Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Name Necklace Canada Jewelry Review

The holidays are fast approaching and who doesn't love getting a gift that is personalized and thoughtful. For all you jewelry and accessory lovers out there today’s post is dedicated to stylish, tasteful and customized jewelry.

Recently I was asked to review a beautiful necklace from MyName Necklace Canada which is an online store that specializes in making trendy personalized jewelry in sterling silver and gold.

What I like most about this company is that not only is the jewelry monogrammed but the pieces are handmade specifically for the receiver and they are quite stylish!

The website has a lot to choose from in terms of design. You can get lovely necklaces with full names written out in pretty script, letters monogrammed onto trendy gold or silver pieces and customized bracelets and rings.

Not only do they cater to any holiday season but this jewelry makes selecting a personalized gift simple. My Name Necklace offers jewelry for women of all ages, kids and they even have nice pieces for men. You can also attach a birthstone inspired crystal to some pendants.Whether you are looking to commemorate an anniversary, birthday, Valentine's, or mother's day the website has a variety of pieces that will work for every occasion and make gift giving special. 

The piece that I received was made specially for me, it is a simple yet chic silver initial pendant with a detached emerald Swarovski crystal. I love the necklace that the pendant is on, it is delicate and very pretty. I think the chain will also match well with other pendants I have in my collection or it can be worn alone which makes it quite versatile. This pendant looks appealing against the skin and most fabrics.

Emerald is always a hot color for fall and Christmas and the crystal adds a touch of color and elegance to dress up the simplicity of the pendant. The crystal also comes in Amethyst, Aquamarine and clear crystal. I think this particular piece works well for ladies of all ages and even though the chain is quite dainty is it still durable enough and pretty good quality. I can wear this necklace casually and also for more  formal occasions.

I think this piece looks very pretty in nice lighting but I did find that the pendant was prone to finger print marks. I would also have liked it if the E was engraved on both sides so that if the pendant flips over I could still see the initial; but over all this is a very wearable necklace.

The box  is very cute so you don't even have to wrap it!

The website offers a lot of different possibilities when designing your piece and you have the option of choosing from 18k gold plated, 14k yellow gold, 14k white gold and fun colorful designs with funky lettering. You can also specify a chain length for your order depending on where you want your pendant to fall.

For all those interested you can check out the website by clicking on - My Name Necklace This necklace is on sale right now for $39.94 and if you use the code DIARY you will receive 10% off your order.
*(I am not being compensated for any purchases made at My Name Necklace Canada)*

You can also check out the new arrivals by clicking HERE

You can find more information about this Jewelry at - My Name Necklace
you can also find them on:

**Disclaimer: This product was provided for a sponsored review courtesy of My Name Necklace Canada. All opinions stated in this review are my own and based on my experience with the product.**


  1. That is very cute! I love anything with emerald in it, it's my birthstone.

  2. I love customized jewelry pieces, make perfect gifts. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Such a pretty necklace and definitely a good item to gift!! I love personalized gifts!

  5. Your necklace is beautiful!
    Great idea for a gift!
    I'll visit the site.

  6. I like simple jewelry. And you're right about the box too - so cute!

  7. this is such a cute necklace !! Nice item to give gift ! Would you like to follow each other dear :) xx

  8. Oh my, it is so delicate and pretty, love it <3 It is a perfect gift for Christmas :D

  9. I am very frustrated at this point. I placed my order on Mar 22, and didn't receive confirmation email. I emailed them right away, and Diana Keller responded to me exactly 11 hours later on Mar 13 saying that they will contact me once my order is shipped. On Mar 27th i contacted them saying to cancel my order as i still didn't hear anything from them. Diane replied that my order WAS shipped on March 30th and we were on March 27th. So after i mentioned that she apologized and said it will be shipped on Mar 30 completely ignoring my cancellation request. When I asked again that i wanted refund due to the time they were taking and poor communication Diane said they can't cancel order, but I can cancel my shipping at the time of delivery and i will be responsible to pay 30% restocking fee.
    Terrible service and company to deal with. Be sure that they don't reply to emails right away and it's not that easy to make a cancellation of order as they make sure they take their time to reply like in my case.

    1. Sorry to hear about your experience, they should have replied to your emails. It took about 3 weeks for me to get my necklace which was quite long but it was during the Christmas rush. I don't know what their cancellation policy is but I hope you get it sorted out and they give you what you want. Thanks for the input.


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