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Kiss Gel Fantasy Ready-To-Wear Nails Review & Giveaway!

On my hunt for an easy manicure and a splash of nail art without much effort I have reviewed a variety of press-on nails without very much luck. Most of them were too wide or too short for my long nail beds and no matter what size I tried they didn't work for me. Thankfully Kiss finally got it right with the new Gel Fantasy Ready-To-Wear nails. These sparkly beauties come in 8 trendy designs and most importantly they give you application options that work and last!

The whole point of press-on nails is to achieve a beautiful manicure in as little time as possible but when you first remove all 24, ultra-shiny gel nails and spread them before you, don’t expect to breeze through application.

Initially it does take a bit of time to correctly match up the gel nails to your own but the great thing about these is that they are all numbered. Once you match up one hand you can quickly complete the other by looking for the exact same numbers and if you repurchase boxes in the same size you will always know which numbers fit your nails! This actually makes the entire process less taxing and much faster for future applications! The numbers are very small and difficult to see but they are located on the very tips of the nails.

The boxes I have contain medium length nails and they actually fit! Since this is the first set of nails to fit well and look natural and professional I was quite impressed. They are also available in a shorter length and are made to last up to one week regardless of which application method you use.

When I tested other varieties of press-ons in the past I never thought the adhesiveness was adequate enough for long-wear. They usually popped off in less than an hour and after hand washing I would frequently lose a few! With the Gel Fantasy nails however there are stickers in the boxes which are also conveniently numbered to correspond with the sizes you are using plus there is nail glue! If you prefer to wear the nails for a shorter period of time the mega adhesive tabs are easier to remove. If you want longer wear out of the nails then opt for the glue.

My application tips:
In the directions it instructs you to apply glue to both your natural nails and the gel nails but in my experience this is too much and may cause pooling. I applied glue to the gel nail only and spread it evenly.

Make sure to have tissue ready to wipe away excess glue around the nails and use nail polish remover for any glue that gets onto your fingers. The glue binds very well to skin and can be difficult to remove so the sooner you wipe it off the better!

I personally like the glue method best because it only takes 5 seconds to adhere and it is very secure so I don't have to worry about them popping off.

Removing gel nail and glue
For removal the directions suggest soaking the nails in polish remover until soft and then wiping them off along with the glue. This didn't quite work the way it was described because regular polish remover did not make the nails soft enough to wipe away. Filing the surface and cutting them may break the gel seal and ease the process.

I soaked each nail in polish remover by dunking my fingertips into the solution. The nails don't soften much but the glue will start to break down so you can gently lift the nails off (make sure you don't rip them off). Most of the nails came off whole while others broke into pieces which I was able to pick off.

To dissolve the nails you need something stronger like the Kiss All or One Artificial Nail Remover which safety removes glue-on nails, tips, gel nails and wraps (with the exception of acrylics). To use you simply fill the soaker tub with the solution and submerge one hand at a time.

The container is lined with flexible plastic brushes which you can rub the nails against as they dissolve for quicker, more efficient removal and there is a separate hole for the thumb.

Although nail residue may build up in the solution after a few uses you can simply empty it out and replace it with regular nail polish remover or pure acetone which also removes artificial nails, glitter and gel polish. The Kiss Nail Remover retails for $11.99 at Walmart and Target.

Pure acetone can also be purchased at Walmart

After removal I clean my natural nails with more acetone on a cotton ball to remove any remnants of glue and I lightly buffed the surface. To finish I washed my hands thoroughly with soap and warm water to get rid of the chemicals and apply a natural oil and a rich cream to my cuticles, nails and fingers to combat the drying effect of the acetone.

The nails lasted 8 days before one of them finally popped off and I was not gentle or careful with them! The surface did not chip or scratch and they retained their shiny gel finish. After removal my nails appeared normal with no damage although I still left them bare to take a break from glue and polish. 

Adhesive tab removal
If you use the tabs you only have to soak the edges of the nails in polish remover, wait one minute and peel them off from the sides. The kit also comes with a cuticle pusher and a little nail file.

Reusing the nails
If you want to try reusing the nails, I suggest using the tabs first and then go for the glue because once you soak them in acetone they become unusable. If you glue the nails on and one pops off you can re-glue it although you may not want to wear them for more than the recommended time. 

I love the flashy designs! They are great for events and the glam black nails with silver sparkle just screams party time!

Overall these nails were a success! They fit, work well and look great which is all you can ask for with press-ons. They retail for $10.99 per box and you can find them at: Target, Walmart, London Drugs and Jean Coutu.

I haven’t hosted a giveaway since summer so I thought I’d send a couple of my beautiful readers some lovely press-on nails to try!

TWO WINNERS  will be chosen and each will receive 1 box of the new Gel Fantasy nails + 2 boxes of the Broadway impress nails valued at $32.97 CAD Tweeting and pinning can be done daily for more entries!

Please follow the rules and use the form below to enter. This giveaway is open internationally and will run from: Thursday January 22 to Thursday February 12th 2015. Good luck everyone!

Two giveaway winners have been randomly selected via out of 9,020 entries! Congratulations to Chelsea and Breanna for each winning a Kiss and Broadway Nails prize pack! I hope you ladies enjoy them and create some glam manicures.

If you did not win please note that I will be hosting a few more awesome skincare and makeup giveaways shortly so stay tuned for another chance to win some amazing prizes. Thanks to everyone who entered. 

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Giveaway Rules & Disclaimer
This giveaway is hosted by DiaryofaTrendaholic.Com. 2 winners will be chosen at random (via Random.Org). Each winner will receive 3 boxes of nails, 1 box of Kiss Gel-Fantasy nails and 2 boxes of Broadway im-press nails (of various sizes and styles chosen by me).  Each prize bundle is approximately valued at $32.97 Canadian. 

All information must be entered correctly as outlined via Rafflecoptor as only viable entries will be considered. Kiss and Broadway Nails are not associated with this giveaway and all inquiries should be sent to This giveaway is open internationally and will run for 3 weeks beginning on Thursday January 22, 2015 at 12am ending on Thursday February 12th at 12am Eastern Time Zone. Winners may be announced up to 1 week after the end date. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older to enter. The winners must send their mailing address (no PO Box addresses) and contact information to to receive the prize.  Winners will also be contacted by email if a valid email address is provided upon entering. In the event that a winner does not claim the prize within 4 days a second winner will be selected at random or another thereafter until the prize is claimed. 

Diary of a Trendaholic is not responsible for a lost package(s), delays, damages or any other issues that occur during shipping, handling, processing or mailing. In the event of unforeseen circumstances the blog owner may choose to send a replacement prize equal to or differing from the original giveaway prize depending on product availability. The nature of any prize substitution will be decided on at the sole discretion of the host without any additional notification or permission. The blog owner may also choose not to replace or substitute the prize and there will be no cash alternative under any circumstance. Kiss is not responsible for shipping or inquiries pertaining to this giveaway.

By accepting the prize the winner(s) agree to comply with the rules and regulations herein which cannot be contested including the use of any legal action against the blog owner or Kiss. 

The blog owner reserves the right to amend or cancel this giveaway at any time. Entrants will be deemed to have accepted the official terms and conditions (“the rules”) and are agreed to be bound by them. By entering this giveaway you agree to the collection of personal information. Your details will not be used or disclosed to other persons or entities.  

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