Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Restaurant Blog: Lahore Tikka House

Tented patio (frm my camera)
Looking for some great restaurants in Toronto this summer? Try Lahore Tikka House on 1365 Gerrard Street East Toronto. You won’t find anything fancy at Lahore as you dine on plastic chairs, tables and picnic benches but what you will find is tasty authentic Indian cuisine. If you like Indian food then you should definitely try Lahore; the prices are reasonable and the tented patio decorated with colourful sari fabrics only adds to the overall experience. Not only are the waiters friendly and hospitable but the food arrives incredibly fast and always simmering hot.
This is by far the best Indian restaurant I have ever been to in the GTA  even though I have to drive into the  busy downtown area to get there. The food is always well worth the trip and the restaurant is always teeming with people as Lahore's fan base continues to grow.

The ordering process is a bit strange, you have to mark down what dish you want directly on the menu and then head over to the cashier to place your order. You are then given a number which you must place on your table before your food is brought to you. At the end of your meal you must again make your way to the cahier to pay for your meal. Although it seems a bit redundant somehow the waiters manage to keep track with impeccably prompt service, and the food is well worth the hassle!

Thus far I have been satisfied with everything I have ordered which includes the biryani vegetable rice, the chicken biryani and the chicken tikka biryani. I have also tried the butter chicken, the mango lassi and the tea. My favourite by far are the chicken or beef kebabs with the regular or garlic butter nan bread.

Chicken and beef Kebabs (frm my camera)

garlic nan bread (frm my camera)

Tea (from my camera)

Biryani veggie rice (frm my camera)

If you love Indian food and haven’t been to Lahore you don’t know what you are missing!!

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