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Judith August Cosmetics: Superior Coverage for Dark Circles

Today I have a review on a product for those dealing with dark circles. If you are like me and the many people who have unsightly darkness under the eyes then you know that concealing them can be quite a task. With deeper shades of pigmentation concealer alone may not be enough to sufficiently even skin tone and a corrector is often needed.

Judith AugustCosmetics manufactures some of the best concealing makeup on the market. Whether you need to cover blemishes, scars, tattoos, birthmarks, age spots or veins this line has something for everyone who craves flawless, even skin. They also make heavy duty block-out makeup for post-surgical discolorations as well as invisible stockings, pressed powders and makeup remover.

The Orange Masking Crème by Judith August is made to offer “superior coverage for dark under eye circles” and consists of three tones: peach, yellow and pink.

What makes the crème effective is its ability to “neutralize the blue and brown tones of dark circles" that are caused by allergies, lack of sleep and heredity. It helps cover “blotches, bruises, freckles and pigmentation loss” and can be used as a foundation to "brighten sallow looking skin." The crème is paraben free and contains vitamins A and E. 

What I like about this crème is that you can use the shades individually or mix and match to create the right coverage and color for your skin tone. For my skin I use the medium shade which is the largest wedge at the bottom and I apply a dab of the deepest peach on top. The lightest shade brightens and highlights my face.

The formula is velvety smooth and lusciously creamy. Using a small amount provides creaseless application but if you layer it heavier creasing may occur. It is also quite hydrating and does not accentuate dry skin. A few small dabs offers full coverage and blends effortlessly. It doesn't usually get cakey but the more you apply the heavier and thicker it tends to feel. The crème disguises discoloration and blemishes while camouflaging dark circles efficiently and it also works well under my foundation. Because the formula is so creamy I recommend setting it well, I prefer a mattifying product.

In the photos below I an wearing the Masking Creme under my eyes and on a couple of faint spots that were beginning to fade. For application you can use a sponge or your finger but my preferred method is using my e.l.f. Cosmetics flawless concealer brush which really gets into the grooves and texture of the skin. Because the creme camouflages darkness so well, my entire face looks even, brighter and healthier. 

You can purchase the masking cream on the website by clicking HERE it retails for $30 

Killer Cleanser Total Makeup Remover
The Orange Masking Crème may help you achieve flawless looking skin for everyday wear or for HD cameras and recording devices but sooner or later it all has to come off! The Killer Cleanser liquefying makeup remover cleanses the face in a jiffy by emulsifying all types of makeup. Recently I have tried and reviewed a few popular oil based removers and so far this one takes first place!

At the end of a long day I want my makeup off as fast as possible and this oil based cleanser lifts off makeup and dirt “while soothing and nourishing skin.” It also helps soften mascara and removes waterproof makeup quickly and efficiently without irritating the eyes. I can wipe off my makeup with just a few quick swipes and it leaves my skin looking dewy, refreshed and smooth. If you wear light to medium coverage makeup you may be able to use this cleanser without following up with a foaming face wash because a small amount works wonders and is gentle and non-drying.

The formula contains: aloe vera, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. The unique thing about this makeup remover is that it blends and melts into skin effortlessly and can also be used as an all over body crème to moisturize dry skin!
You can find the cleanser by clicking HERE it retails for $22 dollars.
To see more great products from this brand visit the website at JudithAugustCosmetics.Com

**Disclaimer: These products were provided for review courtesy of Judith August Cosmetics. All opinions stated in this review are my own and based on my experience with the products. Results may vary based on individual use.**


  1. Great review of the products! The concealer seems interesting, may check it out once I finish with Project 10 Pan!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  2. that concealer looks awesome. i get dark circles so i love trying new concealers.

  3. My sister always complains about her dark circles and says she has trouble fully concealing them! I'm sending her a link to your post!

  4. Love Judith August's products. Use her everything pencil and Fabulous Finish everyday.


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