Tuesday, September 30, 2014

essence Cosmetics: Lipstick Review

Since reviewing the fabulous Long-Lasting Lipsticks by essence Cosmetics they have become some of my favorite affordable lip products. Today I will be featuring the regular line of lipsticks which are available in a variety of unique, funky shades! 

The lipsticks retail for just $2.99 each and there are 13 shades with glitter and glossy finishes. Compared to the Long-Lasting lipsticks these have less pigmentation, provide light to medium coverage and more shine. They are ideal for those who prefer light glossy textures and the slick formula glides on smoothly and keeps lips hydrated. I also like that they don't enhance chapped peeling lips by settling into the texture of skin.

12 Sparkling Miracle

This pink/plum is one of my favorites and as the name indicates it does contain hints of sparkle. I tend to avoid lipsticks with embedded glitter but because of the glossy texture and subtle shimmer it works!

44 Almost Famous

I love a great red lipstick and at first glance this shade appears saturated and bold but it has medium coverage with a texture that is somewhere between lipstick, balm and gloss. It is also light-weight and non-drying, perfect for those who seek the glamorous effect of a red lipstick without heavy pigmentation.

60 Cutie Mac Cute

Cutie mac Cute is like nothing I have in my collection thus far. It shows up as frosty silver, not the easiest color for me to pull-off but when applied on top of another shade it may work as a highlight for a duo-tone effect.
59 Funky Funky

If you like lip gloss, sparkles and purple then this is the lipstick for you! The purple pigment doesn't always apply evenly and the color is quite sheer but I think the effect is quite pretty.

Although I prefer the formula and finish of the Long-Lasting Lipsticks some of these shades are very nice and I frequently use them in replace of sheer gloss. You can check out the rest of the line by clicking HERE.
essence Glossy Lip Balms

Along with wonderful lipsticks essence also came out with new glossy lip balms! The balms come in some of the most delicious flavors including: cherry brownie, strawberry cheesecake, mint drop, mango ice cream and berry cupcake. If the names alone don't make you hunger for dessert the scents will entice you for sure! The gloss is non-sticky and makes lips shine with juicy color. Essence Cosmetics is sold at Shoppers Drug Mart

**Disclaimer: These products were provided for review 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Jet set into fall with Revlon: Destination -Paris!

Since I love to travel and do it often I decided to participate in Revlon’s jet set campaign that celebrates fall in stylish cities throughout the world. Revlon chose a surprise destination for me and sent a passport, boarding pass and a box of makeup inspired by Paris!

I went to Paris last year and it is my favorite city in the world! Every street is picturesque and whether you are strolling along the river, munching on pastry or just sipping coffee at a cafe there is always something to see and do. Some of the other trendy cities featured in this tour are: Shanghai, New York, London and Stockholm.

The items I received are perfect for subtle eyes, daring fall lips and dark, mysterious nails.

Here are the steps I used to achieve the look above:
1. Prime eyelids
2. Apply the shade Greige (from the Colorstay shadow links collection) heavily to the crease stopping just below the brow bone.
3. For a deeper crease you can darken up Greige by applying a brown or black shadow on top. 
4. Apply the Colorstay eye shadow in the shade Petal to the entire lid area.
5. Line the upper lids with the Colorstay liquid eyeliner in the shade Blackout.
6. Line the bottom lids with the Revlon Colorstay pencil eyeliner.
7. For a pop of color smudge purple shadow or a shade of your choice below the lower lashes.
8. Apply 2 coats of the Revlon Bold Lacquer mascara in Blackest Black or Blackened Brown.
9. Apply your face makeup (foundation, concealer, blush, powder etc.) 
10. Apply the Revlon Color Stay Moisture Stain in the shade Parisian to the lips.

Voila! The look is simple and complete, toss on a fun printed scarf and you are ready for a beautiful fall day.
For a full review on the gorgeous Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stains click HERE.

To read my full review on the Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Nail Enamels click HERE

Softlips Prize Pack Giveaway Winner!

Hi everyone, sorry about the delay with this announcement, I was in Hawaii enjoying some fun in the sun before the cold, dreary Canadian winter hits. Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway, there were  11, 955 entries and if you did not win this time stay tuned for more great prizes!

The winner of the giveaway is... Brenda Penton of Newfoundland! Congratulations Brenda, I hope you enjoy the cubes as much as I do!

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Friday, September 26, 2014

MAC Prep and Prime Lip Base Review

Back in December I received a MAC gift card that had been sitting in my wallet just itching to be used. Many of the cosmetics I wear on a daily basis are from MAC but this time I wanted to purchase something I never tried before. The Prep + Primer Lip Base is highly rated among many MAC fans and since I have more lipstick than I know what to do with I decided that it was a match made in makeup heaven. I use shadow primer and face primer to enhance my application so I figured, why not prime my lips too!

The primer retails for $19.00 here in Canada, ($21.47 with tax) and comes in a slender black tube. The base itself appears white but applies completely translucent with a pleasant sweet scent. It is formulated to: smooth, add light moisture, refine and improve the appearance of most lip products.

Although it took me a day or two to adjust to wearing the primer I did notice that it greatly increased the longevity of my lip products by creating a slightly sticky layer for adhesion. I also noticed that my lip color stayed in place without feathering and it helps prevent transfer to teeth which is a big bonus!

I tested the primer during an evening at the movies, munching on popcorn, sipping on diet cola and through late night coffee. After the movie my lipstick wasn't as vibrant but it still looked good and when I got home late that night I still had light, consistent coverage! 

The base is developed to work well under matte formulas making them more comfortable on the lips.

It also works wonderful with cream formulas as well as shimmer or solid finishes and helps even and smooth the texture of lips. It improves the appearance of  most lip products including gloss, liners and bright hues for a neater enhanced appearance and a professional effect.

Upon application the primer has a balm consistency and it is recommended that you wait 60 seconds before applying your lip product or until the texture begins to feel slightly tacky. Although it does tend to alter the consistency of my lipsticks a bit I don't mind it. Many of the reviews I read claim that the primer provides a lot of hydration but I found the moisture a bit underwhelming. The texture did keep my lips from drying, peeling and chapping but it didn't keep them ultra moist.

For the price the amount of product per tube is a bit sparse and because the primer is thin I wouldn't recommend twisting it up too much during use to prevent breakage. Overall this is a great product for anyone who loves lip products and wants to keep their lipsticks looking fresh and lasting longer! I always carry it in my bag and it has become one of my must-have beauty items!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

L’Oréal Pop Balm Review

L’Oréal Paris sells a wide range of great lip products but the Pop Balms have introduced bold color to the realm of the average tinted lip balms. L’Oréal describes this line as “the new generation of balms” and they are formulated with nourishing shea butter and jojoba for 8 hours of hydration and color.

Usually when I see the word “balm” I think of sheer or transparent coverage with the occasional touch of subtle color and although these balms are light-weight the pigmentation resembles lipstick! They feel very comfortable yet look great as they moisturize dry, chapped skin. They also have an appealing shiny finish without being thick, sticky or slick for pouty, supple lips.

Although they don’t last a full 8 hours and tend to wear off during eating and drinking they do provide even coverage and have a nice smooth texture that is easy to apply. I don't have any trouble with the color feathering or transferring to my teeth and the scent is light and pleasantly sweet.

There are only 4 colors available and the two shades that I have- (Wild Lily and Bold Blush) are very similar. Wild Lily is a tad lighter and closer to a baby pink hue but I do think both shades are very pretty. I recommend trying one of the pinks and the red hue for more variation but for someone like me who values healthy lips without having to sacrifice bright color these are a great alternative!

The balms retail for $7.99 each and you can find them at most drug stores and online by clicking HERE.

*Disclaimer: Products were provided for review

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I Love Cosmetics Shower Crème and Nourishing Body Butter Review

Has your shower gel ever smelled so good that you were tempted to taste it? Don’t get me wrong I’m not condoning the consumption of bath products, in fact I advise against it but the I love body crème and body butter smell so delectably delicious you’ll want to add them to your fruit bowl! I Love Cosmetics is a UK company that makes everything you need to achieve clean, soft skin and smell great! Along with bath crèmes they also have lotions, exfoliating scrubs and fruit spritzers in tantalizing scents like: Raspberry & Blackberry, Coconut & Cream, Strawberry & Cream, Mango & Papaya and Vanilla & Ice Cream. Now if that doesn't inspire you to take a luxuriously relaxing shower I don’t know what will.

When I first popped the cap open and took a whiff I relished in an instant burst of sweet, fresh berries. The bath crème contains natural raspberry and blackberry extracts and to me it resembles one of my favorite chewy candies called Sweedish berries. 

The formula contains a unique skin softening vitamin complex to help moisturize and keep skin supple and although it creates rich foamy bubbles it is pH balanced and paraben free. There is quite a lot of product per bottle and it can also be used as a bubble bath when you prefer a relaxing soak. As you lather up you are enveloped in invigorating fluffy bubbles that make you and the entire bathroom smell amazing! (The Shower Creme retails for $9.99).

The I love Strawberries and Crème nourishing body butter is also delectably aromatic and smells exactly like it sounds, sweet and creamy! If you thought you smelt good after the shower wait until you slather on this rich butter infused with coconut oil and shea butter.

Since fall is around the corner and the weather tends to get a little blustery I prefer more hydrating body products and this one provides long-lasting, silky moisture that relieves dry skin. (The body butter retails for $9.99).

These products will soon be available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada and and online by clicking HERE

**Disclaimer: products were provided for review

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

L’Oreal Color Riche Eye Shadow Quad – Review

I have a love-hate relationship with drug store eye shadows. Sometimes I get a palette that amazes me and other times I get one that leaves much to be desired. When I first spotted the Color Riche Quads by L’Oreal the dazzling shimmer and great color combinations were irresistible! There are 20 impressive palettes to choose from with shades ranging from neutrals, blues, purples and teals. I love how beautifully matched and vivid they are for creating a variety of looks for every season.

The first palette I have is called 230 Perpetual Nude, it is on the subtle side with a combination of copper gold, rose gold, yellow gold and bright silver for highlight. This is a great everyday palette and I like the light finish and soft effect. These shades are easy to pull-off and suitable for most complexions. 

The texture of the shadows is a tad rough due to the fine glitter particles on top but they are non-flaky and the quality is very good. The shadows provide consistent, full-coverage and although the top layer contains the highest concentration of shimmer once it rubs away you can still achieve a nice metallic sheen.

Incredible Grey is my favorite palette! I love smokey looks using grey, silver and black and these shades are as pigmented and rich as they appear in the packaging. This is a great palette for a night out on the town or a special event because the colors create the perfect deep, sultry effect.

The shadows are also highly pigmented, long-wear, non-creasing and they are easy to work with. The small size makes them ideal for travel and the colors build and blend nicely. I definitely recommend checking these out, they retail for $7.95 and you can view the entire collection by clicking HERE.

**Disclaimer: products were provided for review

Monday, September 22, 2014

Beauty Box Five September 2014 - Review

This month Beauty Box Five is all about embracing change and new fall trends! Before I delve into the box let’s review how the service works. Beauty Box Five is a subscription service that starts at $12 for the monthly box, $30 for the quarterly subscription and $99 dollars for a year. In this box you will receive a mix of luxury items and common brands with products for: hair, skin and nails as well as fragrances and beauty accessories. The box contains 5 products and usually includes one or two full sized items. It is a great way to sample a variety of new brands.

Nika K New York Eyelight Crayon: Shade- Violet (full size $4.49)

This brand seems to be a favorite as it has been featured in the subscription numerous times and in the past I have enjoyed the loose pigments and other products from Nika K. Although I’m not a huge fan of shadow sticks I do have a few that are wonderful and this one is made to glide on easy and last. I don’t mind the ultra creamy texture because it makes the color blendable and although the crayon does have a nice smooth formula it doesn't really set. Because of this it can fade, rub off, transfer and smudge and the color pay-off isn't the greatest. I may use this color as a base for other purple shadows.
Natural Style by Fabu Deep Conditioner & Co Wash: (2 sample packs)

Creamy, nourishing deep treatments are my favorite and these travel friendly packs come in handy! “Equipped with repairing oils and shea butter the treatment strengthens to minimize frizz” and is free of parabens and sulfate. You can also use it as a co-wash- (cleansing the hair without shampoo) which is ideal for my naturally curly hair that needs extra moisture!

My Beauty Spot Nail Polish (full size)

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this pretty polish was Christmas! The beautiful red color is laden with shimmer and swirls of gold glitter! It is also formulated to apply smooth and dry quickly which is exactly what I look for in a polish.

Chrislie Formulations 3-in-1 Eye Bright (sample size) & Sally Hansen Toe Spacers ($1.99)

I have reviewed quite a few treatments for darkness under the eyes so I was happy to receive the eye bright serum. Although the tube is a sample size it contains a lot of product and feels refreshing. The serum is formulated to help you through long nights by making the delicate skin around the eyes “smoother, brighter and firmer while reducing darkness and rejuvenating the skin.” I will have to try this out for a while before I can report on the results.

Toe spacers are always great to have on hand and help keep manicures neat and tidy. Since I don’t have any at the moment these are useful and I like the cute design.

Overall this month’s box was okay, I did get some practical products, all of which I will undoubtedly use but I preferred the items last month's box. For more information you can visit Beauty Box Five by clicking HERE.

If you use the code GYOCYU with any new subscription you will receive the August box FREE! (Offer expires September 30, Canada & U.S). To see my review on the August box click HERE.

*Disclaimer: box was provided for review

Friday, September 19, 2014

Travel Update: Hawaii

2014 has been wonderful thus far! If you read my blog frequently then you know I love to explore the world and this year I have traveled to: Los Angeles, Barcelona, Rome, Venice, Jamaica and I will now be heading to Hawaii for a week! 

Photo from: freedesktopbackgrounds.net

Since I was a little girl I have dreamed about visiting Hawaii and seeing the lush landscape and beautiful beaches. On this tip I will be staying in Maui and Honolulu so if you know of any must-see little hideaways please share them in the comments section below. My husband and I are planning to rent a car and drive around the coast, we love heading away from the main tourist sites and finding secluded, picturesque spots.

While I’m gone you can expect things to be business as usual here at Diary of a Trendaholic. I have some great beauty posts scheduled so stay tuned and connect with me on Instagram and Twitter for travel updates, news and photos! You can visit my Travel Page by clicking HERE for photos and tourism from pasts trips. 


Clarins Fall 2014 Makeup Collection - Review

This year I made the most of summer by traveling the world and filling my weekends with fun activities and events. Although I enjoyed the warm weather and lounging on the beach, fall is my favorite season! I love all the bright colors as the leaves begin to change, the crisp coolness in the air and the deep, rich shades that emerge in cosmetic collections. Clarins has launched a variety of ultra-feminine products to help get you ready for the season. From beautiful blush, stunning lipstick and smokey shadows this collection incorporates hues for all skin tones.

I know I bombard you readers with an abundance of lipstick reviews and swatches since I do love lip color but the Rouge Eclat lipsticks in their elegantly slender tubes are some of my favorites! I adore the rich, creamy texture, excellent quality and the way they glide on buttery smooth for long-wear and full coverage. For fall Clarins has added 5 beautiful new shades ranging from pink, brown and dark red. Candy Rose is not as bold as summer pinks but it is just as pretty with a subtle blue undertone.

This shade is great for transitioning into fall and compliments many eye shadows and makeup looks. The plant enriched formula keeps lips soft, supple and hydrated so they appear visibly smooth. Even though the finish has a slight sheen the lipstick isn't too glossy or slick, you get intense full-bodied color with anti-aging benefits. The lipsticks retail for $27.00 each and you can find them by clicking HERE. 

In the summer I favor bold pigments on my cheeks but for fall I like to tone it down a bit with shades that are bronze, earthy and neutral. The new Blush Prodige in the color 07 Tawny Pink sculpts, enhances and adds a hint of subtle shimmer for highlight. This shade delivers the perfect amount of color for fall and contains minerals and plant extracts for a radiant, luminous glow. It retails for $32.00 and you can find it HERE.

There seems to be a new trend in the realm of eye shadow as many brands incorporate silky soft cream to powder formulas. These shadows have the smoothness of creams with the texture of powder for ease of application and comfortable wear. I have one of the lightest shades in the line called Nude Pink but there are deeper shades available such as: Taupe, Rosewood, Grey and Earth. The shadows are designed to provide long-lasting, mattifying color enriched with bamboo powder. They retail for $24.00 each and can be found HERE.

Prior to applying your shadow you should start with a great primer, Clarins has launched the Instant Light Eye Perfecting Base. This beige colored cream smooths and illuminates skin for brighter looking eyes with or without makeup. It also improves adhesion, and intensifies and extends the wear of eye shadow. It retails for $42.00 and you can find it HERE.

The fall collection also includes eye brow kits, mascara, eye liner and skin perfectors, to view the entire collection click HERE and check out the video below.

**Disclaimer: products were provided for review
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