Friday, November 29, 2013

Graftobian Makeup Review

It is no surprise to any of my readers that I am a makeup and beauty fanatic so when I came across Graftobian Makeup Company and their wide range of products it was a match made in glamour heaven. Graftobian offers High definition makeup, fantasy makeup, airbrushed makeup, Halloween makeup, theatrical makeup and much more! Whether you want great quality every day makeup or makeup for taking great photos, for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or any special event Graftobian has you covered.

 Graftobian Makeup is safe and contains no lead, fragrance or formaldehyde, it is also high quality and as they say “All the makeup you will ever need” and they aren't kidding! When you visit the website you can order the new beauty collection catalog with 52 pages of professional makeup! I was sent this beautiful catalog and it contains a large variety of product information as well as some handy beauty tips. If you are a makeup artist then you will love this catalog.
Candy Apple
I received two beautiful pressed blushes and they are by far two of the best blushes I now own. The first blush is a beautiful deep red called Candy Apple and it is gorgeous! The texture of this blush is very smooth and highly pigmented, it takes very little effort to build up the color. For use during the day you can sweep a little onto the apples of the cheeks and this shade gives life and stunning color to the face. If you use slightly more color you can create a more dramatic look. This blush is non-chalky, long lasting and  looks incredible on the skin. For medium to deep skin tones this blush will give you the perfect shade of rich color and add depth to mundane everyday makeup. You can purchase this blush for $12.99 for more info click- HERE

Radiant Rose
The second blush I received is this rich pink called Radiant Rose. If you love pink blush then this color packs a punch of highly pigmented true pink that I think would compliment every skin tone. This blush is great quality and lovely on the skin. When applied using a blush brush the color adheres and sweeps effortlessly onto the cheeks. This hue is a more natural tint for medium to light skin tones and adds a healthy rosy glow to the face. I like that the blushes are matte and that they contain no sparkle or highlight. Sometimes blush with sparkle adds too much of a frosty sliver or gold finish and you lose some of the color, but these blushes are true to color. You can purchase this blush for $12.99 For more info click - HERE

This blush comes with a compartment underneath that opens up to reveal a handy little mirror and brush.

Lip palette
I also received the professional  lip palette (in #30285 cool) which consists of 5 rich lip colors that are "ideal for print, film work" and everyday wear. 

These lip colors are wonderful! I absolutely love the dense shades and the range of color. They are highly pigmented and the texture feels creamy rather than glossy. These shades are great for fall and the coming holiday season and if I found this palette in my stocking I would be jumping for joy. 

The compact has a space for a lip brush and it is small enough to slip in your purse and take on the go. These lip colors are great quality and long lasting. When you aren't eating or drinking they stay put yet they don't leave a heavy stain behind. I love the texture and they don't dry out the lips. They have a slightly shiny finish at first but look and feel more like a matte lipstick when dry. You can purchase this palette for $26.99 for more info click- HERE

If you are looking for a good quality lip palette then I would highly suggest checking this out. I have a few lip palettes but this compact has found a permanent place in my purse. Here are the swatches below.

Here I am wearing the color plum wine

Graftobian also sells makeup tools, so to go with my palette I received this handy retractable lip brush. This is a great brush to use on the go and the point allows you to create a sharp well defined shape around your lips so your color looks neat and precise. 

Grafotbian Makeup is popularly used for Blockbuster films and TV and for those of you who like taking photos and close- ups they sell makeup that will help you look radiant in your photos and provide a “flawless yet natural appearance.”

On my trip to IMATS this year I stopped by Graftobian's booth and watched as their creative team came up with some of the most interesting creations. 

Here is one of the models getting her makeup done at Graftobian

Here is her finished look!

There seemed to be a Wizard off Oz theme, this model was being transformed into a flying monkey!

And here is her finished look

Whether you are a professional makeup artist, or you just want something for everyday use and events you can find it at Graftobian. They sell everything from concealers, blush, eye shadow, lipstick, powders, setting spray, brushes, mascara, foundations and much more! If you are planning on attending IMATS in the coming year then definitely stop by the Graftobian Makeup booth, there is always something exciting going on.

For more information visit the website by clicking – Graftobian Makeup 
You can also find Graftobian on

**Disclaimer: These products were provided to me for a sponsored review courtesy of Graftobian Makeup. All opinions stated in this review are my own and based on my experience with the products. Results may vary based on individual use.**

Vacation Update: Royal Caribbean Cruise!

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to do a quick post to let you know that I will be going on vacation. I will be leaving the snow and frigid cold of Toronto tomorrow and make my way to sunny Fort Launderdale Florida! I have been to Fort Lauderdale before and loved it, Miami has also become our home away from home.

This is a photo I took of the cruise port in Fort Lauderdale on the first day of our cruise last year.

I will be spending 2 days in Florida before boarding a Royal Caribbean ship called Liberty of the Seas that will cruise to ....
photo frm:

Labadee Hati!
Photo frm Royal Caribbean


Falmouth Jamaica!
photo from:

I will be back in time for the Christmas festivities but since I will be at sea for 5 days and have no internet access I won’t be able to post anything in that time. I have tons of great posts in the works so I will get right back into it when I get home, and like always I will be reviewing the cruise for my travel section and sharing some photos with you. 

**Please note: I will try my best to respond to emails but while at sea I will be totally cut off from the world and lounging on a sunny deck. I will respond to all inquiries upon my return.**

Ps. you can find a bunch of great travel posts on my TRAVEL PAGE with lots of photos of  the exotic destinations I have been to. 

 Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dew Puff Konjac Sponge Review

For those of you who read my last review on konjac sponges you will know that I love them! For those of you who haven’t yet heard of a konjac sponge this will be a review on Dew Puff  konjac sponges.

Konjac is an ancient plant indigenous to Asia and has been utilized in Japan for hundreds of years for cooking and skin care. Now making its way across North America konjac sponges are becoming a popular part of the beauty industry. Konjac spongs are made directly from the roots of the pant making these products 100% natural and chemical free.

These sponges are safe to use on sensitive skin and very gentle. They also help balance the pH of the skin creating a layer of water between sponge and skin which allows the puff to glide effortlessly across the face. I love the way these sponges feel on my skin, I use them in a small circular buffing motion and they slip and slid over my face leaving behind nothing but softness.

The first sponge I am going to review is the bamboo charcoal sponge. This sponge contains natural anti-oxidants and is suitable for blemish prone skin.

This sponge comes sealed in a package and the texture is hard and porous when it arrives. When you soak it in water it becomes soft and spongy and I love the abundance of water it absorbs! My favorite way to use these is on clean makeup free skin right in the shower. I glide it all over my face and my skin feels incredibly soft and fresh, similar to the feeling I achieve after I have done a facial but with a lot less effort. This sponge does not have much of a scent, but smells slightly earthy.

The next sponge I received is the original dew puff. This sponge is suitable for all skin types and it can be used with a cleanser.

 I have used the puff with my cleanser and it did work up a nice lather and provided a more through cleanse compared to using my hands alone but I still prefer to use it without any cleansers at all. I have also used this sponge on my entire body and after shaving to make my skin feel hydrated and soft. This sponge does not have much of a scent.

The last sponge is called Asian clay and it uses “the ancient benefits of clay for removing impurities to provide a healthy glow.” 

I like that these puffs provide a gentile exfoliation and smooth out the texture of my skin before I apply my makeup for the day. I usually can’t exfoliate or use gritty products very often because it irritates my skin, but I can use my dew puff every day  to make my skin feel wonderful.

All of these puffs worked quite similarly for me even though they are meant for different things so it is hard to say which one I liked the most because I like them all. I recommend trying the one you think will work best for your skin type. These puffs when used twice daily will last 3 months, I only use mine once per day.

To clean your puff you can boil it for 2 mins or microwave a wet puff for 1 min. Any longer than this and you can burn your puff so follow the directions. After you use your puff squeeze it and hang to dry. I find that rinsing my puff with water is enough to clean it because I use my puff on clean skin.

I know a lot of people will  be getting a dew puff in their stocking this holiday season because it safe for the whole family!

You can purchase these dew puffs for $7 each or by checking out their website here-
You can also find Dew Puff on:

Have you tried these sponges yet?

**Disclaimer: These products were provided to me for a sponsored review courtesy of Dew Puff. All opinions stated in this review are my own and based on my experience with the products. Results may vary based on individual use.**

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

SqaureHue Nail Polish Subscription Review

If you are a nail polish junkie like me and you take pride in flashing your freshly manicured fingers then you will love SqaureHue monthly subscription box. This subscription box focuses on unique and stylish nail lacquer and I was recently given the opportunity to work with to bring you a review.

How it works
 For $14.99 per month (+shipping and handling) nail polish lovers will receive 3 full size limited edition bottles of beautiful polish. These bottles are quite large so you get a lot of polish.

What is great about this subscription is that the polishes you receive represent some of the hottest colors and trends of the season and you will never receive the same colors twice! Every box boasts distinctive high end, great quality polishes with custom colors and finishes. The variety of colors caters to nail polish lovers everywhere.

These polishes are made to be fast drying and long lasting with a high shine finish.

The colors I received in the November box are....

Creative Themes
I like that each month you receive a different innovative collection of themed polish. This collection is called The Coastal Collection. It reminds me of sandy beaches and the ocean. These shades definitely add some exceptional variety to my collection because I don't own anything quite like them. I actually like that they sent me colors that broke me out of my comfort zone of reds, pinks and purples.
Beach photos were taken from: and

Unlike some drugstore polishes that can be beautiful in the jar but thin and transparent when you apply them, these colors are rich, opaque and go on nicely in 2 coats. The colors are easy to build up and application is simple.

I really like the formula of these polishes and they are fast drying which is a huge selling point for me because I detest waiting around for my nails to dry, I also like the glossy finish. I would recommend applying a good top coat to prolong the manicure but I didn't have any problem cleaning up the polish from around my fingers with a good remover nor did I have issues with the polish staining my nails.

I love the packaging of these sturdy yet chic square bottles. The bottom of the bottles display the month you received the colors and the names of each polish.

For those of you who love scoping out safer products with fewer chemicals and toxicity then you will like this brand. SquareHue does not test on animals and their polishes do not contain formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor or formaldehyde resin. When I wear polish for weeks on end I find that it can strip my nails and the chemicals can cause them to peel so I like that this formula is less harsh.

Paint on the polish for a good cause
Currently on portions of all monthly subscriptions will be donated to the prevention, awareness and protection of human trafficking victims.

In this photo I am wearing the color Nantucket, I love this color!

Since Christmas is coming up you can use your subscription to spread some lacquer joy. I know the ladies in my family would love to see a beautiful polish in their stockings this year. I would definitely like to see what other colors SqaureHue has to offer. For the quality and the amount of polish you receive SquareHue is definitely worth it.

For more information on this subscription visit their website by clicking -HERE
You can also find SqaureHue on:

This Black Friday 2013, SquareHue is offering the first 100 people to subscribe a FREE subscription box! You will get your first box of polish FREE when you use the code FreeBox 

**Disclaimer: These products were provided to me for a sponsored review courtesy of SqaureHue. All opinions stated in this review are my own and based on my experience with the products. Results may vary based on individual use.**

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Metallic Pink Eye Makeup

Hi everyone,
Today I am going to share this metallic pink eye makeup look I did using my Coastal Scents Mental Mania Palette. For those of you who haven't read my review on this palette you can find it -HERE.

I think this shade of pink is rather soft even though it does have a shimmery metallic finish. I am also wearing a shimmery pink lipstick by Reserves that I got in my Wantable beauty box .

Friday, November 22, 2013

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Review

I have been eyeing these OCC lip tars for months now just itching to get my hands on these pigmented beauties. Browsing through the array of beautiful colors on the website I had a hard time choosing which ones I wanted because the colors are so uniquely bright and bold.

Recently at IMATS I purchased two of these lip tars, so today I am going to review them and let you know if I think they lived up to the hype.

The colors I chose are called Strumpet which is a beautiful deep plum/grape shade and Harlot a magnificent almost neon looking orange/pink color.



* Incredible pigment!
These lip tars are extremely pigmented, in fact when I swatch them on my hand as you can see in the photos above, they almost look like paint! The colors show up incredibly vibrant on the lips although it doesn't look quite as harsh as these swatches and are actually very wearable. They are opaque when you apply them and a little goes a long way.

*Great colors
These lip tars come in some of the most beautiful and interesting shades I have seen among lip products and brands. I also love the names of these tars, I find them cute and creative.

*Lots of product!
The tubes may look small but because of the intense pigment these babies will last a long time.

*Non drying
When you first apply these colors the formula seems a bit watery and it is very wet. The longer you wear it the more they dry out and become slightly matte while keeping just a hint of shine on the top layer. Although I did not find them very drying on my lips they didn't offer much moisture either.

*100% vegan and cruelty free

*Has good lasting power

*No applicator!
These lip tars don’t come with an applicator so unless you walk around with a lip brush on you, you have to resort to using your finger and since the application is quite messy these aren't very practical for use on the go and re-applying. I wish this product came in different packaging.

*Stains and transfers!
These products are two of the most staining lip products I have ever used. When you apply it with your finger it stains your finger and it is hard to wash off your skin. It stains everything it touches from lips to clothing and teeth! In fact the color transfers very easily to your teeth and keeps transferring and staining your teeth until it dries. My sister actually calls it “teeth tar.”

I don’t mind spending a bit more on products that I love but for a product that comes with no applicator, stains just about everything and is quite messy I think $18-$20 dollars is a bit much. If it wasn't for these cons I think they would be worth the price for the amount of product and pigmentation you get. I got them at IMATS on sale for $12.50 each.

I love the colors and pigmentation but I don’t like how messy these are and how much they stain. I will use the ones I have but as much as I do love this brand I probably won’t be re-purchasing any more of this particular product. I do however like the colors of the OCC loose eye shadows so I would love to try those out next.

Have you tried out these lip tars? What did you think?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

NYX Blush Review

Today I have a short review for you on a blush I purchased at IMATS. This is the first blush I have tried from NYX although I really like their lip products.

The color I purchased is called Pinched PB25 

On my skin this blush looks quite pink but it does have a coral and slight orange undertone. It also contains some sparkle but not very much, when applied the sparkle tends to distribute quite evenly for a subtle effect and it doesn't look too shiny or too much like a highlight. In the photos the sparkle is not evident but as the light catches the skin at different angles you are able to pick up hints of it.

When you wear smaller amounts of this blush it shows up light pink and looks very soft and pretty and when you apply it heavier the color looks different, you get a darker more coral based color. You do have to set this blush because the more you wear the more it tends to transfer, I prefer to apply it on top of my liquid foundation and then set my entire face.

The texture of this blush is rather smooth, the color picks up and applies to the skin quite easily. I think the hue is suitable for a large variety of skin tones. This is a great everyday color. I purchased this blush for $8

Have you tried the blushes from NYX? Which is your favorite?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

China Glaze: Sexy in the City

Hi everyone,
Today I just wanted to do a quick post to share this beautiful nail polish I picked up at IMATS. This color is called Sexy in the City #553.

It is a beautiful blue shade with a duo chrome finish, tinted with green, aqua and a bit of shimmer.

What is your favorite blue nail polish?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

MaskerAide Pre Party Prep Facial Mask Review

At the end of a busy week I like to pamper my skin, so every Friday night I relax in the comfort of my home and do a complete facial. Not only does my personal spa day allow me to unwind and have some much needed me-time which I think every woman needs, but it also rejuvenates my skin and erases some of the noticeable stress so I can get ready to enjoy the weekend.

Recently I have been using a new face mask by MaskerAide. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the appealing name and packaging. I love the cute girly design and these would be a perfect addition to a girl's night beauty session with friends.

Helping you prepare for some fun!
MaskerAide facial masks are super easy and convenient to use because they come in one simple mess free sheet that brightens nourishes and hydrates the skin. These masks are soaked in rich ingredients that improves the skin’s appearance and provides a fresh glow. They are called pre party prep for a good reason! They are made to help get you ready for any event you have planned by “priming your skin for a flawless, velvety smooth finish.” They are also handy because they are easy to take with you and use on weekend trips or vacations.
Benefits of MaskerAide facial masks

Beneficial Ingredients
I love products that use great ingredients and these masks contain some natural elements such as:

To use this mask all you have to do is follow the three simple steps on the back of the pack. It only takes 15-20 minutes, which is time I use to lay in bed with some music, read a book and just relax. You can use this mask daily or once per week.

I will be attending the Steven and Chris TV show which airs on CTV so I wanted to prepare my skin to be seen on national television! I had a little prep session with my MaskerAide mask the day before and my skin was fresh and ready for some high definition makeup.

The first thing I do before using this mask is cleanse my face. I use my Clarisonic so that the serum from the mask can better absorb into my skin. The mask is very cooling and refreshing and adheres to the skin quite easily. I was surprised that the mask fit so well around the eyes nose and mouth and I really like how wet it is, it was literally dripping with the serum. When I rinsed the serum off my face with water my skin felt clean and there was no residue left behind. 

I actually prefer this mask to my usual clay and mud masks because usually when those dry on my face they make my skin feel tight and itchy but this mask stayed wet the entire time and didn't end up caked into my hair or clothes. The smell is also pleasant. I followed up my mask with a moisturizer.

Cost and where to purchase
These masks cost $5.99 each and are available at

Other types of masks by MaskerAide
This company also sells a variety of other cute masks that are beneficial to the skin. Some of the other masks include: 
*Detox Diva
*All Nighter
*Weather Warrior
*Beauty Rest'ore

Great Gift Idea
Since the holidays are coming up I am on the lookout for great gift ideas and these masks would make a cute gift for friends, a nice addition to a gift basket or even great stocking stuffers for the women in your family.

**Disclaimer: These products were provided to me for a sponsored review courtesy of MaskerAide. All opinions stated in this review are my own and based on my experience with the products. Results may vary based on individual use.**

Friday, November 15, 2013

Wantable Subscription Box Review

Over the course of blogging I have read many posts and reviews on all types of different monthly subscriptions and beauty boxes that have emerged. There are so many out there that I found it a bit confusing and overwhelming. I also wasn't sure if some of those boxes would give me an adequate representation of a product if everything came in smaller sample sizes.

I was recently given the opportunity to try out my very first makeup subscription box with Wantable. What really caught my attention was the fact that Wantable offers full size products in each of their monthly boxes instead of sample sizes. They are also affiliated with some great companies to offer the hottest products hand- picked by their stylists to help keep you up to date with the season’s latest trends.

When the box is shipped Wantable sends an email which allows you track your shipment and follow its progress. I also thought shipping was quite fast so you don't have to stalk the mailman for very long.

Personalizing your boxes
The first thing I did when I got to the site was answer a few questions so that I could be matched with the right products. I like that they take your personal preferences into consideration and use your answers to help customize the products you receive in your box. This way you can help cut down your chances of getting stuck with products you may not use or like. They asked me questions relating to all categories of makeup such as lip products, eye products, skin products as well as questions about different textures, colors and finishes. It was all very comprehensive and quite fun.

When I opened the box it definitely seemed like they took most of my preferences into consideration. Lets review what I was sent. 

Lise Watier duo shadow and glitter
(in the color Pink Strass) retail value: $25

This product has a metallic cream eye shadow on the top with a chic little mirror and a glitter shadow at the bottom. The packaging is very nice and in the compact the shadow looks beautiful. When I tested this color on my skin it showed up extremely light and translucent. Very little of the pink pigment came through and it gave off a frosty matte sparkle finish that looked like a very faint highlight. I wasn't able to build up this color and it was very subtle when applied to the eyelids without the glitter. I guess with the wow factor of the glitter they were going for a more sheer look with the eye shadow. The texture however was quite smooth.
 The glitter in this duo is my favorite thing about this product. It is a lovely chunky pink glitter that catches the the light and looks beautiful. When applied over the cream shadow it looks pretty but you need to be careful and use a primer as I found that it was quite easy to wipe off without one. The good thing about this glitter is that it can be used with other eye shadows, and who doesn't like a little glitter during the holidays! Since I was in the market for some glitter I will definitely be using this shadow.

Michael Marcus eye shadow primer
Retail value: $24

 This primer by Michael Marcus is one that I had not previously tried and it provides a great base for eye shadow. I found that this primer really helped to smooth out the texture of the eyelids to prepare them for shadow application. It also helps to prolong my eye makeup and prevent creasing. It is excellent to use with cream based shadows. I use a shadow primer every time I apply eye makeup so this product is one I was happy to receive in the box.

You can see that this primer is a creamy beige color and looks similar to a concealer type of product but when you apply shadow over it the slight tint is not noticeable.

Reserves Moisturizing Lipstick 
(In the color Rose) Retail value $25
This was my favorite product in the box which surprised me. Usually I opt for bright bold colors but this lipstick is a gorgeous rusty pink shade with a shimmery soft, smooth satin finish. I love the gold flecks in this lipstick and I also like that it has SPF 20 and grape seed. It also contains anti-oxidants, eases the signs of aging and protects against free radicals and pollutants. The texture of this lipstick is fantastic and it doesn't dry out the lips.

Here is a swatch of the lipstick

Final thoughts
What I like about this box is that all the products seem to fit together well, the lipstick looks gorgeous with the sparkly shadow and the primer is essential for applying the glitter. I prefer to receive full size, good quality products rather than a few small samples and I thought this box delivered on that. The items were ideal for the holidays, and as Christmas and New Years Eve parties are coming up I think these products would be fitting. I like that the box included higher end brands and products in sizes that I could really use. I also like that some of the products in this box are not brands that I have tried before.

Wantable gives you the option of purchasing one box for $40 or an ongoing monthly subscription for $36. You can also cancel or pause your subscription at any time.

The box comes with a detailed description and information on each product and also lists the retail value. In this box I received $74 dollars worth of products plus one sample which I think is a good deal.

For more information on the Wantable makeup subscription box visit their website by clicking – HERE 

I think it is a great idea that this company caters to women's fashion and style with a variety of different subscriptions to choose from. 

Accessories box 
If makeup isn't your thing and you are more interested in accessorizing then Wantable also offers an accessories box,  for more information click - HERE
photo from
Intimates box
Wantable also offer an intimates box for those who are interested in trying the latest undergarments, tights, shape wear, camis, socks and lounge wear. For more information on this box click - HERE 
Photo from 

**Disclaimer: These products were provided to me for a sponsored review courtesy of Wantable. All opinions stated in this review are my own and based on my experience with the products. Results may vary based on individual use.**
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