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Olay Pro X Advanced Cleansing System Review

Olay Pro X Advanced Cleansing System Review

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There are many facial cleansing systems on the market these days, but not all of them are equally as effective. I have been interested in getting a cleansing system for some time now because exfoliation no longer works well for me. For some reason my skin has changed in that it is now more sensitive to certain ingredients and sensitive to any abrasive cleansing, certain devices and facial scrubs. Although my skin has become more sensitive I still want the deepest clean possible and I want my skin looking its best.

*The device is very small which makes it easy to store and convenient for traveling.

*The price for the device is only $29.99 which is very affordable.

*The brush heads are incredibly soft which makes it great for sensitive skin as it does not cause irritation.

*The brush replacements are only $10.00 for two brush heads.

*This product cleans my skin wonderfully and leaves it feeling soft and supple.

*Olay recommends that you use their cleansers with this device but it works well with most facial cleansers.

*The device is water proof so it can be used it in the shower.

* The biggest issue I have with this device is that it is not rechargeable. It takes 2 double A batteries which you will have to keep replacing as long as you have the device. Since I use the device for only a few minutes before bedtime and batteries are cheap it doesn't affect the fact that I like the product.

*The product comes in white which isn't the best color when you are trying to clean and remove makeup. I’m the kind of person that likes aesthetically pleasing things so I would have liked the option of choosing from a few more colors.

* The device has two speeds and I would have preferred at least 3 speeds. I also do not think the highest speed setting is quite fast enough but it is still very effective.

*The device comes with an Olay exfoliating cleanser in a small sample size. I did not like the cleanser it came with because the exfoliating beads were a bit too abrasive in combination with the rotating motion of the brush head and I did not like that the cleanser did not really foam up or coat my entire face.

*The device does not come with a pouch to carry it in or a holder to rest it in which I think would have been very handy to have.

My overall impression:
I would definitely recommend this product to people who want a good cleansing device. The device has some small faults but it does what it claims and I like how smooth and clean it leaves my skin.

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