Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Romantic Date Night Essentials From Avon

This year Valentine’s Day was on a Friday which means we had the entire Family Day Long-Weekend to indulge in sweet treats and romance.

Spending quality time with your partner should always be a priority (V-Day or not) so it’s a good idea to stash a few products away for special occasions or spontaneous date nights.

For a night on the town I like to shower, shave and clean my teeth before applying makeup. Avon’s Periore Himalaya Pink Salt Toothpaste ($13.00) removes plaque and stubborn stains with a gentle cruelty-free vegan formula. There is no floride, parabens or artificial color and the icy mint flavor keeps your breath fresh for hours.

The pump dispenses the perfect amount of mineral-rich cream to maintain healthy gums and prevent cavities. I actually have a Himalayan salt lamp on my bedside table for air purification and it is the only salt I cook with. When consumed regularly, pink salt may help balance electrolytes and pH, increase hydration, regulate water content in the body, prevent muscle cramps, strengthen bones, lower blood pressure, eliminate toxins and improve circulation.

Enjoying a relaxing soak with your love is always a good idea and Avon’s fragrant Strawberries and Cream Bubble Bath ($12.00) and Bath Petals ($12.00) help set the mood. Light some scented candles, make sure there is a substantial amount of fluffy foam and sprinkle in the soap petals. Your partner will think they’ve died and gone to heaven.

If you plan to go out for date night you’ll need some pretty makeup and Avon always has a great selection. The Send Roses Eye Palette ($22.00) features 16 elegant shades infused with radiant shimmer and metallic flecks. The gold, champagne and silvery hues pair well with the soft neutrals and I’m obsessed with the pink garnet.

For best coverage, use a good primer and spread the color evenly. The shadows are well pigmented, vivid and velvety.

Avon has managed to successfully combine two of my favorite things – lipstick and gelato! The adorable One More Scoop Lip Tints ($15.00 ea) smell exactly like the delicious flavors listed on the wrapping. The color of the ice cream scoop does not indicate the actual shade but the tints are vibrant, buildable, creamy, moist and highly saturated. The deeper hues leave behind a prominent stain so apply them within the border of your lips for a neat finish.

The yellow cone (Raspberry Limoncello) and the brown cone (Chocolate Cherry) are my favorites.

You know when Beyonce said “if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it?” well she might have been talking about Avon’s Limited-Edition Put a Ring On it Lip Tints ($13.00 ea). They remind me of the colorful Ring Pop Candy I ate as a kid.

The pigments are bright, lightweight, buildable and comfortable with a delicious scent. Although the texture is a bit liquidy, the color spreads evenly, dries quickly and stays put all day – similar to the stain you get after eating a cherry popsicle.

You can’t show off your rings without moisturizing your skin and this is a great time to stock-up on spring hand creams. Right now you can get 2 pretty floral tubes for just $5.00 online. The formula nourishes dry skin, damaged nails and ragged cuticles with no greasiness and I love the soft vanilla scent. Get one for yourself and a friend.

These products are available at avon.ca

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