Monday, June 30, 2014

O.P.I Pure Lacquer Nails Apps Review

Recently I reviewed the Broadway imPRESS nails which didn't work for me due to sizing but the idea was very appealing! Inspired by the concept of a quick manicure I recently tried my luck with the Pure Lacquer Nail Apps by O.P.I. Unlike the imPRESS nails which are plastic, these stickers are made with 100% pure lacquer.

The stickers can be filed down and adjusted to fit the nails and they contain base coat, color and top coat all-in-one. At first glance they appeared easy to use and come in a variety of patterns, finishes and intricate designs ideal for those who have yet to master the skills of nail art.

How to Use:
1. Start with clean dry nails
2. Remove clear film and peel strip away from backing
3. Place strip on nail
4. Crease strip at edges and file off excess in a downward motion.
Removal can be achieved with average nail polish remover.

The packet contains 16 pre-cut strips but there is no indication of how long they are meant to last and if you do not use the strips immediately after peeling they dry out.

I chose a lace pattern in pink and grey

I purchased these on sale for $2.50 per pack which was a great deal since they retail for $10.96. The stickers are wide and have a lot excess material at the end which allows you to shape and form them to the length and width of your nails.
Prep & Materials
Before application make sure nails are thoroughly cleansed to improve adhesion. I also recommend having small cosmetic scissors on hand to trim the sides. O.P.I recommends not using a top coat over the stickers.

Application Tips 
Application was tricky and not as fast as anticipated. With the amount of time it took to adjust, shape, cut and apply it was quite tedious and took longer than using regular polish. Make sure the edges of the stickers are cut accurately because if they overlap onto skin they will lift. The strips are not sticky enough for long-wear and mine began detaching less than an hour after application.

Although the designs are nice and my nails are long enough to accommodate them if you have shorter nail you won't get much of the lace design on your nail beds. The stickers may wrinkle during application so it takes a while to get them to lay smoothly.
Final Thoughts
I like the concept and designs but I thought these stickers would be fast and easy to use and they were not! They don't last long enough relative to the time it takes to apply them and they started coming off when I scratched my arm! If I had spent $11 dollars on these I would have been even more disappointed. 


  1. I was hoping these would get a better review, but that totally sucks! Especially coming from OPI. At least you were able to get them on sale for $2.

  2. These look very similar to the SH ones, I think it really depends on the person. I for one love strips like these!

    1. I really wanted them to work for me :( Maybe I need your nail expertise :) But I did follow the instructions. They just weren't sticky enough but I do love OPI

  3. these look so pretty, shame they were a pain to apply! I've always had the same problem with nail wraps (aside from the Sally Hansen ones which are amazing) most of them peel off the same day so just aren't worth the hassle x

  4. I hated my OPI nail apps!
    I love their polishes but these were terrible!!
    I prefer Revlon and Sally Hansen's versions better!
    xo Holly xo


  5. The design looks pretty cool :D I've tried some from Sephora I think, but they didn't last too long and I didn't have the patience to apply them haha :)))

  6. I like the idea of nail stickers, but I've experienced similar problems using other brands like Nail Rock and Sally Hansen. The stickers either don't stay on my nails or else the shapes don't fit over my nails properly. I'll be sticking with polish, too.


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