Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Silk Naturals Mineral Eye Shadow Review

When I find products that are affordable, great quality and safe it keeps me going back for more. In March I reviewed the beautiful mineral eye shadows from Silk Naturals and today I have even more gorgeous colors to share.

Silk Naturals is a company that strives to create homemade beauty products with more natural ingredients including vegan and gluten free options. The loose pigments are my favorite items from the brand because of the vivid, vivacious colors! These shadows are highly saturated, easy to build and there are over 275 shades available! With so much variety it is difficult to pick favorites and the swatches online do not express the amazing multi-dimensional shimmer, deep rich hues and smooth texture.

The shadows come in small jars with a sifter top that is easily removable and each 5g jar contains about ¾ teaspoon of pigment. With these shadows a little goes a long way and the texture is soft, fine and easy to apply for non-creasing, long-wear coverage. They are also available in matte, shimmer and glitter finishes.

The shades I have are:
*Loaded- a rose gold
*Kick- this purple is not as solid as the others; it is slightly transparent with a layer of pretty glitter
*Vandal-deep shimmery blue
*Element- a true Midas gold that is yellow based
*Rouge- light shimmery blue
*Swamp-  matte, light green, (a bit darker than lime green)
*Burnout-shimmery, deep burgundy/plum
*Magpie- shimmery blue/silver (but up close it seems to contain flecks of sea foam green!)

(swatched over Silk Natural's Stick em primer)

My favorite blue shadow called Paranormal is from this brand and I love how easy they blend. I prefer loose pigments because the color pay-off is usually more intense than the pressed variety and provide a wider range of saturation to play with. When paired with Silk Natural’s Stick em primer the shadows adhere well to skin and look stunning!

If you are new to loose shadow I recommend using the following method of application:
1. Refrain from applying face makeup such as: foundation, concealer, blush etc until AFTER you complete your eye makeup. This reduces the chance of fall-out messing up your makeup.
2. Use a flat shadow brush and dab it into the pigment
3. Gently knock off excess shadow on the side of the jar to help prevent fall-out
4. Using small dabbing motions press the pigment onto the lids starting at the center and working your way out.
5. Build up the color to your desired saturation

(Lid color: Loaded)

This brand has something for every skin tone and satisfies every preference; whether you like neutrals, medium tones or brights. There are also colors available for every season and occasion and the shimmer colors catch the light and look beautifully iridescent in the summer. I definitely recommend trying these pigments and they make a fabulous gift for any makeup lover! They retail for just $4.50 each and you can check out the website by clicking HERE.

 **Disclaimer: These products were provided for review. 


  1. Loaded is absolutely gorgeous! I'm slowly getting into more rose gold shadows, and that one is just about perfect. Great review Erica!

  2. wow, the shade 'kick' looks amazing!


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