Thursday, July 17, 2014

New York Color Expert Last Lipstick Review

NYC is a brand that I have been using since I was a kid and first began experimenting with makeup. Since then this budget friendly cosmetics line has expanded and enhanced their collection. The brand has recently launched the Expert Last Lipsticks in 20 fun shades ranging from nudes, medium tones and bright hues. These lipsticks are formulated to provide: “6 hours of wear, long-lasting shine, amplified color, and a velvety finish.” They are also made to outline the lips without feathering or bleeding.

The bright colorful tubes caught my attention right away and as soon as I swatched them the makeup addict in me just had to have them! 

For just $1.79 at Target here in Canada I was pleasantly surprised at the rich pigmentation and smooth texture. These lipsticks glide on quite creamy and appear bright and bold! Since I prefer hydrating formulas to keep my lips from drying and chapping I really liked these! They are slightly shiny and the quality is great. The texture does tend to become a bit less moisturizing the longer you wear it but they feel quite comfortable on the lips. 

The lipsticks are developed to match every mood and style, I purchased deep red and a variety of bright pinks with different finishes. 

For the price I was expecting the colors to appear sheer or be difficult to build-up but they provide full, opaque coverage and I like the enticing candy scent. 

Although they are made to last up to 6 hours and the lasting power is decent, (especially with a primer) they don’t hold up quite as long as advertised. I would also recommend not leaving them in the car during the summer and storing them in a cool dry place as they do tend to sweat in the heat.

My favorite shade is Air Kiss which I think is suitable for a wide range of skin tones and as you can see from the swatches below the texture is ultra rich!

At Walmart in the US the lipsticks retail for $1.99 and for that price you can experiment with some fun new shades this summer. To check out the full range of available colors click HERE.  


  1. Crazy pigmentation and such amazing colors

  2. wow I have one of these from Influenster but I had no idea they were so cheap! I will have to pick up other colors for sure! I liked the lipstick I just wasn't crazy about the color.

  3. Stunning and wonderfully pigmented!!
    The colours you manage to get are amazing!!
    xo Holly xo


  4. Wooooow these lipsticks are crazy pigmented, I would love to be able to find great quality products like these one at super small prices, I can't even pick a favourite, they are all so pretty! <3

  5. This is great! I can't say that I've tried anything from them but the Sunny bronzer, but I'll have to look into these soon


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