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Travel Blog Exuma Bahamas

For my first travel blog I decided to dedicate it to one of the most beautiful places I have been to thus far Exuma Islands in the Bahamas. My husband and I went to Exuma as one of the stops we made on our honeymoon and it was so breathtaking I had to recommend going there to everyone I knew. We booked our Exuma power boat adventure from a brochure that we saw at our hotel and decided to go on the last day of our vacation, it was a bit costly at approximately $100 dollars per person but it turned out to be the highlight of our entire trip!
We found our brochure for the power boat adventure tour at our resort (Breezes Resort in Nassau) the prices I found online vary. I would suggest you ask at your resort.

Crystal waters of Exuma (from my camera)

We took a speed boat from Nassau to a private island in Exuma and when we pulled up to the island the view was breathtaking! The water was crystal clear (some of the clearest water on earth I’ve recently learned) the view was better than a postcard! And the pictures we took can attest to that.

The tour takes about 9 hours so your day has to be free to take part.
 The tour included:
-Full day trip from Nassau to Ship Channel Cay in the Exuma chain
-Powerboat cruise to Allen's Cay
- Buffet lunch and after you eat you can throw any left over’s into the water to feed the sharks and tropical fish that swim freely in the crystal water as you dine.
- A boat ride to iguana island (home to aprox 500 iguana’s) where you get a chance to feed them if you choose.
-Snorkeling (equipment provided)
-Time to enjoy the beach and swim
- A ride out into the water where you can get out of the boat and wade through the sand dune. If you can manage to carry your camera and not get it wet you can take some fantastic photos so that it looks like you are standing in the middle of the ocean with beautiful green hills and crystal water surrounding you!
- A guided nature trek of the island
- Pick up and drop off from your Nassau hotel.

Although this was the highlight of our Bahamas stay we also did a lot of other fun activities while in the Bahamas that I would recommend including:

-A visit to downtown Nassau to the Senior Frogs restaurant and bar

-Paradise Island Atlantis: If you are not staying at the Atlantis hotel you can always go to visit and take a guided tour. The resort is a tourist attraction it itself with great shops, restaurant and many lovely aquariums to visit. My friends that have been there also recommend the night club located close to the casino.

-The Straw Market downtown Nassau: This is a must for anyone who wants to get some great deals on souvenirs and a lot of nice purses and accessories for the ladies!

Atlantis resort (from my camera)
-Luciano’s of Chicago restaurant: This restaurant it beautiful, in fact a friend of mine attended a wedding at this restaurant! Not only is the ambiance spectacular but the food is great and if you sit outside on the patio there is a beautiful view of the Atlantis resort across the water. (If you do go try the rum and raisin bread pudding! It is yummy!)

Cable Beach

-Cable Beach: This beach is great for relaxing, swimming, and water sports. You can stay at a resort that has access directly to this beach.

-Conch: conch is one of the main dishes in Nassau, it can be found almost everywhere you go and cooked in many different ways. I detest sea food but I thought “ah well when in Rome” or in this case the Bahamas do as the locals do and try something out of my comfort zone. I had the conch salad and actually liked it enough to finish it.

The only downfall I found in travelling through Nassau was the solicitors trying to get you to go to time share meetings. Everywhere we turned even on the beach of our resort there were people surrounding us like vultures to try and get us go to their presentations. They offer you incentives such as money, and you will find these people everywhere you go! Some that we encountered were disguised as tour guides and security guards. It is up to you if you would like to attend but we found that having to constantly duck these persistent people who sometimes follow you along the street even after you say no is something that the government should look to correct for the sake of tourism.

Feeding the sharks (from my camera)

Iguana island (From my camera)
Snorkeling boat (from my camera)



  1. Oh Erica ,I enjoyed reading this,now I like to see your blog,love ya

  2. Thanks Joy, I have added some photos now hope you enjoy them.

  3. Now, I know I'll have to definitely look into a trip to the Bahamas. Great post and pictures.


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