Diary of a Trendaholic is a personal blog with the purpose of reviewing products and publishing articles dedicated to: makeup, health, beauty, food, travel, fashion and popular trends. All content is written and published by the Editor unless otherwise stated.

Products featured on this blog include purchased items as well as press samples. Diary of a Trendaholic works with brands and PR firms for the purpose of product reviews although all opinions expressed on this website are my own and based on my direct experience, they do not reflect the opinions of a third party.

Results indicated from reviews and products published on this website may vary based on individual use. Readers and consumers are responsible for using any and all products as outlined by the manufacturer and of their own discretion. Some photos presented on this website may be edited to enhance visuals, color and lighting.

Various travel features may include press trips and compensated stays, tours, food and activities. Again all reviews are based on personal experience and opinion. Travel photography is also provided.

All of my blog content including written work and photos may NOT be reproduced, copied, republished, edited or uploaded without my permission. All photos, content and written work may not be falsely credited as your own or altered including the removal of my website's digital watermark identification.

If you would like to contact me about posting or using my content you can do so via email at: diaryofatrendaholic@outlook.com If you are given permission by me to use my content, full credit must be given and links to this website must be included.

The name and branding of this blog ©Diary of a Trendaholic may not be used as a title for any other websites, social media sites or products. It cannot be used in conjunction with any other images, content or information from this blog. Diary of a Trendaholic's logo/banner, content, photos or any of it's digital identification cannot be used on any other media platform to falsify association with this blog and the content herein. Any copyright infringements will be met with legal action.

All  content and photos owned by me and taken from this blog without permission will be reported as a copyright infringement. This blog and all pages are protected and monitored under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Affiliates, Companies and Brands:
For product reviews: All shipping, handling and brokerage fees must be covered in compliance with the courier service chosen and in accordance with domestic and international shipping protocol. Diary of a Trendaholic is not responsible for delivery fees or lost, damaged and stolen packages that may prevent the publication of the agreed upon terms.

This blog publishes informative articles based on individual opinion to enhance reader and consumer awareness. In the event of a negative review all brands may choose to have the review retracted however products will not be returned.

In the event that any of the product(s) sent for compensation and review is deemed unacceptable or arrives altered from the agreed upon terms, Diary of a Trendaholic retains the right not to publish a review or have the products returned to the shipper.

This website hosts giveaways sponsored by the blog owner or select brands. Separate rules and disclaimer policies can be found under each giveaway post.

Privacy policy: 
This website does not share personal information with third parties nor does it retain information about your visit to this site.

Diary of a Trendaholic does not contain harmful content, all comments are moderated and inappropriate content will be removed.

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Comments posted by companies containing non- approved advertising links to websites will be removed unless an agreement of terms has been established. 

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