I absolutely love these countries and had a great time! Being the makeup addict that I am I didn't go all that way without purchasing some European goodies!

Kiko Makeup Milano is an Italian cosmetic brand that is popular in: Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, and Switzerland and recently became available in select cities in America. They also manufacture a skin care line and a variety of makeup accessories. I located Kiko in Barcelona and Venice, they offer good quality, affordable makeup and a wide selection. Since we don’t have Kiko in Canada this was my first experience with the brand and I will admit to spending a lot of time in the store!

When I found the Street Glam Eye Shadow and Liner Palette #02 it was love at first swatch! Kiko has a beautiful variety of eye shadows but since I couldn't buy them all I decided on a palette with a few different shades.

This palette contains 5 richly pigmented hues that can be used for lining, crease definition and the lids. The dark bronze and black have slight shimmer whereas the purple, blue and green have a gorgeous, metallic high-shimmer finish.

The saturation of these shades is easy to build and the texture is smooth and creaseless. I purchased this palette for 13,90 (about $20.00 Canadian, $17.00 U.S).

Kiko Smart Lipstick #909

I really didn't need any more lipstick but that doesn't mean I resisted temptation. For 3,90 (about $5.55 CAN or  $4.97 U.S) I got this gorgeous deep red that transitions from summer right into fall and the holiday season! The shade is rich and the formula is nourishing and comfortable on the lips with a creamy opaque finish.

Kiko Nail Lacquer
Kiko also has a large selection of stunning polish and I picked up the Sun Show Lacquer in a sparkly pink labelled #45 which retailed for 4,90€ (aprox $6.97 CAN, $6.24 U.S) as well as a vibrant blue #336 for 1,90€  (aprox $2.70 CAN or $2.42 U.S).

Overall I really like this brand and the next time I am in Europe I will definitely stop by and do some more shopping! You can find the Kiko American locations by clicking HERE.

If you missed my photos from beautiful Venice you can check them out HERE!

Monday, October 27, 2014

BA STAR Cosmetics review - Spicy Natural Palette and Holiday Red Lip Pencil

Recently I reviewed the Tropical Palette by BA STAR Cosmetics, a company that creates makeup for dance, cheer-leading, performing arts and now professional and everyday wear. Since it is fall I am featuring a beautiful palette for the season called Spicy Natural

Unlike the bright pigments in the Tropical palette this one incorporates shades for the coming season with shimmery yellow, rose gold, dazzling copper, sparkling silver and a pretty purple. All of the shadows have a metallic finish and wonderful, full coverage pigmentation.

Although the palette is labeled as "natural" and does have some deeper tones the shades are still quite bold.

Mixed, matched or applied individually these colors look gorgeous and because they are meant to hold up onstage they last all day without creasing or fading! I like that BA STAR offers great quality shadows that are easy to work with and are very affordable. This palette is only $8.75 but the formula is good and with primer the colors can be enhanced even further!

The palette comes with a sponge applicator and an oddly shaped, coarse blending brush which isn't very effective but doesn't take away from the shadows. The shade range is also great for creating smokey autumn looks; the deep copper adds definition to the crease and the bright silver is a wonderful highlight when swept lightly under the brows.

If you crave beautiful lip color to go with this spicy palette, BA STAR also offers a range of lip pencils that are vivid and rich. I have the shade Holiday Red which is suitable for all complexions and offers creamy, solid color that is simply stunning! Although this is a pencil, the formula is non-drying and feels comfortable on the lips with a semi-matte finish. I would prefer the pencil in twist-up packaging because it is rather thick and sharpening can warp the wood. The pencil retails for $8.75.

 You can visit BA STAR online by clicking HERE.

 **Disclaimer: product was provided for review

Sunday, October 26, 2014

World MasterCard Fashion Week: Interview with Grace Lee, Lead Makeup Artist for Maybelline Canada

World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto is all about showcasing the talent and visions of Canadian designers in high fashion and debuting the latest collections and trends. As the week was winding down the scene backstage revealed a sea of models preparing to walk the runway for the last few shows. Flat irons sizzled, cameras flashed and Grace Lee, lead Makeup Artist for Maybelline Canada applied the finishing touches on her model.

With 13 years experience Grace has worked with celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Hilary Swank, Yoko Uno and Anna Paquin. Her exceptional work has graced the runways of Milan and Paris and in shows by Oscar De La Renta, Alexander McQueen and Roberto Cavalli.

(Backstage with Maybelline and Redken)

I interviewed Grace as she masterfully prepared for the show Brit Wacher, an interesting collection created by Canadian designer Brittany Wacher that focused on fantasy and the passage of energy through time and space. The style consisted of both shapely, tailored pieces and flowing draped elements. 

Q: What do you find most challenging about working on a fashion show like Brit Wacher?

Grace: This show is not really challenging, there are 15 models and it’s at the beginning of the day so it’s very doable. The most challenging thing is that we do 35 shows but I have a great team and we need a lot of energy and a lot of adrenaline; it’s just about keeping our energy up and keeping hydrated.

Q: How do you think the growing influence of social media like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube has influenced the beauty industry?

Grace: Social media is key because it allows us to share information with a very fast output. You can tweet or Instagram something and get it out there instantly which gives people a live feed of what’s going on. Maybelline actually started using Google Blast which is even quicker! It shows an intimate view of what happens backstage.

Q: What are some of your favorite Maybelline products this year?

Grace:  Right now its all about a strong brow and the Maybelline Brow Drama is a really good sculpting mascara. Lash sensational is coming out in December, and with the Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipsticks you can’t go wrong, I like a matte red lip.

Q: How would women go about choosing the right red lipstick for their complexion?

Grace: I think it’s just a matter of finding what works for you. There are a lot of undertones, the orange undertones look great on olive skin tones, the berries look great on fair and dark skin but there is no right or wrong, it’s just a matter of  experimenting to find the right shade.

(Maybelline Vivids: On Fire Red)

Q: How does the fashion influence the makeup looks you create?

Grace: Well I design 35 shows and the process usually takes about three weeks. I meet with every designer and we collaborate and come up with the look for their show. Sometimes it’s a direct conversation of what they want and sometimes it’s more of a collaboration. It really varies and we cater to every designer here.

Q: What is the style for this particular show (Brit Wacher)

Grace: She wanted a really strong brows, she wanted the girls to kind of look like they were from outer space, I don’t want to say alien-like but it’s very matte. We whitened up the skin a bit for a semi-matte look, created a bold brow and we used a bronzy-brown shade to contour the face for a very triangular shape. She wanted brown dots along the cheekbones to give the look something different and a nude lip.

Q: What fall/winter trends are you loving?

Grace: The nude lip can be seen on the runway and it’s a trend I love! The Buffs Collection by Maybelline has a color for every skin tone.

Although juggling talk shows, press events, and leading a team of artists may seem daunting Grace handles it all with stylish flare and produces gorgeous runway looks year after year. As she dabbed on the last bit of  eye shadow Fashion Week ended on a high note.

Other products used to achieve Grace’s runway looks included: the Great Lash Mascara and the Maybelline Nude Palette which contains essential base colors that are great for blending and suitable for every season.

I had a fabulous time hanging out backstage in the Maybelline lounge, savoring their delectable doughnuts and chatting with some great people. If you missed Fashion Week this year, the spring shows are just around the corner!

*Special thanks to Grace Lee, Alyssa Whited and Maybelline’s PR team. 
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