Monday, September 11, 2017

Kiehl’s Skincare Review - Bestsellers

Kiehl’s has been around since 1851 and over the years the brand has become renowned for quality ingredients and effective skincare that can be tailored to suit your individual needs. Now until September 27th 2017, you are invited to enjoy a free consultation at any Kiehl’s store across Canada to establish your skin needs and receive 5 complimentary samples! To celebrate this awesome promotion, I’ve been testing a few Kiehl’s Classics – a selection of top sellers and fan faves that have gained recognition for their amazing results.

First up is my personal favorite -  the Midnight Recovery Concentrate ($81.00) which comes in a dark blue bottle to maintain the integrity and potency of the natural ingredients. This replenishing Elixir is composed of pure essential oils and distilled botanicals that “restore the appearance of skin by morning.” Simply apply a few drops to clean skin before bed and let the nutritive extracts work their magic as you get your beauty rest. The oil smells fantastic and absorb deeply to regenerate, smooth, hydrate and repair. I absolutely love this product! It works well layered with my other night care and helps balance my skin to reduce and heal breakouts, blemishes and imperfections. After a few nights, my complexion is clear, even and supple.

I’ve been using Calendula Oil for years because it helps calm and soothe my skin. The Calendula Deep Cleansing Face Wash ($37.00) is soap and sulfate free to prevent dryness and the refreshing citrus extracts and rich lather foams away impurities, excess oil, dirt, bacteria and pore-clogging makeup.

The Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque ($35.00) is just what I need to prep my skin for a busy week and protect it from city smog and pollution. The rich, mineral clay is sourced from the Amazon River and gently draws out impurities and toxins while eliminating debris and dead skin cells. It also reduces the look of pores, purifies and detoxifies so skin appears clear, smooth, youthful and radiant.

I love anything that has avocado in it because the fatty oils are extremely nourishing. Kiehl’s has created the Creamy Eye Treatment with avocado ($38.00) – a decadent formula that moisturizes and rejuvenates delicate skin around the eyes to reduce the look of wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. It is thicker than most eyes creams so I prefer to apply it at night and I love that it doesn’t migrate into the eyes and burn.

The Crème de Corps All-Over Body Moisturizer ($39.00) is lightweight, non-greasy and incredibly hydrating! The cream alleviates dry, flaky skin on contact and makes my entire body feel supple, silky and healthy. This is a great product for fall/winter and it works wonders on dry hands, cuticles, nails and feet. I also use it after shaving to enhance smoothness and calm irritation.

The Ultra Facial Cream ($36.00) is a 24 hour daily moisturizer that can be used day or night to boost moisture with no greasy residue. The lightweight texture works well under makeup and I like to combine it with the Midnight Recovery Concentrate before bed to create an amazing night mask that revitalizes my skin.

You can find these great products at Kiehl’s Stores across Canada and online at kiehl’

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