Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Maybelline Expert Wear Eye Shadow Quad Review

Purple is my favorite color and purple eye shadows are great for every season and most skin tones. Today I have a review on the Maybelline Expert Wear Quad in the color Luminous Lilac. This quad contains:
*Frosted pink base
*Shimmery pink/coral for the lids
*Shimmery grey for the crease
*Deep purple liner

The shadows are smooth, compliment each other well and have light to medium pigmentation. If you prefer a shimmer finish then this palette is ideal because all shades contain varying degrees of fine glitter. Although I like shimmer one solid color for crease blending would have been a nice addition and it does take time to build-up to bold saturation.

I tried to use the colors as suggested but the base shade works better as a lid color and if you attempt to place the pink lid color on top of the base it doesn't quite adhere or show through. I also found the crease color too shimmery for use in the crease so I  heavily applied the purple on top to deepen it. Although I achieved decent saturation it took patience and work; I used a good primer and multiple layers. The liner shade works best when damp for a more dramatic effect.

The quad palettes come in 14 color combos to suit a variety of eye colors and skin tones and although the colors are pretty the texture is a tad flaky. I didn't have problems with creasing throughout the day and paired with a primer the shadows are long-lasting.

You can find these palettes at most drug stores including Walmart and Target.

**Disclaimer: This product was provided for review. 


  1. Such a pretty palette, great colors to play with and I love what you created with it.

  2. That purple liner is so vivid and gorgeous!

  3. Wow what a great palette!
    These bright colours look amazing on you!
    xo Holly xo



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