Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What to do with leftover chicken

Hi everyone, today I have a quick recipe for you. I decided to do something different with my leftover chicken and make homemade nachos!! These nachos are very delicious and way better than the nachos you order at restaurants. It is also super easy to make.

All you need is:
*Left over chicken, I used seasoned chicken breast
*Chopped green onion
* Tortilla chips, I used the Tostitos restaurant style chips
*Salsa, my favorite salsa is the Pace salsa with medium spiciness
* Shredded or grated cheese, for a healthier option use low fat cheese
*Sour cream, I used low fat sour cream
Other toppings you can add: jalapenos, guacamole, cooked beans.

In a baking dish layer the chips flat and cover generously with salsa.

Layer more chips on top and more salsa; you can create as many layers as you want depending on how many people you are feeding. Layering will allow every bite to have toppings.

Cut the chicken up, (be sure to remove any bones) and place the chicken all over the top layer of chips and salsa, sprinkle with green onion and which ever other toppings you choose, then layer with cheese. I used some of the sauce/gravy the chicken was cooked in and mixed it into the chopped chicken before putting it on the chips, this depends on the type of chicken and sauce you have but it made everything much tastier.

Bake until all the cheese is melted but do not over bake.

Remove from the oven and add dollops of sour cream and if you want guacamole on top.

These nachos are very filling and would be great for dinner, lunch parties, Superbowl parties, birthdays and all types of gatherings. My sister and I like making them for girls night in and pairing it with a bottle of wine.


  1. Oh my gosh. This looks soo delicious. Nice and easy dinner idea when I don't feel like cooking a lot. Thanks for the recipe. :)

  2. This looks very DROOL-worthy! lol! Thanks for sharing this recipe! You have a very lovely blog!

    New follower! xx Liz

  3. mmmm! yes! lovely idea. chicken is so versatile!

  4. I never thought about this, but it is such a great idea! Not to mention the plate looks amazing.


  5. HEAVEN!!!! Omg, that looks delicious, I HAVE to try this soon :X

  6. This looks soooooo good!!! O_O;

    (I found you on the blog hop and am now following :D)

  7. Looks very very delicious! It's a good idea to pair nachos with wine, I was thinking only about beer.

    Makeup Demon blog
    Makeup Demon Bloglovin

  8. that looks amazing!


  9. Que deliciosos, me encantan los nachos. Besos, si quieres nos seguimos

  10. This looks so amazing. My mouth is actually watering... I do have a weak spot for nachos!

    Glad to have just found your blog through the aloha blog hop!

    x Sarah

  11. is it weird that this looks good and it's only 8:30 in the morning? ha!
    thanks for co-hosting the aloha blog hop - i just found your blog from there and I'm excited to be following along :) come say hi if you get a chance, I love making new blogging buddies!

  12. My stomach is growling! Thanks for sharing this easy recipe.


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