Friday, September 6, 2013

August Favorites

I`m a bit late this month with my Aug favs because of my makeup giveaway that is going on, don`t forget to enter at: Giveaway!

benefit they're real mascara and benefit highlight stick
I have been using this mascara for some time now, and although I like that it helps elongate my lashes and makes them look fuller I also find it a bit harsh. The applicator combs through the lashes a bit roughly so I don't use it all the time but I do like it. I also like the benefit highlight, it gives your skin a nice shimmery effect, just don't wear too much!

Pearl of Argan hair oil
This argan oil is great to combat dryness and keeps my hair feeling smooth and soft. I found this product at Winners.

Sally Hansen Rockstar Pink
Beautiful multicolored glittery nail polish with very fine glitter fragments. 

Blinged out bracelets
I got these bracelets in Dubai in a small boutique at the airport. I thought they went well together and they are so pretty.

Nywele Moisture Repair Conditioner
This conditioner is suppose to: penetrate the hair, add shine and softness, strengthen, protect against styling and UV damage. My mom recommended this conditioner and considers it is better than the Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deep Moisture Conditioner which is quite popular. This conditioner contains olive oil and really leaves my hair nice and soft when I need to get in a quick conditioning treatment. You can find this product online, select beauty supply stores and sometimes at Winners.

Jewelry box
This large box with drawers is great for storing jewelry, it was purchased at HomeSense.

Herbal Essence totally twisted curl boosting mousse and strengthening serum with honey
I haven't used Herbal Essence since I was a kid but I needed a mousse for curly hair since I wanted a bit more hold in the summer months. This mousse is great for scrunching and also smells wonderful. It is specifically for curly hair and works well in humidity. The strengthening serum doesn't really strengthen but it does help with any dryness and makes my hair a tad softer. I would recommend using it on wet or damp hair and then not handling your hair until it dries to reduce frizz.

Olay Ribbons body wash
This body wash smells divine, with jojoba extract and wild orchid, I love how creamy and bubbly it is.

I LOVE this chandelier, it is  perfect for bedrooms and gives the entire room a hint of elegance. This is from Canadian Tire but I am sure you can find something similar online. The downside was that all the crystals and small parts had to be put on by hand and it was a tough assembly process with poor directions but well worth the effort.

Cruzan Rum
I purchased this Cruzan rum in St Thomas while on vacation. They come in delicious flavors like: vanilla, black cherry, banana, coconut, mango, pineapple, raspberry and aged rum. They are sweet and taste great chilled. They also taste good on their own or in cocktails and there are cocktail recipes on the back of the box. This box also makes a great gift.

Cute notebook and weekly planner
Back to school sales are not just for students. If you need office supplies, stationary or planners for the coming year this is a great time to buy. The stores have all their back to school merchandise out so I decided to buy a cute floral notebook and a weekly/monthly planner for 2014. The notebook was only $2 and the planner was $3  from Dollarama. I love the designs!

Visit Paris by Metro App
This app is wonderful if you are visiting Paris. It works on Iphone and android devices and once you download the map you do not need the internet to use it. You can map out your public transportation routes and get directions to the nearest attractions. It helped us successfully maneuver around the Paris metro system.

What were your favs in August? 


  1. oh my dear! i thought i had followed you back all along and i went to check and i was not :( i corrected that now!! i love oil of olay products. great review my blogging friend. thanks for always stopping by!

    1. No problem, and you are welcome. Hope you entered the giveaway.

  2. That higlighter looks amazing! I haven't tried The Balm yet, but Mary-Lou Manizer is on my wishlist :D I love sparkly nail polishes, the Sally Hansan one looks lovely :) We had HB too, but I don't think it is sold here no more, we only had the shampoos if I remember correctly :D

  3. wow this is an amazing post! I’m so glad I dropped past your blog ☺!!!
    Keep up the great work and hope we can keep in touch!

    Xx Michelle

  4. Hey, Erica. It's so interesting to find other stuff in your favorites list, not only beauty products :)

    Jewelry box looks very nice. I have 2 boxes, but one should be better. I also like Sally Hansen nail polish!

    1. Thanks, I try to include other favs as well as beauty items to mix it up a bit.

  5. Love that Sally Hansen Rockstar Pink polish!!!

    1. It is very nice! I want to get bit more creative with it

  6. the jewelry organizer is awesome. I love shopping at Winners/HomeSense. Always find great items there. The Sally Hansen polish is so pretty.

  7. Great list I really want to try that Sally Hansen polish and the olay body wash.

    My Fave items this month were chanel le volume mascara and the nude tude palette by the balm.

  8. I love cosmetics Balea ;)

    I follow you beautiful blog. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog

  9. That benefit set looks really nice! I just ordered it online yesterday, and I can't wait to try it!

  10. I bought the benefit they're real mascara, but I haven't opened it yet. I've heard some great things about it, though. =0)
    Saying hi from the Aloha Hop. I'm already following, but I'm visiting all my fellow co-hosts for this month!


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